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Check Off Your Back-to-School List: The Remote Learning Supplies to Get Now

Check Off Your Back-to-School List: The Remote Learning Supplies to Get Now

Whether your first grader or middle schooler needs back-to-school supplies for remote learning, these California companies have you covered Team


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August 25, 2020

The start of the school year is right around the corner, so it’s time to pull out the back-to-school list and begin shopping. Since California schools are kicking off the year with virtual classes due to the pandemic, parents may need to create or rework their kids’ study space to incorporate better furniture and productivity essentials.

Aside from securing reliable Wi-Fi and stocking up on the usual school staples—such as pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, erasers, and scissors—check out this list of remote-learning supplies offered by California-based companies to ensure your child is well-prepared for the upcoming school year

10 must-have back-to-school supplies

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1. Standing Desk

School is in session once again, so invest in a standing desk to improve your child's focus and engagement.

Made by: Versa Tables

Price: $369

A standing desk is essential in enhancing the learning process and boosting productivity. Using a standing desk increases concentration, reduces the negative effects of sitting in a chair all day, and helps prevent obesity (because students burn more calories when in a standing position).

For a height-adjustable computer desk, check out Los Angeles' Versa Tables. With 15 available sizes to choose from, you can find an easily adjustable desk to accommodate different heights and needs. The company also offers CPU holders, keyboard trays, monitor arms, and other accessories so your child can be totally prepared. 

2. Wedge desk

Made by: Lakeshore 

Price: $329

For little ones, purchase a desk specifically built for youngsters. An appropriately sized student desk not only prevents spinal pain or physical injury, but also helps children to be independent and take ownership of their space, according to world-renowned physician and educator Maria Montessori. Check out the highly durable Flex-Space Mobile Wedge Student Desk from Lakeshore, which features a steel box on the underside so your child can neatly store everything for school. 

3. Headphones

Made by: Logitech

Price: $40

Technology is synonymous with Gen Z's childhood, so today's back-to-school supplies should include state-of-the-art headphones. A proper headset can minimize distractions and help students focus on the task at hand, making the whole e-learning process more efficient.

We recommend Logitech's wired USB headset with a microphone. This headset makes screen-based learning a positive experience for everyone. The sound system is compatible with most learning platforms and software programs, and the microphone easily picks up students' responses while minimizing background noise. 

4. Laptop

A laptop is crucial for remote learning, but before you buy one, check with your child's school to ensure it meets the technology requirements.

Made by: Apple

Price: $1,299 

Without a functioning laptop, everything else is irrelevant when it comes to virtual learning. By investing in a top-notch laptop that's made to last for years, your child may be able to use it through college, too. You definitely can't go wrong with a 13-inch MacBook Pro from Silicon Valley giant Apple. The high-performance laptop with a stunning retina display, a touch bar, a Magic keyboard, and 32GB of memory will exceed expectations and help your kid reach new levels of productivity.

5. Blue-light-blocking Glasses

Pick up a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses to reduce your child's eye strain and prevent eye damage.

Made by: Akcessoryz

Price: $12.60 

Continually being exposed to blue light strains the eye. With the digitalization of school and excessive blue light exposure, kids may experience eye damage and sleep disturbances. But blue-light-blocking glasses will minimize eyestrain and prevent major health issues due to increased hours of screen time, so grab Akcessoryz's blue-light-blocking glasses, which are only available on Etsy.

(For a more upscale look, check out Mr. Leight to purchase high-quality, blue-light-blocking frames hand-finished in Los Angeles.) 

6. Water Bottle

Made by: Klean Kanteen

Price: $19.95

Make sure your kids stay hydrated during their school day by adding a reusable water bottle to the back-to-school shopping list. Keeping a water bottle on their desk is a great reminder to drink some H20, which plays a crucial role in concentration, energy, and physical endurance.

Opt for an eco-friendly bottle from one of California's top outdoor brands: Klean Kanteen's "Classic" 27-ounce water bottle is made of stainless steel, so it's durable and lightweight. For little ones, purchase the "Kid Classic Sport" 12-ounce water bottle, which features a spill-proof sports cap (no chance of spilling on laptops) and comes in vibrant colors. 

7. Planner 

Made by: Ban.dō

Price: $19.95

Generally, planners are either on the high school supply list or the college dorm checklist, but with remote learning being the new normal now, they should be added to the middle school supply list and the elementary school supply list, too. Planners help students efficiently keep track of their weekly assignments, so it's no wonder that children who use planners at an early age develop excellent organizational and time-management skills. 

Given the number of California-made planners, you'll easily find one for your child. Plan more than a year in advance with one of Ban.dō's classic 17-month academic planners such as the vibrant "Joy is My Priority" planner. Kids are bound to love the feature cool art, stickers, inspirational messages, and coloring pages in Ban.dō planners. If you'd like to motivate the kids to pursue their passions, a planner is definitely a must.

8. Desk Organizer Set

Made by: Erin Condren

Price: $26

Keeping your children's desks clean and organized will help them stay focused and productive. Efficiently organize their supplies with desk organizer sets from Erin Condren. Founded in El Segundo, this company offers colorfully painted desk organizers, which are a great way to add a vivid touch of inspiration to your kid's study space. The organizers feature a letter bin, magazine file, pen cup, and accessories holder. 

9. Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

Get a versatile dry-erase board so your kid can solve math problems, study Spanish grammar, and get creative.

Made by: U Brands

Price: $25

Jazz up your little one’s learning space with a dry-erase board. This is a classroom essential, so to give your child the school-feel, make sure to add it to your back-to-school supplies list. A dry-erase board is beneficial because it helps develop visual processing skills critical to your child's reading and learning success. (Plus, your kid will need fewer notebooks and use less paper.) 

The Farmhouse magnetic dry-erase board from U Brands is a practical option for your home, featuring a painted steel writing surface that requires minimal ongoing care. It’s very flexible as well—you can hang the board vertically or horizontally, depending on the design of your room. 

10. Dry-Erase Markers

Pair your dry-erase board with a set of colorful, nontoxic dry-erase markers for optimal learning.

Made by: KleenSlate

Price: $12.75 for a 10-pack

Once you've purchased your dry-erase board, you’ll need colorful markers to enhance the board's visuals. Shop at the Sonora-based KleenSlate for a vibrant 10-pack of multi-color dry-erase markers. These markers come with eraser caps and are certified nontoxic and low odor, making them a great addition to the back-to-school shopping items. Your kid will love getting creative and painting on the board during breaks. 

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