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Here Are the Top 5 Cemeteries in California You Can Visit

Here Are the Top 5 Cemeteries in California You Can Visit

Explore California's rich history through its top 5 cemeteries, from Hollywood legends to serene landscapes. Team


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October 25, 2023

California, with its rich history and diverse culture, is home to numerous cemeteries that are not just resting places but are also teeming with history, art, and serene landscapes. These cemeteries have become points of interest for tourists, history buffs, and those looking for peaceful escapes. Here are the top 5 cemeteries in California that you should consider visiting.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles

This iconic burial ground is situated in the heart of Hollywood and is the final resting place of many of the entertainment industry's legends, including Rudolph Valentino, Judy Garland, and Mickey Rooney. Established in 1899, the cemetery is not only significant for its famous interments but also for its remarkable events, such as outdoor movie nights and Dia de los Muertos celebrations. The beautiful mausoleums, reflecting pond, and well-maintained gardens make Hollywood Forever a unique place to both remember the past and celebrate life.

Hollywood Forever is a well-known cemetery that's constantly holding events you can attend.

Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect behind New York City's Central Park, this cemetery sprawls across 226 acres and offers breathtaking views of the Bay Area. Established in 1863, Mountain View serves as the final resting place for many notable figures including railroad magnate Charles Crocker and chocolatier Domingo Ghirardelli. The cemetery boasts impressive architecture with intricate mausoleums, statues, and a serene garden setting, making it a peaceful location for a reflective stroll.

Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma

Located in Colma, a city known for having more dead residents than living due to its plethora of cemeteries, Cypress Lawn stands out for its art and architecture. Founded in the 1890s, it is the final resting place of several California pioneers and influential figures. The cemetery is dotted with beautiful stained glass, grand mausoleums, and elaborate statuary, offering visitors a visual feast as they walk through the serene grounds.

Mission San Luis Rey Cemetery, Oceanside

As one of California's historic missions, Mission San Luis Rey dates back to 1798 and offers a poignant glimpse into the state's Spanish colonial history. The cemetery grounds here are some of the oldest in California. While the mission itself is an architectural marvel, the cemetery is equally intriguing with its old tombstones and burial sites of native Californians and early settlers. It provides a rich historical experience for visitors.

Mission San Luis Rey stands as a historical landmark of Spanish colonial history.

Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles

As one of the city's oldest cemeteries, Evergreen has been in operation since the 1870s and showcases the cultural and historical evolution of Los Angeles. With sections dedicated to different communities, including Japanese, Chinese, and Russian immigrants, the cemetery is a testament to the city's diversity. Evergreen is also known for its memorial dedicated to those who died in the Zoot Suit Riots during World War II.

In conclusion, cemeteries are not just places of mourning but are also rich repositories of history, culture, and art. California, with its long and colorful past, offers some of the most captivating burial grounds that narrate tales of bygone eras, influential personalities, and the state's evolving identity. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an art lover, or someone seeking tranquility, these cemeteries promise a unique and profound experience.

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