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6 Attractions Near UC Davis to Check Out Now

6 Attractions Near UC Davis to Check Out Now

If you are ever in Davis, check out these 6 attractions near UC Davis to fully enjoy the area.

Palig Dzadourian


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July 20, 2022

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Formerly known as Davisville, Davis is the most populous city in Yolo County. It is considered to be one of the best places to settle in California. With its ever-growing popularity as the next tech hub as well as a vibrant and welcoming community, Davis is a city you should keep your eyes peeled for when looking to move. Also one of California’s best college towns to live in, UC Davis is what makes this place so attractive. Young professionals and students who live here have absolutely no shortage of opportunities and entertainment.

1. UC Davis Arboretum

If the sun is a bit too bright during your visit, take a break underneath the beautiful gazebo of the Arboretum.

Venture into one of California’s most beautiful college campuses, and experience the many attractions it has to offer. The UC Davis Arboretum is one of them, a beautiful 100-acre botanical garden, also used as a research center and wildlife protection center. One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in California.

Visiting this bountiful garden is one of the best things to do in Davis. With 17 gardens and collections, which include the Arboretum Terrace Garden, Lois Crow Patio, California Foothill, Australian, Desert, East Asian Collections and so much more. The UC Davis Arboretum was founded way back in 1939 and has been inspiring both aspiring environmentalist students and visitors for generations.

The botanical gardens are open to the public and require no entrance fee. Operating for 24 hours a day, all week, year-round, any day is a good time to visit this incredible Arboretum, with plants and flowers waiting for your arrival. 

2. California Raptor Center

It is important to educate ourselves on the nature of our planet.

Spending a few hours at the California Raptor Center (CRC) is one of the best fun things to do near UC Davis. The Center’s mission is to rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds of prey, which are called raptors, as they are modern dinosaurs. These troubled birds find solace at the California Raptor Center, as some of them end up becoming unreleasable specimens, they will need humans to care for them. 60% of the 350 raptors are successfully released back into the wild, while some of the ones that remain in the center serve as ambassador animals for educational purposes.

Self-guided tours are available at the California Raptor Center, where you will be able to see the many different types of prey birds, read about their personal stay, and descriptions on the placards available near the exhibits. The Veterinary Medicine department of UC Davis supports the center by catering to the medical needs of these extraordinary birds.

3. The Davis Greenbelt

Get your bikes ready and get active in one of the most bicycle-friendly towns in America.

For all the outdoor activity lovers out there, worry not! There are tons of Davis things to do that will require you to get active and physical. Davis is known to be one of the best bicycling towns in The United States, with a multitude of trails and opportunities for both professional and recreational bikers. The Greenbelt is a continuous stretch of bike paths and parks, stretching across north, west, south, and west Davis. It forms part of a network of ten unique and connected greenbelts and is about 60 miles. This outdoor recreation is one of the best things to do near UC Davis, as Davis is home to a plethora of beautiful sceneries in California.

If cycling is not up your alley, there are several options to go for, such as jogging, walking and just sitting down and picnicking on the tables available throughout the greenbelt. You will even be able to pass by the Arboretum as the path runs along it. It is recommended that you bring a map with you if this is your first time adventuring in the greenbelt. The City of Davis provides bike maps that will direct you across the interconnected greenbelts of the area.

4. Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven

Honey Bee Haven educates people on the importance of bees and their vital existence in nature.

If you are still searching for things to do in Davis CA, The Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven might be the way to go. The Honey Bee Haven is a unique museum in California, mostly due to the fact that it is outdoor. It serves both as an educational exhibit, as well as a natural resources producer for local bee pollinators. The main objective of the Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven is to emphasize the importance of bees and the significant role they have in the ecosystem. The museum also encourages visitors to build pollinator habitat gardens in their own backyards to help out the hard-working insects.

Access to the Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven is free, and it is open from dusk to dawn. There is also a garden with over 200 plants and bee species, with extensive information found on the labels of the plants. UC Davis is always full of fun things to experience, whether it be educational or simple entertainment. 

5. Davis Farmers Market

Savor the freshest of ingredients found at the Davis Farmers Market.

As the practice of eating and shopping for local products and ingredients becomes increasingly popular, if you would also like to participate, do not miss out on the Davis Farmers Market! Located in Central Park in Downtown Davis, this year-round farmers' market attracts thousands of people shopping for locally grown and raised produce. There are a variety of stalls and stands with different types of ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, certified organic produce, meats, chicken, seafood and so much more.

Getting hungry? Pass by the stalls of fresh-baked goods, and savor a picnic made with market ingredients. All in all, the Davis Farmers Market should definitely be on your list when visiting the college town, as you taste the delicious foods, and mingle with the crowd while live music plays in the background.

6. Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts

The Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts building is just as beautiful from the outside as it is from the inside. Get ready to witness one of the best theaters in California for live performances. Located on the gorgeous UC Davis campus, the Mondavi Center strives to educate people about the significance of art, and how it is an essential part of everyday life. The center has the full package when it comes to the performing arts, as it includes a range of culturally diverse performances, as well as traditional and innovative touches. As part of the UC Davis art department, the center is equipped with a professional laboratory that trains students in various performing arts practices.

Prepare to witness the highest quality experience, it is just as riveting for both audience members and performers. Keep an eye out for future events happening at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, as any event experience here will be engraved in your memories for a lifetime.

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