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9 Amazing Organizing Apps Created in California
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9 Amazing Organizing Apps Created in California

Download the best organization apps from California companies to boost your productivity and simplify your life.


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January 31, 2021

In an age where we’re all hustling, it’s not easy keeping tabs on everything at all times. Maintaining an organized home, work schedule, and appointments can quickly become overwhelming; prioritizing your tasks becomes arduous. But you know what they say nowadays—there’s an app for that. 

Thankfully, we have more than enough organizing apps to help us become more efficient with our time. With a variety of tools to make our lives easier, these apps enable us to become our best and most dynamic selves. Don’t waste any more time; download the best organization apps to boost your productivity and be on top of your game.       

The Golden State’s Best Organization Apps

Whether you're working from home or at the office, Otter Voice Meeting Notes can help ensure everyone on your team stays in the loop.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes 

iOS: Free with in-app purchases 

Android: Free with in-app purchases 

Otter Voice Meeting Notes is one of the best organization apps on the market. Otter takes meeting notes automatically and shares the minutes and summary of the meeting with your teammates to keep everyone in the loop. Users can invite others to edit and highlight the meeting notes.

Besides recording and note-taking, the organizing app also transcribes interviews, lectures, and anything else recorded. It even provides live captioning to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

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iOS: Free with in-app purchases 

Android: Free with in-app purchases 

We’ve all scrolled past a great article we wanted to read but forgot to save. With Pocket, we never have to face that issue again. This organizing app allows you to save articles, videos, and stories from any page, app, or publication to read later. The app’s layout and typography make it comfortable for users to read for long periods of time, too. Pocket has dark and sepia themes in order to create the ideal setting for night-time reading.

Other than organizing your reading materials, the app also has a listening feature, so you can learn something new when you’re walking, working out, or on your way to work.

The Best App For To-Do Lists

Knock out everything on your to-do list with the help of organizing apps such as Ticktick.


iOS: Free with in-app purchases 

Android: Free with in-app purchases 

Widely regarded as the best app for to-do lists, TickTick helps users manage and accomplish their daily tasks. The organizing app allows you to create an agenda, make memos, share shopping lists, collaborate with a team, and even develop healthier habits.

The key features of TickTick include syncing tasks across all devices, providing several reminders, offering flexible calendar views, integrating with calendar apps, and more. Whether you want to create checklists, set flexible recurring tasks, or share task lists to get more people involved, TickTick is the best to-do list app for your iPhone or Android. 

The Top App For Time Management

Boost your productivity and make time for the things you really want to do by using ClickUp.


iOS: Free with in-app purchases 

Android: Free with in-app purchases 

ClickUp is one of the coolest apps for time management. The productivity platform allows users to take notes, create schedules, receive reminders, set goals, gain access to a calendar, and even have their own inbox. Not only is it fully customizable, but it also allows you to prioritize everything you want.

Instead of downloading multiple organizing apps to keep track of things, simply use ClickUp to have everything in one place. Best of all, the app is super easy to use. 


The Best App For Grocery Lists

Looking to get more creative in the kitchen? Use Yummly to find new recipes and get a list of all the items you need.


iOS: Free with in-app purchases 

Android: Free with in-app purchases 

If you’re looking for the best app for grocery lists, Yummly is your choice. The app is not just used for making grocery lists, but also for gaining access to an endless supply of recipes to fuel your next culinary adventure. Users set up their food preferences, and Yummly shows recipes that match. The app’s step-by-step recipes include video tutorials, timers, and more useful tools to make cooking easy.

You can even schedule a recipe to pop up at the exact time you prefer to eat, and it’s immediately added to your calendar app. Simply take a picture of the ingredients you have in your kitchen and Yummly provides a recipe idea—one click lets you add ingredients for an entire recipe to your shopping list.  

The Best Apps For Shared Calendars

Easily communicate with fellow students and colleagues by using the Asana app to coordinate plans and projects.


iOS: Free with in-app purchases 

Android: Free with in-app purchases 

Asana is among the best apps for shared calendars. Not only does it have practical calendar features, but it also makes it easy to manage tasks and team projects. Asana allows you to see who’s working on which project and when they plan on completing it. Users can also coordinate plans, projects, tasks, and assignments—plus, switch between lists, kanban boards, and calendar views.

As the best app for calendars, Asana sets tasks as milestones in order to establish important deadlines. The organizing app lets users see how every part of a project fits together and track its progress.


iOS: Free with in-app purchases 

Android: Coming soon

Woven may seem like a regular calendar app, but it has so many features that make your life easier. The calendar app allows you to see and schedule all of your work and personal events in one place, plan out your ideal week, and get better at managing time by seeing where it goes every week.

Thanks to Woven, users can send personalized scheduling links for when they’re available, sync their work and personal calendars in one app, and see if they’re free before suggesting a meeting time—all without leaving the app. For users with relatives all over the world, Woven is the best family calendar app on the market. 

The Home Organization App You Need 

Set up reminders for yourself and take notes throughout the day with the help of Evernote.


iOS: Free with in-app purchases 

Android: Free with in-app purchases 

Evernote is a note-taking, daily-planning home organization app that creates a cloud-based safe space for all of the random thoughts you get during the day. Whether it’s remembering to buy the groceries or driving the kids to their extracurricular activities, Evernote’s possibilities are endless.

The family organizer app allows you to manage to-do lists, scan business cards, receipts, documents, and handwritten notes; you can even record voice memos. It doesn’t matter whether you need sticky note-style reminders or prolonged research—Evernote is a must-have app to take notes and share ideas. 

The Family Organizer App to Try Now

Use to organize, plan, and collaborate on home projects and tasks with your family.

iOS: Free with in-app purchases 

Android: Free with in-app purchases 

Ask anyone using a family organizer app and they’ll tell you is their best friend and second brain. The award-winning organizing app helps users stay organized and accomplish more tasks throughout the day. Not only is easy to use, but it’s also pretty flexible.

The main features of are organizing tasks, creating lists, syncing seamlessly across all devices, and adding smart reminders. If you keep forgetting to get simple things done, all you have to do is create reminders on the app by speaking your mind—the app has a voice entry that immediately adds reminders to the to-do list.  

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