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Gil and Saara Torres, REALTORS®

A service-oriented real estate team serving the greater Sacramento area.

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A Committed Real Estate Team Supporting Buyers and Sellers In The Greater Sacramento Area

Gil and Saara Torres are the owners of Exclusive Realty and Mortgage, with each possessing nearly two decades of experience in the Sacramento real estate market. From buying to selling, the Torres’ and their dedicated Exclusive Team are committed to exceeding clients’ expectations. The pair’s understanding of the industry is impressive, but it’s their long track record of success in the Sacramento region that truly sets them apart from any other real estate professionals. 

Born and raised in Southern California, Gil has almost always considered California his home. Living with separated parents, Gil was used to moving around and spent time in a variety of cities, including Santa Clarita and Riverside. Saara, on the other hand, grew up in Northern California and has acquired a lifetime of regional knowledge that’s proven to be invaluable. The couple moved to Hawaii for four and a half years before settling down in Sacramento together, but their family and the Golden State’s rich amenities drew them back to the mainland. Though the state’s capital took some getting used to for Gil, the duo has come to love experiencing all four seasons with their family, spending time in the great outdoors, and taking in the wide range of scenery available within a two-hour drive. 

[California] always draws you back. When you’re born and raised in California, it’s hard to leave.
Gil Torres

Finding A Passion for Real Estate 

Since Gil’s parents were separated when he was young, he moved around from condos to apartments, craving more stability until his parents were able to purchase their first home. Gil remembers going to the L.A. Flower Market with his father—waking up before 2 a.m. on school days to find the perfect flowers and assembling bouquets to sell by freeway exits and restaurants—and he always thought his family was hustling to make ends meet. When his father had saved up enough money, Gil realized they were working toward a down payment and will always remember that first experience shopping for a home and choosing his own bedroom. 

Saara also moved around often as a child and experienced a lot of uncertainty in her family. She had to provide many things for herself at a young age and learned the importance of hard work, consistency, and diligence early on. By her 16th birthday, she had saved enough to buy her first car and was quickly promoted to management at her first job. For Saara, real estate came naturally, as the commitment to others has always given her joy and fulfillment.

Exclusive Realty and Mortgage offers top quality service and is proud to be endorsed by Dave Ramsey.

While Gil now recognizes that real estate was always a passion, it wasn’t until he moved to Hawaii that the pieces fell together. After working as a technical recruiter for five years, the market crashed in 2001 and Gil found himself without much to do—aside from surfing and hanging out in Hawaii. Soon enough, he wanted more for himself and yearned to meet new people, so he gave in to his real estate broker friend who was always trying to recruit him. 

Gil and Saara also met during their time in Hawaii, and Saara soon joined him in pursuing a career in the real estate industry. Though Gil and Saara have several years of experience, they still enjoy helping people, navigating the negotiation process, handing new homeowners their keys, and making a difference as real estate brokers in the greater Sacramento area.

Together, the Torres' and their team bring well-rounded service to their clientele—including experience, negotiation skills, marketing expertise, compassion, dedication, and a strong customer-focus. Their goal is to dedicate all of their time and energy to helping others, and have been recognized as one of the Top 50 Teams in the country by NAHREP, a preferred Verified Agent by Rocket Mortgage, and are one of Dave Ramsey's Endorsed Local Providers. 

Building Community

Even when he was growing up, Gil was committed to his community—taking the trash out, delivering newspapers, raking leaves, and mowing grass to earn money while trying to meet new people wherever he went. That dedication to connecting with those around him has only strengthened over time, so it comes as no surprise that Gil and Saara are involved in a variety of foundations and events throughout his city. From Trunk-or-Treat events for 1,000-plus kids to Easter egg hunts and photos with Santa, if it has something to do with supporting local families, you can bet this couple is there.

In addition to facilitating these community events, Gil has served as the President of the Great Sacramento chapter of NAHREP (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals) and sits on numerous local boards, including the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce and the West Sacramento Foundation. Saara is committed to caring for their home and five children along with helping families achieve their real estate goals. Gil and Sarra take great pride in giving back to the community that has given them so much.

Gil Torres, Exclusive Realty and Mortgage, DRE# 01872694

Saara Torres, Exclusive Realty and Mortgage, DRE# 01816216

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