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How to Celebrate National Wildlife Day in 2021

How to Celebrate National Wildlife Day in 2021

Hurray! It's National Wildlife Day! With that said, how will you celebrate this year? Discover the different ways to get involved!


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September 04, 2021

Happy National Wildlife Day! No matter where you are in California on this national holiday, you’ll find so many ways to celebrate the beautiful local wildlife. Make September fourth all about the endangered and endemic species, and the efforts of preservation and conservation that ensure their habitat is respected and protected in the Golden State. 

The amazing wild creatures of California aren’t only found in the zoos and wildlife parks, but they live under our feet, in the sky above us, and in our rivers, lakes, oceans, forests, and parks. You interact with wildlife every time you leave the house and might not even realize it; here’s what you can do on National Wildlife Day to make life a little better for California’s flora and fauna.

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What is National Wildlife Day?

National Wildlife Day was founded in 2005 by animal behaviorist and philanthropist Colleen Paige, and it serves to bring awareness of endangered animal species nationally and globally. The day also aims to acknowledge the amazing zoos, animal sanctuaries, and outstanding activists and conservationists around the world for everything they do to help preserve the planet's animals and educate the public every day.

National Wildlife Day was previously only observed on September fourth; but recently, February 22nd was also added to the calendar in memory of wildlife warrior Steve Irwin, to double the efforts that help bring awareness to the plight of wild animals everywhere. 

These sea lions are just oh, so adorable! Spend National Wildlife Day by admiring these gorgeous marine mammals!

The Best Ways To Celebrate National Wildlife Day in 2021

Wondering how you can participate in the Wildlife Day national celebrations? There are many ways to get involved and make a difference with your contributions; here’s what you can do to be of aid on National Wildlife Day.

Visit Your Local Zoo and Learn About Their Conservation Efforts

The Golden State is home to many of the United States’ best zoos, and you’re probably a driving distance away from one wherever you currently are. A fun way to participate in the national celebrations on Wildlife Day would be to go to a zoo in NorCal or SoCal and see all the great work they do.

Don’t just go to a zoo that’s capitalizing on displaying wildlife, but make a conscious effort to pick and choose one that’s running conservation programs, doing important research, and saving neglected and unfairly treated animals from a life of despair—that’s what National Wildlife Day is all about.

This National Wildlife Day, get lost roaming the gorgeous Golden State forests. Who knows you may just come across this beauty!

Help Promote an Event at your Local Zoo or Sanctuary

Zoos, animal sanctuaries, and organizations working to protect and rehabilitate wild animals often host events to further their reach and influence in the world. You can aid them in their mission on National Wildlife Day by participating and promoting an event you feel passionately about, whether that’s online or offline.

The Oakland Zoo is hosting three “Cocktails and Conservation” talks in September, October, and November, the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is hosting an International Desert Conservation Summit from November 19 to 21, and more events are surely lined up at more awesome zoos. Pick one that speaks to you most and find a way to be of help on National Wildlife Day (and beyond.)

Go on a Wildlife Watching Tour

California’s rich and diverse terrains host a wide range of wildlifes. Year-round, you can participate in tours that get you up close and personal to different animals in their natural habitats. Bird watching, whale watching, and more wild-life related tours are abundant in California, and they’re always an awesome adventure to embark on. However, these tours are often seasonal, so before you book an experience, make sure you’re choosing one that'll actually be in season on National Wildlife Day.

Happy National Wildlife Day! Hopefully you're spending it at the beach, admiring the wild birds taking flight over the gorgeous ocean waters.

Donate Time or Money to Conservation Groups

It’s always a good time to volunteer at one of California’s amazing organizations, and National Wildlife Day just gives you an extra reason to go ahead and do something selfless for the environment. You’ll find plenty of opportunities both virtually and in person to help the animals and the organizations that work tirelessly to make the world a better place for animals.

If you have a few hours to spare, the reward of showing up and working alongside passionate volunteers is incomparable. However, if you’re short on time, donating what you can to help these organizations continue their amazing work is also a great way to celebrate National Wildlife Day.

Take a Hike and Get to Know your Local Wildlife

It might seem simple, but going on a hike in the wilderness is actually a great way to get in touch with nature and the animals who call it home. Whether you’re heading into the majestic mountains, forests, desert, or exploring the coast—you’ll very likely come across more than a few animals along your hike, whether these animals are the birds in the sky, the squirrels in the trees, or even the critters on the wildflowers.

We’re positive that these intimate experiences with flora and fauna are what connect nature and people further. And if that’s not what National Wildlife Day is all about, then what is?

Give back this Wildlife Day so that beautiful birds such as this one have a healthy habitat to thrive in.

Participate in a Cleanup Happening Near You

Each person can better the local ecosystem by keeping it clean and devoid of figurative human footprints. California’s forests, beaches, and deserts are far more than just beautiful backdrops for our adventures; they are home to the local wildlife that has known nothing but their entire existence. Participate in a local cleanup on National Wildlife Day and sustain an environment that values the improvement of the living conditions of the local wildlife—your efforts will go further than you think. 

Follow and Support Social Media Pages that Educate about Wildlife

The simplest and easiest way to make a difference on National Wildlife Day is showing your support for the organizations that work 24/7 to help, rehabilitate, and conserve wildlife around the world. It goes without saying that these organizations do not do it for the praise, but a little support and cheer goes a long way in motivating people and showing that their efforts are appreciated. Like, follow, share, and talk about the people and institutions that are making a difference; that’s how the cycle of raising awareness, encouraging volunteerism, and addressing pressing issues moves faster.

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