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Here Are 5 Cozy Books Set In California to Read This Fall

Here Are 5 Cozy Books Set In California to Read This Fall

Discover 5 heartwarming books set in California, perfect for cozy fall reading. From Napa valleys to San Francisco's charm. Team


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October 19, 2023

As autumn rolls in, bringing with it crisp winds and colorful foliage, many of us find solace in a good book, cuddled under a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea. And while California might be better known for its sunny beaches than its autumnal charm, the Golden State has been the setting for some of the most heartwarming and cozy tales in literature. Here's a list of five delightful books set in California that are perfect for your fall reading list.

"The Darling Buds of May" by H.E. Bates

Set in the fertile valleys of Napa, this enchanting story captures the essence of life in a family-run vineyard. The Larkin family's adventures, led by the indefatigable Ma and Pop Larkin, will make you laugh, cry, and wish for a simpler life amidst the grapevines. As you dive into their world, you'll practically feel the California sun on your face and the taste of the season's first wine on your lips.

"Cannery Row" by John Steinbeck

The timeless classic, set in Monterey's Cannery Row during the Great Depression, offers a tapestry of human stories intertwined with themes of love, hardship, and community. Steinbeck's evocative descriptions of the seaside town and its quirky inhabitants bring to life the charm of coastal California. Though set in a bygone era, the warm and humanistic tales of Doc, Mack, and the boys provide the perfect cozy narrative for a fall evening.

As the temperatures dip and the fall colors come alive, it's a perfect time to start reading more.

"Sourdough" by Robin Sloan

Dive into the quirky world of San Francisco's tech and culinary scene with this novel. The protagonist, Lois Clary, is a software engineer turned baker when she inherits a unique sourdough starter that seems to have a mind of its own. As she navigates the eccentric farmers' markets and underground foodie world of the Bay Area, readers are treated to a whimsical story that intertwines technology, food, and magic—perfect for anyone looking to lose themselves in the charms of the West Coast.

"The House on Olive Street" by Robyn Carr

Set against the backdrop of a picturesque Californian town, this heartwarming tale revolves around four women writers who come together to fulfill the last wish of their deceased friend. As they sift through her manuscripts, they not only discover secrets of their friend's past but also find healing, strength, and an unbreakable bond in each other's company. This story of friendship, loss, and love is a perfect accompaniment to the rustling leaves of fall.

California's rich and unique history makes it a perfect backdrop for all genres of literature.

"The Apple Orchard" by Susan Wiggs

Venture into the beautiful Sonoma Valley as Tess Delaney, a woman who discovers she's the heir to a sprawling apple orchard and a family she never knew she had. As Tess uncovers the secrets of her heritage, the orchard comes alive with tales of past generations, love stories, and treasured family recipes. The enchanting landscapes of Sonoma, combined with a touching narrative, make it an ideal book to savor on a chilly fall day.

California, with its diverse landscapes and cultures, has always been a muse for writers, offering them a canvas to paint vivid narratives. These five books, with their heartwarming stories and evocative Californian settings, are a testament to the state's ability to inspire tales that resonate deeply with readers. So, this fall, let the Golden State keep you company with these delightful reads.

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