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The Best Parks in Lakewood

The Best Parks in Lakewood

These are the best of Lakewood parks to enjoy whether you are looking to relax or have some fun.

Allison Van Wig


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March 09, 2022

Safe, clean, and surrounded by greenery, Lakewood is a tranquil Los Angeles County city that is favored by young and growing families. While there is much to see and admire in this SoCal town, its parks and recreation areas shine through as some of its biggest draws. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to read a book, a go-to trail for a morning jog, or a spacious spot to let your kids run freely, there is a Lakewood park that’ll capture your heart.

These are the Best Parks in Lakewood, CA

Monte Verde Park in the city of Lakewood features a short nature trail that takes you to a number of ecosystems representing local flora.

Monte Verde Park

Monte Verde is considered a hidden gem in the Lakewood parks and recreation system. Smaller in scale and tucked away between residential communities and a waterway, this City of Lakewood park is an ideal spot for a stroll and a picnic with your family.

The S. Mark Taper Vista Lodge, amphitheater facility, and nature trail are the main attractions of Monte Verde Park and make up the sum of its natural beauty. The S. Mark Taper Vista Lodge is a 3,000 square-foot classic mountain cabin with exposed beams and cozy details like a fireplace, a covered patio, and a wall of windows overlooking the park and outdoor amphitheater. The lodge and its gorgeous surroundings are one of the principal reasons why this beautiful Lakewood park is a popular spot for weddings, engagements ceremonies, and other milestone celebrations.

The quarter-mile-long nature trail in this Lakewood park loops around its perimeter and guides you to several ecosystems representing elements of the native California landscape. You’ll come across an oak grove, a dry creek, a fern dell, along with other natural beauty.

With 40 acres of vast verdant space, you won't have a problem playing catch with your kids at Rynerson Park.

Rynerson Park

Rynerson Park in Lakewood, CA, is named in honor of Jacqueline Rynerson, the city’s former mayor who played a pivotal role in securing and developing this community space. Situated on the east side of the San Gabriel River, just south of Del Amo Boulevard, the park is a testament to Lakewood's dedication to enhancing its reputation as a Sportstown city.

Local residents frequently choose Rynerson Park as their preferred destination for outdoor activities. The park spans 40 acres and is well-equipped for recreation, featuring a bike trailhead, scenic walking paths, outdoor fitness equipment, picnic shelters, and baseball diamonds managed by the Lakewood Little League.

For those who enjoy spending active time with their dogs, the adjacent Homerun Dog Park offers a fantastic spot for dogs and their owners to play and relax under the sun. This area enhances the community feel of Rynerson Park, making it a favorite among pet owners.

Del Valle Park

Traveling to Lakewood with kids? Adding Del Valle Park to your itinerary of places to see is simply a must. Not to be confused with the Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore, Del Valle in Lakewood is great for the little dreamers to thrive.

Located on the corner of Arbor Street and Woodruff Avenue, this park in the center of Lakewood is named after Jose del Valle, an inspiring liberator and statesman of Honduras. However, this popular 12-acre Lakewood park is also widely called “Airplane Park” for the jet fighter plane proudly displayed on its southwest corner. Other amenities on the premises of this park in Lakewood, CA include athletic fields, game courts, picnic shelters, a playground, and a seasonal wading pool.

Del Valle Park is also home to the Lakewood Youth Center and the location for many concerts that take place throughout the summer. When you visit this Lakewood park, make sure to check out the Veterans Memorial Plaza, which is the site of the annual Memorial Day event that occurs in the City of Lakewood.

Have you ever been to San Martin Park? Also known as Pumpkin Park, this spot is where fairytales come to life.

San Martin Park

Is your child more into princesses than airplanes? Then swap Del Valle for San Martin Park on Ocana Avenue. This Lakewood Park is where fairytale dreams come to life—it’s affectionately called "Pumpkin Park" for the original Cinderella-themed pumpkin carriages installed as play equipment when the park was originally built.

The original pumpkin carriage has been replaced with a newer one—a few other additions have also been made to further enhance the dreamy effect of this Lakewood Park. Visit today and you’ll come across a castle playground, toy horses, and spinning pumpkins that make anyone feel like a kid daydreaming about a princess kingdom. 

Are you thinking of planning a fun family outing soon? Make Mayfair Park your destination of choice.

Mayfair Park

Mayfair Park, centrally located in Lakewood at the intersection of Clark Avenue and South Street, has been a cornerstone of community recreation since 1951. Originally named after the Mayfair District housing tract that surrounds it, this park is sometimes also known as Pan Am Park. It earns this nickname as the host of the city’s annual Pan American Fiesta every May, celebrating local culture and community spirit.

The park offers a variety of recreational facilities that cater to all ages and interests. Visitors can enjoy athletic fields, game courts, and a tennis court for sports enthusiasts, as well as picnic shelters perfect for barbecues. For families, there’s a playground where kids can expend their energy and a seasonal pool for everyone to cool off during the warmer months. With its comprehensive amenities, Mayfair Park exemplifies the quintessential community park in Lakewood.

we don't know about you, but our idea of a fun outdoor activity always includes a picnic at Cherry Cove Park

Cherry Cove Park

Hidden away in the Cherry Cove housing tract, the namesake park is an idyllic spot to head to for a peaceful jog or spend family time. Kids love playing in the sanded playground area, and there are several benches nearby where you can relax and keep an eye on them running around.

This Lakewood park also offers a large grassy area where many residents come with their dogs. Pack a picnic and a good book, and have a low-key day out in the sun with your family or your four-legged friend—it’s only a matter of time until this quaint park in Lakewood, CA starts getting filled to the brim with people looking for a sunny spot to relax.

Pan American Park

While Pan American Park isn’t located within the premises of the city of Lakewood proper, it’s mere minutes away and a favorite among residents. Located in Lakewood Village in Long Beach, this city park offers a gym, picnic areas, a playground, and outdoor sports fields and courts to visitors.

Surrounded by lots of greenery, this park near Lakewood, CA is also a great spot to take your dog. While it’s not the most manicured park on the list, it’s open, compact, and with lots of open space, making it an awesome place to relax in nature.

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