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9 Things to Do in Trinidad, CA

9 Things to Do in Trinidad, CA

Discover Trinidad, CA, and all the fun things you can do there while visiting!

Natasha Kouyoumjian


6 min read

October 11, 2022

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Trinidad - the hidden gem of the state and known to many as the dampest place in California - is a little seaside town located in Humboldt County. Though there are plenty who claim that this small town is to be visited from May through October, we would recommend visiting Trinidad, CA, anytime, any day. A seaside town 290 miles north of the lively San Francisco, on a road paved with towering redwoods on both sides, and a coastal line so magnetic that it could be mistaken for gravity itself. A blissful getaway to this small town setting will gift you with sceneries that will have you so charmed, that you might even forget your phone – but try not to as you will want to capture those vistas of the beaches in Trinidad


Take the Main Street/Westhaven Drive Exit off Highway 101 in Trinidad and head west on Main Street. Turn left onto Trinity Street and follow it until it comes to an end at Edwards Street. You’ll find the original lighthouse is on the headland, which can be reached by continuing west on Edwards Street.

1. Check out the Trinidad Museum

The Trinidad Museum is a house of wonders, located on the entryway of the little town (Seely Bros/Wikimedia Commons).

Location: 400 Janis Ct, Trinidad, CA 95570.

Stationed on the entryway of this quaint village in Trinidad California, you’ll find the Trinidad Museum. Prior to moving to the Victorian bungalow off Main Street and Patrick’s Point Drive, Trinidad Museum was a small discreet gear shed that carried the riches of the town. Today, the town exhibits its history and wealthy culture in this distinctive Victorian-times cottage – donated by Earny and Gweneth Susan. Soak up unheard history on your north-coast California vacation – ranging from the Tsurai Village to the Yurok traditions, while shipping, fishing, whaling, and the Trinidad Head Lighthouse tickle your curious bone.

2. Visit the Moonstone Beach County Park

The prestigious Moonstone beach is a feast for the eyes.

Location: 100 Moonstone Beach Rd, Trinidad, CA 95570.

Located on the north side of the Little River, awaits an exciting spot to spend time with the family at this Trinidad, CA beach park. Amongst California beach towns, this one has unique decor that leaves you feeling like a part of a movie. Bathe in the scenes of outrageous views while you’re driving down from Moonstone Grill and enjoy the generous delivery of the two-humped rock island on your north. With the Little River entering right into the sea on the shores of Moonstone Beach, watch the currents collide and merge into the pacific coast. Visiting in the summer, you have the advantage to explore hidden caves and cool off in the river lake where the mouth meets the sea. 

3. Redwood Highway and National State Park

Look up to the sky full of greens, in the enchanted Redwood forests in Trinidad, California.

Location: Trinidad, CA.

Whether or not you’re ready to absorb the following information, here it comes: the Redwood National State Park of this little town village is home to almost half of the world’s old-growth redwoods. Where the redwoods meet the sea – that’s how this coastal town is usually described. Sketching a marvelous corridor on your road trip, the Trinidad California redwoods are where enchantment awaits. What they don’t have in population is immensely compensated by the scenic views and the coastal atmosphere of the area.

4. Sue-Meg State Park 

The Sue-Meg State Park overlooking the bay.

Location: 4150 Patricks Point Dr, Trinidad, CA 95570.

Previously known as Patrick’s Point State Park, the Sue-Meg State Park sits in the heart of the coast of Redwood country. Expanding from the lofty beaches to the hiking trails and camping sites, the park is wealthy with its natural beauty and outdoorsy activities. For nature lovers who just can’t seem to bring themselves to step inside, laze on the comfortable grass on a happy adventure while camping in Trinidad CA. How? — you might ponder; with 120 campsites available at your fingertips, picnic tables, a fire pit, coin-op showers, water faucets, and bathrooms, all that is required is for you to lounge in the premium perks of Trinidad, CA. Don’t forget to check out the tidepools and the bluffs of the state park while you fall in love with the inexplicable and surprising spirit of this retro town.

5. Trinidad Head Lighthouse

The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse strikes a view of the moonstone beach shore.

Location: Trinidad, CA 95570.

Overlooking the bay, the Trinidad California lighthouse is the landmark of this magnetic little town. Rising over 380 feet in height on a rounded prominence, with its quirky history and exceptional aura, the Trinidad lighthouse is one of the top things to do in Trinidad, CA. Just make sure to have your cameras ready, because you’ll want to capture more than just one shot of this lovely area.

6. Seascape Pier & Harbor

The pier is the perfect place to begin or end your day - try to catch a sunrise or sunset here!

Location: 1 Bay Street Trinidad, CA 95570.

If there’s one thing that this city swears by, it’s the sea. From memorable boardwalks to the best the ocean has to offer, you wouldn’t want to miss this soothing trip down the Trinidad Harbor. There’s some magic down where the pier meets the sea, that shifts your prevailing perspective. Bask in the positivity and the groundedness of the Pacific, while making the most of your time on this seaside land.

7. Ocean kayaking in Trinidad, California

Venture into the best of paddlesports in the Pacific off of Trinidad.

Location: 1 Bay St, Trinidad, CA 95570.

In the beautiful seaside village of Trinidad, CA, experience the best of the paddlesports activities with a team of experts. Paddle your way through this adventure as you navigate through the salty waters of the pacific ocean. Lounge in the presence of specialists while they guide you through the tours on the best of California’s Kayaking adventures.

8. Tall Trees Access Road

Most of the world’s redwoods are located in the Trinidad region.

Location: Tall Trees Access Road, McKinleyville, CA 95519.
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 5hrs 26min
Distance: 11.99 miles
Elevation: 584m
Route type: Out & Back
Pets: Not Allowed

Oceans, rivers, forests, food, and history, all sum up to one word — culture. And a part of this coastal townlet’s culture hides inside the hiking trails of the famed Redwoods. How can you miss the experience of hugging a redwood tree once you’ve made it all the way to this peculiar coast? If the anticipation of trekking this trail hasn’t kicked in yet, we can think of plenty of reasons that just might do the trick. Get ready for the most adventurous trail that will put you in touch with wildlife in a way you never thought possible. Bears, mountain lions, Ospreys at nest sites, deers dropping in, and everything in between is the least of what the trail proposes. Get ready to meet a lot of mountain bikers and bask in the solitude of more hushed times.

9. Watch The Sunset At Trinidad State Beach

The Fish Festival is an annually recurring event by the beach in Trinidad Town.

Location: Trinidad, California 95570
Parking: At the end of Lighthouse Road.

Enchanting sunsets and a vast ocean environment await at this fascinating spot. Although a little outside Trinidad, this State Beach is worth visiting. Dividing the beach into two separate coves is Pewetole Island. While the south cove is the main entrance point - and a popular hotspot for hanging out with friends and dramatic photography - the north cove is best if you’re looking for hush-hush time with the ocean. Take your time to check out both coves and make sure to be there during low tide for a better view and the safest passage. You can also head out on breathtaking beach hikes from the south cove, which leads up to major trailheads, including Trinidad Head Loop Trail.

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