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Top High Schools Around Rosemead, CA: Their Addresses, Histories, and Unique Qualities

Top High Schools Around Rosemead, CA: Their Addresses, Histories, and Unique Qualities

Dive into the top high schools near Rosemead, CA. Discover their histories, addresses, and what makes each stand out in the crowd. Team


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September 01, 2023

Rosemead, California, nestled within the San Gabriel Valley, has always been renowned for its tight-knit communities and rich culture. For many families, an integral part of the community experience involves choosing the right high school for their kids. So, let's embark on a journey to discover the best high schools near Rosemead, delve a bit into their histories, and find out what makes each one special.

Rosemead High School

Address: 9063 Mission Dr, Rosemead, CA 91770
Approximate Distance: 0.5 miles

The closest to home, Rosemead High School has been a pillar in the community since its establishment in 1949. Boasting a strong academic curriculum alongside a rich array of extracurriculars, RHS holds a special place in the hearts of locals. Over the years, its sports teams have brought home numerous accolades, making it a source of community pride.

San Gabriel High School

Address: 801 S Ramona St, San Gabriel, CA 91776
Approximate Distance: 2.9 miles

A little further away, San Gabriel High School has a heritage dating back to 1955. With over a century of history, SGHS has an impressive list of alumni who have made notable contributions in various fields. The school prides itself on its diverse student population and has multiple clubs and activities that foster a sense of belonging among its students.

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Mark Keppel High School

Address: 501 E Hellman Ave, Alhambra, CA 91801
Approximate Distance: 3.3 miles

Founded in the early 1930s, Mark Keppel High School has long been a beacon of educational excellence. This school is celebrated for its strong emphasis on both academics and the arts. Known for its award-winning visual and performing arts programs, MKHS offers a balanced educational experience that caters to a range of interests.

Alhambra High School

Address: 101 S 2nd St, Alhambra, CA 91801
Approximate Distance: 5.1 miles

Rounding out our list, Alhambra High School, established in 1898, is the oldest of the lot. With its rich history and longstanding traditions, AHS has been instrumental in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Its diverse curricular offerings and an emphasis on community engagement make it a cherished institution.

Choosing the right high school is akin to selecting the right foundation for a house. With any of these establishments near Rosemead, families can rest assured their children are in great hands. Each high school offers unique benefits and has its own rich history, ensuring that students will not only receive an exemplary education but also enjoy a holistic growth experience.

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