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18 Armenian-Owned Businesses in California

18 Armenian-Owned Businesses in California

The Hye community in the U.S. needs no introduction, but you might be missing out on these Armenian-owned businesses in California.


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March 04, 2022

California’s Armenian community is an integral part of its diverse ethnic mosaic of neighborhoods. If you’ve spent a significant time living in SoCal, you’ve likely had an Armenian neighbor, friend, or colleague at one point or another. And if you’ve had any interaction with the community at all, then you’ve definitely felt their warmth, been treated to a cup of surj or a bite of delicious dolma, and been on the receiving end of obscure yet insightful words of wisdom which can’t ever be properly translated. 

You know them and you love them, so it only makes sense for you to support the Hye community of California by shopping from Armenian-owned businesses. We’ve selected a few of our favorites to help you get started.

Armenian Owned Businesses in California to support now

Wondering where your well-dressed Armenian friend shops? One of their favorite Armenian-owned business is likely listed below.

Fashion and Retail 


Have you always wanted to dress like your stylish Armenian friend? Shop from POMMIE. This platform is an online Armenian market offering access to an exclusive collection of coveted pieces from leading and emerging designers of Armenia. You’ll find clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more beautiful pieces that highlight the creativity of Armenian culture—we’re hooked.

Ian charms

If you’ve been following jewelry trends at all in the past couple of months, then you’ve certainly come across the beaded beauties of Ian Charms. Celebrities and artists you love have given their mark of approval to this female-owned, L.A.-based handcrafted jewelry firm. The last name of the author, Lisa Sahakian, ends in those three letters, as do many Armenian names, thus the name "Ian".


IceLink is another awesome jewelry enterprise hailing from California. Run by an ambitious father-daughter duo, this Armenian-owned business is a great place to buy trendy, high-end, and expertly crafted pieces for everyday wear. You can find IceLink retailers in Glendale and North Hollywood, or internationally in Japan, Thailand, Russia, and more select countries, as well as online.

Chance Vintage

Thrifting is a shopping habit we can totally get behind. And when you have awesome stores like Chance Vintage selling second-hand, curated, and reworked garments, minimizing your fast fashion intake becomes much easier. Browse the racks in person by visiting the shop on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank, or support this Armenian store by shopping online—you’ll come across a piece or two that’ll catch your eye.

Add a bit of an Armenian flair to your home by shopping from the coolest home goods stores in California.

Home Goods

SarahCotta Plants

You can’t step into the SarahCotta Plants store and not feel an immediate sense of joy. Resembling a mini indoor forest, this boutique in Glendale sells a large variety of exotic houseplants, pottery, and accessories. Ready to get started on your plant-parenting journey? This Armenian-owned business in California is the one-stop shop you were looking for.

Abril Books

Is your bookshelf lacking William Saroyan or Hovhannes Tumanyan? Pay a visit to Abril Books in Glendale. Having been the number one source for Armenian books and merchandise in California for over 40 years, this awesome Armenian store is where you’ll find the most niche collection of literature, music, videos, cards, posters, and gifts regarding the highlands.


Candles are the ultimate easy home decor items to liven up a room. Our favorite California-based candle-shopping destination just so happens to be an Armenian-owned business by the name of MÔME. Shop their line of Armenia-inspired candles for a whiff of nostalgia; we’re especially obsessed with the Artsakh candle, which has notes of ripe pomegranate and luscious pear. 


The bright, modern, and colorful prints found on armenia.jpg are the perfect addition to any blank wall in your room. Repping images of Hye legends like Sayat Nova, Charles Aznavour, and more, the artwork found at this online Armenian store is as cool as it gets. You’ll find a range of other products like T-shirts and hats in their growing collection, so make sure to revisit once in a while.

Armenian cuisine is rich, tasty, and bursting with flavors. Get a taste of it yourself by dining at Armenian-owned restaurants in California.

Dining Spots

Monta Factory

Nothing is as satisfying as a fresh bowl of mante after a long day. Treat yourself to a bowl of this delicious Armenian comfort fare by heading to Monta Factory in Pasadena. While mante is this Armenian-owned business’s specialty, they have a range of other delicious foods as well; pari akhorzhak!

Hawaiian Hot Chicken 

SoCal’s hot chicken craze is not dying anytime soon and Hawaiian Hot Chicken in Northridge is one of the best places to get in on the action. Get your order in one of five spice levels—a bite into a juicy chicken tender is all you need to understand the hype about Hawaiian Hot Chicken.

Easy Street Burgers

Another awesome spot for a quick and delicious meal is Easy Street Burgers in L.A. This Armenian-owned business specializes in smashed burgers with a beef patty or a vegan Beyond Meat patty. If the sights of it aren’t making you drool already, the smell surely will.

Zhengyalov Hatz

Zhengyalov hatz is a flatbread filled with 15 types of fresh-cut herbs hailing from Artsakh. The namesake Zhengyalov Hatz restaurant in Glendale serves an authentic version of this healthy Armenian food that’ll have you hooked on the first bite. Besides zhengyalov hatz, this restaurant only offers pakhlava on their menu, so you know they’re confident in the deliciousness of the dish they serve.

Take delicious Armenian flavors home by shopping for pastries, desserts, and more food-related products from Armenian-owned stores.

Food-Related Products

Maison Rafi

For an Armenian take on Middle Eastern pastries, head straight to Maison Rafi in Glendora. Find knefe, atayef bel ashta, aish el saraya, shaabiyat, and more Mediterranean favorites at this Armenian store, made fresh by chef Rafi himself.

Karoun Dairies

Since it was founded in 1990, Karoun Dairies grew from manufacturing hand-braided string cheese to producing a wide variety of specialty dairy products for nationwide distribution. With 10 different brands under its name, you can buy this renowned Armenian-owned business’s products in stores all over the country.

Art’s Bakery

Khachapuri, perashki, ponchik, lahmajun, gata—all your favorite baked Armenian foods from the motherland are made fresh daily at Art’s Bakery. You’ll find a wide range of sweet and savory baked goods at this Armenian store and definitely reminisce over a trip to Yerevan as you indulge in them.

Highlight your beauty by using the best products from Armenian makeup and skincare brands—you deserve it.

Makeup and Skincare


Best known for its nail polishes, ella+mila is a beauty and skincare brand quickly growing in popularity. With a passion for color and dedication to healthy beauty, the founders of this Armenian-owned business aim to create eco-friendly yet high-end products, which they do very well. 

Elcie Cosmetics

With more than a decade of knowledge and expertise as a beauty artist and educator, Lilit Caradanian founded Elcie Cosmetics. Today, the Armenian-owned business has a wide range of beauty and skincare products beloved by consumers and professionals all over the world.

Makür Skin

Makür Skin develops products that are backed by science, integrity, and real-life results. Using only the finest ingredients, Makür is on a mission to heal and empower you and your skin. Their fan-favorite Natural Glow Facial Oil will be your next-favorite moisturizing elixir.

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