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What and Where Are the 5 Best Colleges Near La Mirada, California?

What and Where Are the 5 Best Colleges Near La Mirada, California?

Explore the top 5 colleges near La Mirada, CA, from esteemed universities to vibrant community colleges. Team


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October 06, 2023

La Mirada, situated in Southeast Los Angeles County, is a serene suburban city that is perhaps best known for its family-friendly ambiance, parks, and recreational areas. However, it is also proximate to some of Southern California's most esteemed institutions of higher education. For students considering colleges in the vicinity or locals curious about their academic neighbors, here are the five best colleges near La Mirada, California.

Biola University

Location: La Mirada, California

Brief Overview: Biola University, literally in La Mirada's backyard, is a private Christian university known for its commitment to biblically centered education. Offering over 150 academic programs across various disciplines, Biola has been recognized for its rigorous academics integrated with Christian faith. Their School of Cinema and Media Arts has gained particular acclaim, as have their programs in psychology, business, and theology.

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)

Location: Fullerton, California (approximately 7 miles from La Mirada)

Brief Overview: CSUF, a member of the expansive California State University system, boasts a diverse student body and offers more than 100 degree programs. It is known for its business school, engineering programs, and the College of Communications. With a robust student life scene, including arts, sports, and various clubs, CSUF provides an enriching college experience that extends beyond the classroom.

Whittier College

Location: Whittier, California (approximately 4 miles from La Mirada)

Brief Overview: Whittier College is a small liberal arts college with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. As the alma mater of President Richard Nixon, the college carries a notable history. With a focus on interdisciplinary and experiential learning, students are encouraged to engage in hands-on experiences, including internships and study abroad programs. The student-to-faculty ratio is low, ensuring personalized attention.

Cerritos College

Location: Norwalk, California (approximately 5 miles from La Mirada)

Brief Overview: Cerritos College is a comprehensive community college serving the southeastern part of Los Angeles county. With a wide range of academic offerings, from vocational training to transfer programs, Cerritos College caters to diverse educational goals. The campus is known for its active student life and its commitment to supporting underrepresented and first-generation college students.

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

Location: Long Beach, California (approximately 16 miles from La Mirada)

Brief Overview: Another gem from the California State University system, CSULB, or "The Beach" as it's often called, is renowned for its stunning campus and comprehensive academic programs. With strengths in arts, engineering, business, and health and human services, the university offers a broad academic spectrum. CSULB's Shark Lab, College of the Arts, and student media outlets are just a few of the unique facets of this esteemed institution.

La Mirada's prime location in Southern California ensures that students and residents have access to a diverse array of educational opportunities. Whether you're in search of a faith-based education, a large state school experience, or the intimate environment of a liberal arts college, the La Mirada area offers options to cater to various academic pursuits and interests. The proximity of these institutions not only provides educational opportunities but also enriches the local community with cultural events, sports, and other resources that colleges and universities frequently bring to their surroundings.

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