Grab Your Surfboard and Head to These Top San Diego Surf Destinations

Grab Your Surfboard and Head to These Top San Diego Surf Destinations

By Rachael Medina
Staff Writer August 22, 2019

San Diego is home to great weather, endless coastlines, and a wide variety of surf breaks made for every skill level imaginable. Whether you are just starting to learn how to surf or are making the trip to San Diego specifically for its intense breaks, there is a beach and a season for you. 


One of the top surfing destinations in the San Diego area, Oceanside consistently offers thrilling breaks and swells to keep advanced surfers entertained. 

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Best for: Advanced surfers

Best season: Year-round

Oceanside is perfect for experienced surfers regardless of the season, and thanks to its consistent surf, it has a reputation for being one of the best surfing beaches in San Diego. This location is blessed with southern and northwestern swells due to the beach’s shifting sandbars, and curling rights and lefts make frequent appearances during the summer. But thrillseekers wait until winter to hit the longest and most exhilarating of the waves. The most tumultuous surf surrounds Oceanside Pier, so be careful—and consider checking Surfline San Diego before heading out—because the currents have been known to sweep surfers under the pier when the waters get rough. 

Aside from boasting interesting wave patterns, Oceanside is also renowned for being a great place to see San Diego Harbor’s famous timber jetties, so make sure to bring a camera along.

When you finish surfing, head inland to check out the community of surfer-owned eateries and refuel after riding the waves. 


Swami's is a surfing mecca in Encinitas, drawing surfers of all skill levels with its varying wave patterns and communal charm. 

Best for: Intermediate/advanced surfers

Best season: Winter

Swami’s was once a hippie hot spot, but today, it offers some of the best surfing in the San Diego region—when the season’s right. Unlike Oceanside, conditions at Swami’s can be tranquil enough to accommodate beginners who are looking to upgrade their skills in a challenging duel against the ocean. For a calmer experience, head toward the shallow reefs and try to hit the quieter breaks along the shore, but leave the barrels to the more experienced surfers. 

The Encinitas beach has grown in popularity over the years and can sometimes be difficult to navigate. But if you can get through the crowds of locals and experience the walls, you’ll understand why it’s considered to be among the city’s top point breaks. 

Need to grab a new board in order to feel confident tackling these swells? Head over to Hansen Surfboards—one of the coolest surf shops in San Diego—to peruse the selection before paddling out to find inner peace.

Black’s Beach

Popular among professional surfers, Black's Beach in La Jolla is a secluded stretch of coastline known for its highly powerful breaks. 

Best for: Expert/pro surfers

Best season: Winter

Black’s Beach is one of the most intense surf spots in San Diego. Tucked along the cliffs of Torrey Pines in La Jolla, this remote destination is known for its incessantly crashing waves and incredibly powerful breaks created by the offshore trench lurking beneath the surface.  

Since it takes some effort to reach this alcove, Black’s Beach is often a bit quieter than the rest of the surfing beaches in San Diego. Hiking down to the shore takes about 20 minutes (and you are likely to encounter nudists once you get there), so pack accordingly and be prepared for the trek.

La Jolla Shores 

La Jolla Shores boasts tranquil, slow-moving waves, making it a great destination for those wanting to learn how to surf or hone their skills. 

Best for: Beginner/intermediate surfers

Best season: Year-round

La Jolla Shores is known for its gentle, slow-moving waves, so it is the perfect place to take some surf lessons in San Diego. Get comfortable with your board, learn the basics, and gain confidence here before pushing yourself to try more difficult waters. Since the waves are ideal all year, there is no longer an excuse to put off learning how to surf.

Pacific Beach 

Pacific Beach provides two different options for surfers: Tourmaline Surfing Park, which is perfect for novices, and PB Point, which is better for more experienced wave riders. 

Best for: Beginner/intermediate surfers

Best season: Year-round

Pacific Beach is unique in that it has two different regions that appeal to surfers of different skill levels. Tourmaline Surfing Park is located along the southern end of Pacific Beach and is known for its soft waves and perfect-for-beginners surf. Since the parking lot is located here, it’s super easy to find and is a good place to start if you haven’t surfed in a while. 

Once you feel comfortable, head up to PB Point, where the more experienced longboarders hang out. Try these slightly larger waves on for size, and relax on the beach with the rest of the college students if it gets to be too much.

Mission Beach 

San Diego's Mission Beach is ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers, especially in the fall, given its calm waters and laid-back ambience. 

Best for: Beginner surfers

Best season: Fall

Whether you are here to surf or to take pictures of the surfers at the South Mission Jetty, this location is the place to be. Like La Jolla Shores, Mission Beach has calmer waters, so join all the beginner surfers in the San Diego area for a day on the water. 

But skilled surfers shouldn’t give up hope; locals love this spot during the winter because the swells get significantly larger.

Ocean Beach

Surfers of all skill levels flock to Ocean Beach where there is a variety of surf breaks, not to mention pristine shoreline, tide pools, and waterfront dining. 

Best for: Beginner/intermediate surfers 

Best season: Summer

With tide pools just south of the Ocean Beach Pier, a sandy beach at the south end of the San Diego River, and a wide expanse for experimenting with other watersports, Ocean Beach is a great place to ease yourself into surfing. Take a walk along the nearly half-mile-long pier before diving into the waters for a relaxed surfing session. 

Make sure to avoid the Sunset Cliffs area unless you are an incredibly experienced surfer—snobby locals are quite protective of these swells and are quick to judge outsiders, so it’s best to keep to friendlier waters to avoid the pirates altogether. Ocean Beach is significantly more pleasant and has a lot to offer beginners and somewhat experienced surfers alike. After you finish, round out your day by heading over to Ironside Fish and Oyster for some much-needed grub and hitting up the Casbah to catch a show.

Looking for a new challenge? Try the waves of Los Angeles and put your surfing skills to the test.

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