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10 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Swaps You Haven't Thought Of

10 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Swaps You Haven't Thought Of

Go green or go home. Add value to your house with these sustainable kitchen swaps for a greener home and healthier planet.


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April 10, 2021

Go green or go home. Is there a better motto for 2021? Thankfully, the 21st century radically changed the way we preserve the environment. More people have begun reducing their carbon footprint and set out to discover ways to live more sustainably. While completely revolutionizing your lifestyle can be overwhelming, eco-friendly living isn’t as difficult as it seems. Sustainable products and environmentally-friendly house upgrades are here to help.

When looking for an eco-friendly kitchen swap, remember that every small act counts. Solving the climate crisis in one day is impossible, but making your home slightly greener is a step in the right direction. Add value to your house with these sustainable kitchen swaps for a greener home and healthier planet.

How to Create a Sustainable Kitchen with California Brands 

1. Imperfect Foods

Did you know that 20 percent of the fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. don’t even make it to grocery stores? The produce is deemed too small, too big, and too misshapen all too frequently. The massive qualities of rejected goods end up not leaving the farms.

This kind of food waste is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to 8 percent of total global emissions—all because an apple is considered too “ugly to sell”. Despite the strangely high market standards, the produce tastes just as delicious as its grocery store counterparts. So what gives?

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Imperfect Foods—a fruit and vegetable delivery service based in San Francisco—highlights the unfairness of massive produce waste and actively fights against its environmental impact. Offering “imperfect” produce at 30 to 50 percent less, the company helps divert the insane amount of food wasted. Imperfect Produce offers subscriptions starting at $15 a week. The subscription is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

2. Klean Kanteen

If you’re making a sustainable kitchen swap, make it happen with Klean Kanteen—a pioneer company dedicated to eliminating single-use plastic. In 2004, Klean Kanteen introduced the stainless steel, BPA-free reusable water bottle to the market.

When it comes to manufacturing, the company is 100 percent carbon neutral. Start your journey in leading a sustainable lifestyle; say goodbye to disposable containers, thermoses, and water bottles with Klean Kanteen. 

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products 

3. Straws

Although straws are convenient, clean, and don’t allow colored fluids to stain your teeth, they aren’t the best when it comes to taking adequate sustainability measures.

When it comes to environmentally-friendly kitchen products, FinalStraw offers the best alternative. Based in Santa Barbara, the company offers stainless steel straws that fold perfectly in your tote bag. Whether you’re experimenting with milkshake recipes or sipping on homemade cold brew, these eco-friendly straws make the whole experience guilt-free.

4. Water Bottles

If you’re looking for ways to make your kitchen eco-friendly, investing in reusable water bottles is a must. Using fewer resources, sustainable water bottle production emits less harmful gas while protecting precious resources. Purchasing a reusable water bottle is the fastest and easiest way to phase out plastic from your life. Bkr and Klean Kanteen specialize in eliminating single-use plastic, so it’s time to save the planet one bottle at a time.

5. Food Containers and Bags 

Just one look around your kitchen is enough to reveal its wasteful culprits—bags and food containers. Trade these in for reusable alternatives and you’ll save money while you’re at it. Emeryville’s Stasher bags and Pleasanton’s MIRA Brands metal food containers are here to help. Whether you’re storing seasonal produce or filling the fridge with wrapped leftovers, you’ll find your plastic consumption drop like crazy. 

As far as your carbon footprint is concerned, eco-friendly produce bags are the way to go. Not only are they great for conscious grocery shopping, but they also serve as eco-friendly storage for your pantry items. Purchase a bag or two from Los Gatos’ Simple Ecology Shop and proudly join the green team.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

Replace your coffee maker and get rid of single-use filters by getting a new and eco-friendly French press.

6. Coffee Makers

Unnecessary polluters take paper shape in coffee makers. These single-use filters add up to crazy waste numbers—ones worth considering while making a sustainable kitchen swap. If you’re thinking of upgrading, pick out a French press from MIRA Brands and ditch disposable filters.

Want to smash the green barrier further? AeroPress offers eco-friendly coffee makers that make the best camping companions. This compact brewer crafts everything from regular coffee to espresso. The best part? This eco-friendly machine comes with biodegradable and compostable filters.

Be conscious of your health and the environment's well-being by opting for natural and eco-friendly household cleaning brands.

7. Sustainable Cleaning Products

With so many things to clean in the home, it’s easy to just purchase the first cleaning product you find on the shelf without taking into account the impact on the environment. Well, 2021 is all about positive change. This year, clean green with San Francisco’s Grove Collaborative’s 100 percent plastic-neutral products.

In compliance with non-toxic and sustainability standards, every item made is cruelty-free. Grove Collaborative has everything from reusable paper towels to multi-surface sprays and dish brushes—sans toxic chemicals and pollutants. 

Sustainable Kitchen Designs 

Not only are on-demand hot water pumps more energy-efficient, but they're also highly cost-effective.

8. Add An On-Demand Hot Water Pump

On-demand circulation pumps are key players in sustainable kitchen design. With minimum water waste, you won’t have to worry about running the tap for too long—improving the temperature doesn’t have to come with an environmental toll. Not to mention, your water heater benefits from these hot water pumps, as you notice it running more efficiently with each day.

9. Install Radiant Floor Heating

Your feet will never freeze in the middle of the night again! It’s time you made a new addition to the home—instant radiant floor heating is sustainable and keeps you cozy, making it all the rage. Live a green life by increasing energy efficiency while enjoying a consistent temperature provided by your eco-friendly floor.

By installing floor heating, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Not only will heated floors keep your feet warm, but you’ll also enjoy your home space better—sans bulky heat radiators on the walls. The best part about radiant floor heating is that the majority work with any type of flooring. 

10. Add Green Flooring

Bamboo, cork, linoleum, recycled ceramic tile—these materials make any interior pop and are #goals for green floors. Whether you opt for rubber flooring or reclaimed hardwood, you’ll never run out of options for a chic green space.

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