Theresa Wellman, REALTOR®

Theresa Wellman, REALTOR®


Theresa Wellman, REALTOR®


Real Estate Theresa Wellman, REALTOR® 1096 Blossom Hill Road, Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95123
+1 408-839-4196
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Theresa Wellman, REALTOR®

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A Data-Driven Realtor Providing Clarity to The San Jose Housing Market

Theresa Wellman isn’t your typical Bay Area realtor. In addition to having over a decade of real estate experience, she holds a degree in mechanical engineering, helping her relate to and better serve her Silicon Valley clientele. Specializing in sellers looking to downsize or upgrade, Theresa’s data oriented and focused approach combines with her humble demeanour to offer a refreshing take on real estate. 

Born and raised in Redlands, Theresa moved to the South Bay to attend Santa Clara University and fell in love with the area. As an outdoor enthusiast, Theresa has always been drawn to the region’s beautiful rolling hills, community parks, abundant hiking trails, and proximity to both the city and the countryside—making San Jose the ideal place to call home. 

Though Theresa’s degree naturally led her to the high tech world of Silicon Valley, after several years in the industry, she decided to search for new opportunities to expand her growth potential. Soon enough Theresa was drawn to real estate, so she put her heart and soul into it and never looked back. Real estate has allowed Theresa to merge her passions for statistics, technology, and community.

“Once you own real estate [in California] there’re so many reasons to stay.” Theresa Wellman

Theresa Wellman, REALTOR® Data-Centric Realtor
“Once you own real estate [in California] there’re so many reasons to stay.”

Engineering A Clear Path for Buyers and Sellers

With her data background, Theresa has carved out a niche helping tech-savvy clients in the Silicon Valley. While Theresa’s analytical expertise helps her speak Silicon Valley’s language, her people-centered approach helps her relieve her clients’ anxieties. With an active Homeowner Experience Facebook page and YouTube channel, Theresa stays connected with her technology focused clientele and keeps everyone updated on market trends. Since Theresa spends time laying out a full plan with her clients, defining each step of the process, and preparing buyers and sellers, real estate transactions feel much less overwhelming. Whether it takes three weeks or five months to narrow down local neighborhoods or secure a loan, Theresa is committed to finding the right solutions for every client.

For buyers, determining the right community is key. From Willow Glen and Campbell to Almaden Valley, Cambrian Park, and Blossom Valley, San Jose’s neighborhoods all offer something unique. While Almaden Valley is known for its 1970’s era two-story houses and large lots, other areas are home to more ranch-style architecture. Theresa takes the time to understand clients’ wish lists, which makes visiting properties much more enjoyable and efficient for everyone.

When it comes to selling, Theresa stresses the importance of home preparation. Whether a property needs a new coat of paint and some landscaping, or requires simple fixes such as removing personal belongings, turning the lights on, and taking the trash out, Theresa takes the guesswork out of it. 

“I spend a lot of time with my sellers talking about home preparation. It’s really critical because of the price point that a lot of people are in, but also because today’s homebuyer expects something fun, easy, and ready to move in. You don’t want to lose a client based on simple preparation. Presentation and preparation go hand-in-hand.”

GRowing Community

Theresa is unlike any other realtor you’ve ever met. Aside from holding a mechanical engineering degree—and helping to put a satellite into space as part of an all female team—Theresa is committed to making the world a better place and building community in her off-hours. From volunteering at her kids’ schools and sponsoring events to hosting an annual Fourth-of-July parade for over a decade, Theresa strongly believes in preserving community areas, protecting the outdoors, and building strong neighborhoods. 

Theresa Wellman, Home Owner Experience, Coldwell Banker Realty, DRE# 01478084

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