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Your Complete Guide to Saddleback College

Your Complete Guide to Saddleback College

Dive into the rich tapestry of experiences at Saddleback College. Discover top activities on and off-campus, from art festivals to nature. Team


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September 28, 2023

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Nestled in the picturesque city of Mission Viejo in Orange County, California, Saddleback College stands as an embodiment of academic excellence and community involvement. Since its foundation in 1968, this sprawling campus, spread across 200 acres, has been a beacon for students seeking quality education in a supportive environment. Its location, blessed with scenic beauty, ensures students enjoy not just academic enrichment but also the serene ambiance of the Californian landscape.

History and Distinctions

The history of Saddleback College is one of growth and innovation. Established in the late 60s, it has grown rapidly over the years, adapting to the evolving needs of students and the community. Serving over 25,000 students annually, it has become an integral part of the South Orange County community.

Saddleback College takes pride in its robust curriculum which includes over 300 degree and certificate programs. Its dedication to academic excellence is evident in its high transfer rates to prominent universities across the state and country. Apart from its academic programs, the college is also home to a thriving arts community. The college's theatre, dance, and music programs are renowned, often attracting talent and audience from across the state.

Another distinction lies in its commitment to community involvement. The college has been proactive in ensuring its resources are available to the wider community. From hosting events to extending library facilities and encouraging student-led community projects, the college has been at the forefront of forging strong community ties.

Campus Life: Transportation, Food, and Local Attractions

For students, navigating their way around and outside the campus is a breeze. Given its strategic location, the college is well-connected with public transport facilities. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) runs multiple bus lines that stop at the campus, ensuring students have a hassle-free commute. For those who drive, ample parking spaces are available. Moreover, the college encourages sustainable practices; hence, you'll find plenty of bike racks for students choosing the eco-friendly mode of transport.

The campus ensures that its students are spoilt for choice when it comes to food. From cafeterias offering a range of delicious meals to cozy cafes perfect for a quick bite or a coffee break, there's something for everyone. Vegan or health-conscious? The college has got you covered with several nutritious and palatable options.

Being in Mission Viejo, Saddleback College students have the advantage of being close to a plethora of attractions. The city is home to beautiful parks like the Oso Creek Trail and the Alicia Park – perfect spots for students looking to relax after a long day. For those interested in shopping or catching a movie, The Shops at Mission Viejo is just a short drive away. And let's not forget the beautiful beaches of Orange County, offering students a perfect weekend getaway.

Top 4 Activities to Experience at and Near Saddleback College

Attend the Annual Arts Festival: One of the crown jewels of Saddleback College's events calendar, the Annual Arts Festival, offers an impressive array of performances, exhibitions, and interactive experiences. From jazz nights to art installations, this festival celebrates creativity in all its forms. It's a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the arts and perhaps discover a new passion.

Visit the Lariat Newsroom: The Lariat, the college’s award-winning newspaper, often welcomes visitors and prospective journalists to their bustling newsroom. Participate in one of their open-house days and witness the behind-the-scenes magic that goes into bringing news stories to life.

Stroll by Lake Mission Viejo: Just a stone's throw from the college, Lake Mission Viejo is a tranquil haven for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. With opportunities for boating, fishing, and picnicking, the lake provides an idyllic backdrop for relaxation or even a study session with a view!

Trek the Oso Creek Trail: Reconnect with nature by walking the picturesque Oso Creek Trail. Alongside its natural beauty, the trail also features art installations, making it a blend of nature and culture. It's a favorite among students for early morning jogs or evening walks.

In essence, Saddleback College is more than just lectures and exams; it’s a thriving ecosystem of experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re soaking in the vibrant arts scene on campus or exploring the serene natural beauty of Mission Viejo, there's always something to do and discover. Embrace these opportunities and create memories that you'll cherish long after graduation.

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