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The 9 Most Beautiful Greek Rows in California’s Universities

The 9 Most Beautiful Greek Rows in California’s Universities

California is home to historic Greek rows, highlighting the best of Greek life in the Golden State's top universities.

Mateos Glen Hayes


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February 25, 2023

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Greek rows put up a strong first impression for their respective fraternities and sororities with well-manicured lawns, charming old-style buildings, and extravagant features for greek life members. In the Golden State, home to some of the country’s best universities and community colleges, Greek rows take different forms across the state.

All the major universities, including private institutions and state schools in the Golden State, strive to have the best of the best in Greek life. But which is the best? Which California universities excel with beautiful Greek Rows lined with glorious Victorian manors, plenty of lovely amenities, and a great location not far from the action on campus? We will explore the best Greek rows in California’s top Universities.

University of Southern California

USC’s Greek row echoes its gorgeous Romanesque Revival style.

We start with the University of Southern California, one of the biggest universities on this list, located in the heart of the City of Angels. USC’s frat rankings put it at the top of the list, with a sizeable Greek row. The university’s frat row is just a couple minutes walking distance away from the main campus and just a short Metro ride from downtown L.A..

That means plenty of great restaurants, museums, farmer’s markets, and plenty of other things to do just a short train ride away. USC’s Greek Row homes are greek-inspired and fronted with majestic colonnades. Inside, these Greek Row homes feature resort-style amenities, including elevators, secure FOB entries, vaulted ceilings, flat-screen televisions, and much more.

University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley has always distinguished itself as an institution with high academic standards and a politically active student population. As the state’s oldest land grant university, it also has a long-standing Greek life community. It is home to nationally prestigious fraternities, including Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Phi Alpha.

UC Berkeley’s Frat Row is right on campus, and many of its oldest Greek Row homes were built in the 1900s in the distinctive Tudor-revival style, giving them a distinctly regal appearance. However, don’t let their aged appearance fool you, as these homes come with deluxe modern amenities, including free WiFi, spacious study areas, sunroofs, and even television rooms. Plus, the great location puts you in the core of one of California’s most beautiful college towns.   

University of California, Los Angeles

Joining one of UCLA’s many fraternities or sororities and getting a chance to live in an exclusive Spanish Mission revival home.

UCLA has over 44,000 students enrolled, making it the largest university in the UC system. So it’s no surprise that UCLA is a hub of student community organizations, and Greek life is no exception. UCLA’s Greek rank places it in the top five California universities. The university has two Greek Rows, one on the east and one on the west sides of the massive UCLA campus. The campus is just northwest of downtown L.A. too, so you’re not far from the action. Granted, L.A. is far from the most inexpensive Cali college town, but that pays off with the fantastic amenities and entertainment options the big city provides.

As you might expect, these two Greek Rows are home to multiple historic Greek Row houses. Some homes, such as the Alpha Phi Sorority house, are nearly a century old and built in the lavish Spanish colonial style. These Greek homes offer class-leading service and amenities, including full-service meals and catering, well-appointed study areas, modern computer rooms, and spacious dorm-style accommodations.

University of California, Davis 

Although Davis is a smaller city, when it comes to greekrank, UC Davis scores high on the list. This is thanks to its vibrant Greek life communities and beautiful Greek Row houses. UC Davis’s Greek Row is just north of the main campus and a short walk away from the core of the charming college town of Davis.

There is also Frat Circle just north of the campus. Since most of the fraternities at UC Davis are relatively young, most of the frat houses are built in a more modern minimalist style. And with modern styling come modern comforts as well. For example, each Greek house has spacious living rooms, modern kitchens, fireplaces, and great study areas.

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly’s suburban Greek houses are clustered around the campus in scenic verdant rolling hills minutes from the beautiful college town of San Luis O

Cal Poly’s greekrank brings it to the top ten best universities for Greek life in California, and that’s for a good reason. San Luis Obispo may be a small Spanish mission town, but Cal Poly’s dynamic Greek life scene keeps things interesting. Like UC Davis, Cal Poly does not have a Greek Row per se; instead, its Greek houses are clustered in the lush green neighborhoods around the university.

This places them a short drive from downtown San Luis Obispo and the campus itself. Since these are mostly suburban homes, these Greek houses have all the essentials, including modern HVAC, beautifully decorated community rooms, modern communal kitchen areas, and comfy living areas. 

Stanford University 

Coming in the top twenty California universities for Greek life, Stanford is a historic university with many long-standing Greek houses. The university’s houses are positioned along Campus Drive, the main boulevard around the main campus. This places students in an oasis between two major Bay Area cities: San Francisco and San Jose.

Several of Stanford’s Greek houses, such as Sigma Nu, Phi Kappa Psi, and Chi Omega houses, were built toward the turn of the twentieth century and featured gorgeous Spanish colonial styling. Inside, these homes have high-quality furnishings, spacious verdant courtyards and porches, and great resources such as computer libraries.

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University of California, Santa Barbara 

Fraternities and sororities at UCSB are integral to the campus culture and score highly in Greek life. But, of course, any close-knit community needs a good space to prosper, and UCSB delivers with its well-equipped Greek houses. UCSB does not have a Greek Row; its Greek houses are clustered in the Isla Vista neighborhood west of the main campus. The seaside suburban setting means UCSB’s Greek homes are larger and more spacious than on other campuses. The buildings feature large bedrooms, study areas, and superb game rooms.\

Chapman is a high-end private college with a deep Greek life tradition.

Chapman University 

As a prestigious private school, Chapman University easily makes the top ten institutions for Greek life. Interestingly, although Chapman has nearly 30% of its students in Greek life, this university has no Greek houses. Instead, Chapman takes an alternative approach by holding Greek life events on campus, thereby integrating Greek life into the broader campus community. All this means that Chapman’s stately Greek Revival campus is one big home for Greek life, welcoming members and non-members alike. Plus, since Chapman University is in Orange, California, you’re just twenty minutes driving time away from Newport Beach.

San Diego State University

SDSU’s Greek houses are clustered together not far from the main campus.

Perched in sunny San Diego, SDSU has a large Greek life community with two centuries of history. That shows in SDSU’s Greekrank, which has only increased in recent years. In addition, unlike some other universities on this list, SDSU has a compact Greek Row right at the southern edge of the campus, allowing for enhanced community among students.

SDSU’s Greek houses sport an eclectic mix of modernist, southwestern, and Spanish mission-style homes, some featuring Mediterranean design elements such as grape trellises and cozy patios. These Greek houses also have fewer residents than traditional ones, meaning that SDSU Greek Row residents get more privacy and personal space.

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