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Where to Find Kwanzaa Decorations in California
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Where to Find Kwanzaa Decorations in California

Find out where you can buy Kwanzaa decorations and learn how to make Kwanzaa wreaths, Kwanzaa door decor, table displays, and more.


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December 24, 2021

Kwanzaa is a reminder that good things happen around a table—joy, prosperity, warmth, and community. Instilling a sense of cultural appreciation, the seven-day African-American holiday is celebrated from December 26 to January 1. During the festivities, many friends and families come together to honor their culture and show respect for their heritage. 

Each day of the celebrations corresponds to the seven principles of Kwanzaa, the Nguzo Saba: Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumba, and Imani. The final day of the festivities includes hosting a karamu (a feast) consisting of African food, guests wearing traditional clothing, and exchanging gifts. So, after all is said and done, what’s the one thing missing? Kwanzaa decorations.

Where To Buy Kwanzaa Decorations

When celebrating Kwanzaa, it's crucial that all of the necessary decorations are on the table. It's time to start preparing for the festivities.

We have Black-owned businesses to thank for providing Kwanzaa wreaths, table displays, and many other decorations to African-American homes for the seven-day cultural holiday. 

Malik Books, Gifts, and Calendars has more than enough Kwanzaa kinara sets and home decor to brighten up your house while you honor your African-American heritage. For wall plaques, kitchen accessories, pillow covers, glass sets, and Kwanzaa cards, African American Expressions is your go-to store. 

Add unique accents to your home with Ananse Village’s beads, baskets, throw blankets, and rare finds like vintage wood containers, Benin Bronzes, and Yoruba Art. Any item used as a Kwanzaa decoration from Africa and Beyond will blow your guests’ minds—furniture, textiles, wall art, dinnerware, ceramics, beadwork, and even musical instruments are available. 

Exchanging gifts on Kwanzaa is just as important as decorating your house. So, while you’re browsing for Kwanzaa decorations, you may as well buy a few educational gifts for the younger generation. Eso Won Books has countless novels by California Black writers that everyone loves. Simply Wholesome, Shades of Afrika, and Sankofa African Arts and Jewelry are gold mines when it comes to both Kwanzaa decorations and gifts. 

Kwanzaa Decorations Ideas You’ll Love

If you enjoy DIY, you can make your own Kwanzaa holiday decorations, too. DIY Kwanzaa decorations show that you invested your time and energy into transforming your home for the African-American cultural festivities; any handmade item around the house is highly encouraged. Illuminate your house with the mishumaa saba (the seven candles representing the Nguzo Saba) and incorporate traditional symbols to commemorate your roots. Make the week-long cultural holiday even more special with the decor you create with the whole family (the kids can join in too). From ornaments to centerpieces, here are Kwanzaa decorations that’ll brighten up your home for the festivities. 

Show others you celebrate Kwanzaa and support its principles by hanging a wreath at your front door.

Kwanzaa Wreath from Asia Nasha Designs 

Give your guests a great first impression with a beautifully hand-painted, custom Kwanzaa wreath from Asia Nasha Designs. This piece of decoration can be hung on its own—it definitely shines enough with significance—or it can become the perfect addition to your front door. Level up your home to be festivity-ready with trinkets from Asia Nasha Designs’ collection, or go the opposite route and make your own DIY Kwanzaa decorations.

African American Kwanzaa Card Set from African American Expressions

The fun and joyful holiday of Kwanzaa marks the end of the year for many families, creating an ideal opportunity to get together and reflect on the year past. One great way to share the spirit of this great holiday is to let people know you’re thinking of them through beautiful and inspiring African American Kwanzaa cards; they also double down as Kwanzaa table displays. You get 15 cards per set with the one from African American Expressions and you can write thoughtful messages on them to your guests before they arrive for the celebration.

This year gift your loved ones a piece of Kwanzaa decoration that will stay in the family for a long time.

Shades of Blackness Art Print Folio from Bloom and Plume

The third installment of limited edition original prints created, the Shades of Blackness Art Print Folio’s ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ from Bloom and Plume is more than just a Kwanzaa holiday decoration—it can very easily become your favorite art piece in the house, no matter the season. All photography is done by Maurica Harris, and each set comes with 12 prints suitable for framing or collecting; there’s also an additional statement page. Shades of Blackness is a semi-yearly project by Harris that is meant to serve as another investigation into how people find beauty in their agency. And hair to African American people is exactly one of those blessings.

Traditional Ngoma Drum from Africa and Beyond

Drums play an important role in every aspect of African life, including physical, emotional, and spiritual. Served as an early form of long-distance communication and used during ceremonial and religious functions, a Traditional Ngoma Drum from Africa and Beyond will be the best way to commemorate Kwanzaa this year. The drum traditionally signifies the heartbeat and soul of most African communities; they have been an intrinsic part of it for centuries, celebrating all aspects of life in their triumphs and glories. And though the head on this drum is still intact, the instrument’s not playable anymore, but can serve as a great indoor and outdoor Kwanzaa decoration.

Lighting a candle every night of Kwanzaa and reflecting on one of the seven principles is a good way to honor the tradition.

African Handmade Wooden Candlestick Candle Holders Set from Great Gatsby’s

No list of Kwanzaa holiday decorations is ever complete without the candles to make your place glisten. Great Gatsby’s African Handmade Wooden Candlestick set features two beautiful candlestick holders, beautifully made and stained with an aesthetically pleasing dark brown color. Accented with small hammered brass pieces, this set also features a vintage patina with endearing character marks.

Makenge Basket from Ananse Village 

The Makenge tree, a modestly sized species with long, shallow roots, is central to a unique crafting tradition. Men from the local tribe carefully dig up these roots and remove the thin outer layer. This process is done with precision to preserve the tree's health, allowing it to continue thriving. The roots are then transformed into Makenge Baskets by Ananse Village, renowned for their durability and ability to last across generations. While these baskets serve practical purposes in daily life, they become especially significant during Kwanzaa, adding a touch of African American heritage to holiday decor.

May you enjoy peace, love, and unity this Kwanzaa. We hope you enjoy each of the seven days of this beautiful cultural holiday.

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