Walter Vann, REALTOR®

Walter Vann, REALTOR®


Walter Vann, REALTOR®


Real Estate Walter Vann, REALTOR® Long Beach, CA 90805
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Walter Vann, REALTOR®

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A Passionate Long Beach Realtor Helping Clients Celebrate Their Real Estate Journey

Walter Vann is a realtor in Long Beach, specializing in creating unique experiences for his clients. While he’s mastered both the buying and selling processes, it’s Walter’s marketing tactics that make him stand apart from other industry professionals. In order to capture the significance of purchasing a home—especially for first-time buyers and newlyweds starting their life together—Walter and his team document the real estate process through videography. Much like hiring a photographer for a graduation or wedding ceremony, this service allows homeowners to look back on the various steps of becoming homeowners and celebrate the magnitude of their purchase. 

With nearly a decade of experience in real estate, Walter considers it his calling—but it’s not what he originally set out to do. He studied construction management in Minnesota and worked as a project manager for several years before discovering that he wanted a different lifestyle. Bouncing around from state to state and working non-stop, Walter realized where he really wanted to be was in California with his family. As the son of Cambodian immigrants, Walter grew up in a working family—beginning his own working life when he was in eighth grade—and understood what it meant to not have parents who were around. With two young children at home, Walter acknowledged that he didn’t want the same situation for his kids and, after finding inspiration from the TV show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, he set out to start a new career. 

“California is home to me. .... I just had to come back.” 

A Family-Oriented Approach to Real Estate

Though he was born in New York, New York, Walter has been a Golden State resident for most of his life. His family moved to Loma Linda when he was five years old and, aside from the few years he spent attending college in Minnesota, Walter has lived in Southern California ever since. “My family lives all around Long Beach,” says Walter, describing what made him return to the West Coast, “and you can’t hate that the weather is always sunny here.”

Walter puts family above everything else and proved it when he left his job in project management to be closer to his children. “My kids really wanted me there more than they wanted the money that I made,” says Walter. “That’s why I switched.” 

“My kids remind me every day that in order for me to protect their future, I have to protect my client's future."

While he thoroughly enjoys being able to bring his kids with him and be around for all of their milestone moments, he’s also cultivated passions for real estate and marketing which prove it’s what he’s meant to do. From offering marketing support on weekends for friends launching podcasts to helping his network position their homes as they hit the market, Walter’s enthusiasm for what he does always shows. 

“I love helping people get into their dream homes—I love the journey” Walter Vann

“I love helping people get into their dream homes—I love the journey”

Walter continues to be drawn to the real estate industry for the same reason he sees California as home: the diverse variety of people. Though he enjoys navigating contracts and real estate law, it’s the people he interacts with that make his career so fulfilling. From newly-married couples to established families, Walter wants to help families find the perfect place to call their own, and make memories in the process. 


When Walter isn’t spending time with his four kids, watching anime, or helping his friends promote their new ventures, he’s figuring out innovative ways to give back to the community. In their free time, Walter and his film crew visit local mom-and-pop shops in Long Beach and help to tell their stories and promote their businesses with YouTube videos. These promotions give small businesses more exposure and affords them the opportunity to attract new customers—all provided for free. In addition to these initiatives, Walter has been raising funds to support Los Angeles and Orange County restaurants, always looking for ways to help out and lend his expertise to those in need.

Walter Vann, Long Beach Digital Realtor, DRE# 01959293

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