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The 5 Best Colleges Near Delano, California

The 5 Best Colleges Near Delano, California

Check out some of the fantastic colleges near Delano that you can visit today. Team


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September 18, 2023

Delano, California, a charming city nestled in the San Joaquin Valley, is not only known for its historical significance and agricultural prominence, but it's also in close proximity to some of the state's top educational institutions. Students seeking higher education near Delano have a diverse selection of colleges to choose from, ranging from larger universities to more specialized institutions. Here, we explore the five best colleges near Delano, considering factors such as academic reputation, campus life, and program variety.

California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB)

CSUB is undoubtedly the most prominent educational institution near Delano. Located just 30 miles south in Bakersfield, this public university has earned a strong reputation for its comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs. Established in 1965, CSUB offers a wide range of degrees in fields such as arts, sciences, business, and health. The university has modern facilities, a vibrant campus life, and Division I athletic teams. Additionally, CSUB's Small Business Development Center aids in fostering entrepreneurship in the region.

Bakersfield College (BC) 

Also situated in Bakersfield, BC is a community college that has been serving students since 1913. Known for its affordable tuition and robust academic programs, BC provides both associate degrees and certificate programs across a multitude of disciplines. The college has a strong emphasis on transfer education, preparing students to transition to four-year universities. Its scenic campus, with views of the surrounding hills, provides a serene environment for learning.

Porterville College

Located about 40 miles northeast of Delano, Porterville College is another exceptional community college option. With a mission to serve the diverse needs of its student body, this institution offers a range of associate degrees and certificates. It prides itself on its intimate class sizes, dedicated faculty, and a commitment to student success. Porterville College is particularly known for its strong nursing and health-related programs.

Taft College

Roughly 40 miles southwest of Delano, Taft College is a community college that caters to both local and international students. Established in 1922, the college offers a wide range of academic and vocational programs. It also has a unique Transition to Independent Living Program (TIL), serving students with developmental disabilities. With modern facilities, a dedicated faculty, and a focus on student achievement, Taft College stands as a compelling choice for higher education.

West Hills College Lemoore

About 60 miles north of Delano, West Hills College Lemoore is a community college that's part of the West Hills Community College District. Known for its student-centric approach, the college offers a plethora of programs to cater to diverse interests and career paths. From agriculture and information systems to nursing and liberal arts, students have an array of choices. The campus also boasts state-of-the-art facilities, and its commitment to fostering a sense of community is evident in its numerous clubs, organizations, and student events.

For students in and around Delano, California, the opportunities for higher education are abundant. The proximity of these institutions ensures that individuals can pursue their academic and career aspirations without venturing too far from home. Whether one is looking for a comprehensive university experience, specialized vocational training, or a foundation for transfer to a four-year institution, the colleges near Delano cater to a wide array of academic and personal needs.

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