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A Californian's Guide on How to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time

A Californian's Guide on How to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time

Navigate California's fall Daylight Saving Time with ease: tips for sleep, routines, and more for a seamless transition. Team


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October 27, 2023

As the golden hues of fall descend upon California, residents brace themselves for another transition: the end of Daylight Saving Time (DST). On the first Sunday of November, Californians "fall back," gaining an extra hour of sleep. Yet, while the prospect of an added hour may sound delightful, the change can disrupt our internal clocks. For those wishing for a seamless adaptation, here's a guide tailored specifically for the fall shift in California.

1. Calendar Countdown

First and foremost, remember the date. DST ends on the first Sunday in November. Marking this on your calendar and setting reminders a week in advance will aid in gradual preparation.

2. Steady Sleep Transition

Instead of banking on that extra hour of sleep, prepare your body in advance. A week leading up to the change, try going to bed and waking up 10-15 minutes later each day. This gradual shift will make the hour change feel less abrupt.

The extra hour of sleep will be great, but monitor how that affects your mornings.

3. Harness the Morning Light

With the time change, Californians will experience brighter mornings. Embrace this by exposing yourself to natural light upon waking. It helps regulate your body’s circadian rhythm. A brisk morning walk or even enjoying your coffee outside can work wonders.

4. Evening Light Discipline

As we "fall back", evenings will grow darker sooner. This can be disorienting. To help, maintain a consistent evening routine. Limit screen time and avoid bright lights an hour before your adjusted bedtime to signal your body it’s time to relax.

5. Meal and Activity Reshuffle

Your eating and exercise schedules can greatly influence sleep patterns. Adjust meal times slightly each day leading up to the time change. Likewise, try not to exercise too late in the evening as it can interfere with sleep.

Be prepared to do more night driving and watch out for the rain, which will pick up in the fall and winter months.

6. Don’t Forget Manual Clocks

While most digital devices will update automatically, wall clocks, wristwatches, and some appliances won’t. Make it a ritual to adjust them the evening before so you’re not caught off guard the next morning.

7. Vehicle Preparations

Darker evenings mean more nighttime driving. Ensure your vehicle's lights are in working order and always have a pair of sunglasses in the car for those brighter mornings.

8. Stay Adaptable

Everyone’s body reacts differently. While some may relish the extra hour, others might feel a bit disjointed for a few days. Maintain your adjusted routine and remember, your body will find its rhythm soon.

In conclusion, while the fall shift of Daylight Saving Time offers the gift of an extra hour, it’s essential for Californians to prepare in order to fully enjoy it. By making minor tweaks in your daily routine, you can ensure that you transition into the shorter days of winter with ease and vitality.

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