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Erin Alls, REALTOR®


Erin Alls, REALTOR®


Real Estate Erin Alls, REALTOR® 13900 Marquesas Way, Suite 6003, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
+1 424-272-0916
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Erin Alls, REALTOR®

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A Relatable Realtor Bringing Heart and Efficiency to Marina Del Rey

Erin Alls is an honest realtor with a passion for nature and the incredible homes surrounding her on the Southern California coastline. With over a decade of real estate experience, Erin knows how to make the homebuying process easy for clients to understand. Erin’s work style reflects the diversity of her life experiences. The efficiency of a New Yorker; down-home personality of a country girl from Virginia; and chill vibes and tech savvy of Californians combine, allowing Erin to offer an unparalleled real estate experience.  

For 20-plus years, Erin has been helping buyers and sellers fully understand the real estate process by providing the tools they’ll need every step of the way. Beyond making real estate more accessible for her clients, she’s not afraid to ask the hard questions when they matter most. Whether it’s sniffing out mold in a home or pointing out specific terms in an agreement, Erin makes sure everyone’s on the same page. “I don’t want someone to call me and say they’re up at night because they have buyer’s remorse,” says Erin. “I want them to call me and ask when we’re doing the cookout. I want everyone to know where I stand.”

“Transparency is everything. I want [my clients] to know I’m working for them—I’m not working for me.” Erin Alls

Erin Alls, REALTOR® An Honest Realtor
“Transparency is everything. I want [my clients] to know I’m working for them—I’m not working for me.”

Growing Love for Real Estate and The Golden State

While Erin’s incredibly enthusiastic about her career now, growing up, she never imagined ending up where she is today. Raised on a farm in Virginia by two real estate professionals, Erin dreamt of moving to New York—which she did for film school. After graduating, Erin knew she’d need a stable job in order to stay in New York, and before she knew it, she was pursuing a real estate license. “Sometimes,” Erin says, “the last thing you want to be doing is the exact thing you should be doing.”

“I love real estate. My favorite part is to see the look on a buyer’s face when they walk into a place and they know it’s the one.”

Though Erin’s affinity for real estate began across the country, her perspective shifted when she moved to California. While the laid-back, “don’t worry about it” attitude took some getting used to for this Type-A East Coast realtor, it’s exactly what Erin loves about the Golden State today. “I found a different approach to life,” Erin says as she describes going from wearing pressed suits daily to sporting yoga pants on the weekends, drinking smoothies, eating quinoa, and going paddleboarding every day. “It’s changed everything for me. On the East Coast, it was all about grinding it out, but here on the water, it’s about waking up feeling grateful.”

Erin brings that gratitude into her client relationships, too, answering any questions that come her way and speaking with anyone who calls—she truly cares about everyone. With Erin, you’re never just a client; you’re a friend, so don’t be surprised if she invites you over for a barbecue or tells you about how her handsome husband convinced her to move out to L.A. Erin is incredibly relatable, personable, and fun. She’s always willing to do whatever it takes to put her clients at ease. Whether that means presenting information in a digestible way for every learning style, answering calls on holidays, or asking questions her clients hadn’t thought of, Erin works tirelessly to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Making A Difference In The Marina and Beyond

When Erin isn’t out on the water with her husband, feeding the local birds in her yard, or walking clients through the real estate process, you’ll probably find her giving back in one way or another. Erin pitches in wherever she can—from helping kids decorate cards at the Venice Community Center and donating to the Boys and Girls Club of Venice, to organizing an annual Breast Cancer Reconstruction Run and working to start a nonprofit to elevate women’s health. 

Helping children and advocating for women’s health are two causes close to Erin’s heart. She was diagnosed with cancer as a BRCA1 patient at the same time her sister was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. The experience opened Erin’s eyes to how much women’s care lacked in the medical community and inspired her to do something about it. In addition, Erin found out she couldn’t have children, which made providing a good life for other kids even more important to her. “Any time I’m donating time or money, it’s going to be for a children’s cause,” says Erin. “It’s very important to me to make sure that children in need get what they need. They’re our future.” 

Erin Alls, Silicon Beach Homes, DRE# 01906094

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