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Leon Townsend, REALTOR®

An Intelligent Pasadena Realtor Helping First-Time Homebuyers Navigate The Emotional Real Estate Process

Leon Townsend is an empathetic realtor specializing in helping first-time buyers find their perfect homes in Pasadena. With several years of experience in the industry, Leon has helped families sell their properties, buy their first and second houses, downsize, and find the homes they’ll retire in. 

“I love first-time homebuyers—they really appreciate the time...and they see all the effort and care that you put into it.”

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Leon has a passion for his hometown. From the region’s diversity and welcoming atmosphere to the immaculate weather and feeling of excitement, Leon continues to be drawn to the people and energy of Southern California. While his insider knowledge and understanding of real estate transactions help him get the job done smoothly, what truly makes him stand out is his caring nature and desire to provide opportunities to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access. “The ability to help people is one of the best things,” says Leon. “I wanted to help people and help my family be better.”

Realizing His Real Estate Dreams In Los Angeles County

At a young age, Leon was already aware of the impact real estate can have on someone’s life. His parents bought their first home when he was 7 years old, and he vividly remembers the hardships and joy his family experienced when finding a stable place to call home. While he was inspired by the process and thought, I could do this, as a teenager, he didn’t know how to get started in the field and believed he didn’t meet the age requirement to become a realtor. Though his college roommate was studying for his real estate test, it wasn’t until Leon graduated, began working full time, and met a client who was a realtor that he decided to jump in, take classes at night, and get his license. 

Having experienced the homebuying process at a young age, Leon has always known how complicated and emotional the transaction can be. Since he understands what his clients are going through on many different levels—including the financial, emotional, and educational journey of buying your first home—Leon is able to connect with them in a way that transcends the contracts.

“I think the most important part—and the most rewarding part—is the education because you know they’re going to give that information to someone else. Passing on the information is important to me because a lot of times, we didn’t know this information—we didn’t have it and weren’t given access to it. Now that someone knows it, they’re able to pass it on and keep that train going.”

Lending A Hand In The Los Angeles Community

When Leon isn’t helping clients find their perfect homes, you can find him enjoying the small-town vibes of Thousand Oaks, teaching college business courses—such as statistics, ethics, marketing, finance, and globalization—cheering on the Lakers, traveling, and giving back to his community. Leon grew up with five younger siblings and was raised knowing the importance of helping others. “I think we all should do it,” says Leon.  “I think we should do it just because what we’re supposed to do as people is help people out.”

Leon has volunteered at hospitals and homeless shelters, tutored neighborhood kids for free, and been a strong believer in continuously trying to be better. He donates blood to Children's Hospital Los Angeles and encourages others to do so as well, organizing blood drives through his real estate practice to help the local children. In addition, Leon volunteers at shelters for homeless families—a cause near and dear to his heart—and really wants to help those who are undergoing hardships in any way he can.

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