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Top Reasons to Move to Sacramento, California

Top Reasons to Move to Sacramento, California

Are you considering moving? Discover the benefits of moving to Sacramento, including outdoor recreation, cultural attractions, and more. Team


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November 23, 2023

Are you considering a move to Sacramento, California? This bustling city, located in the northern part of the state, has a lot to offer. From its rich history to its beautiful neighborhoods, there are plenty of reasons to make Sacramento your new home.

Sacramento has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a quiet suburban area or a more urban feel. Plus, with its relatively small size compared to other California cities, you'll be able to explore all the city offers without feeling overwhelmed.

Another reason to consider moving to Sacramento is its beautiful weather. With an average of 269 sunny days per year, you'll be able to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Plus, the city is located near several rivers and lakes, making it a great destination for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you love to kayak, paddleboard, or simply relax by the water, Sacramento has plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Discover why Sacramento is such a fantastic place to live – a city where vibrant culture and endless sunshine create the perfect blend for your home.

Why Choose Sacramento

If you're considering moving to Sacramento, which is the capital of California, by the way, here are some reasons why you should choose Sacramento as your new home.

Capital of the Golden State

As mentioned previously, Sacramento is California's capital, meaning it has a rich history and culture. The city has many historical sites and museums that you can visit to learn more about the state's history. The California State Capitol Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in politics or history.

However, you might be wondering as to why Sacramento is the capital of the state. After all, it's not the obvious option when you think about California. And you will be right.

Initially, Monterey was the first choice for the capital city. Once California became a US state in 1849 following the Constitutional Convention held in Monterey, the capital was relocated many times: San Jose, Vallejo, and Benicia. In 1854, Sacramento became the state capital, and it remained the capital ever since.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to other major cities in California, Sacramento has a relatively low cost of living. The city's housing market is affordable, and you can find various housing options that fit your budget. Additionally, Sacramento's transportation costs are lower than other major cities in California.

Thriving Job Market

Sacramento has a thriving job market, with a diverse range of industries fueling the city's economy. The city has a strong government sector and a growing technology industry. 

Outdoor Activities

Sacramento is located near many outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and water sports. The city is close to Lake Tahoe, a popular skiing and snowboarding destination. Sacramento is also located near the American River, which is a popular spot for kayaking, rafting, and fishing.

Welcome to your new beginning in Sacramento, where the golden sunsets will make you feel right at home!

Living in Sacramento

Experience of Residents

Sacramento is a city that offers a unique experience to its residents. The city is home to many cultural events, such as the Sacramento Music Festival and the California State Fair. The city also has a thriving food scene, with many restaurants serving delicious cuisine from around the world. Additionally, Sacramento is known for its excellent public transportation system, making it easy to get around the city.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

Sacramento is a city that is blessed with a beautiful natural environment, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers. The city has several parks, rivers, and lakes where you can indulge in various outdoor activities.

Sacramento River

One of the most popular outdoor activities in Sacramento is exploring the Sacramento River. You can rent a kayak or paddleboard and paddle down the river, passing by landmarks like the Tower Bridge and the historic Delta King riverboat. The river is a magnificent waterway that runs through the heart of Sacramento, providing a source of beauty and entertainment for locals and tourists alike.

Get ready to embrace the excitement of kayaking on the Sacramento River, where each paddle stroke brings a new rush of adventure!

American River Parkway

Another great place to visit is the American River Parkway. The parkway is a 30-mile stretch of land that runs along the American River, offering plenty of hiking, biking, and picnicking opportunities. Several swimming holes and beaches along the river make it a great place to cool off during the hot summer months.

William Land Park

If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature, William Land Park is a must-visit. The park has several gardens, a golf course, a zoo, and a lake. You can take a stroll through the gardens, play a round of golf, or simply relax by the lake and enjoy the scenery.

Cosumnes River Preserve

Sacramento also has several nature preserves and wildlife refuges. The Cosumnes River Preserve, for example, is a 50,000-acre preserve with several species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. It's a great place to go birdwatching or take a guided nature walk.

Location and Accessibility

In terms of accessibility, Sacramento is well-connected to other major cities in California. The city is served by Sacramento International Airport, which offers non-stop flights to many destinations across the United States. Additionally, Sacramento is located along several major highways, including Interstate 5 and Interstate 80, making it easy to travel to other parts of California and beyond.

If you prefer to travel by train, Sacramento is also home to an Amtrak station that offers service to destinations throughout California and the United States. The city is also served by several public transportation options, including buses and light rail.

Whether you're looking to explore the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountain range or you're interested in exploring other cities in California, Sacramento's convenient location and transportation options make it easy to get where you need to go.

Move or Not to Move?

Sacramento is a great place to live for many reasons. The city has a thriving economy, affordable housing, and many recreational activities. Its mild climate allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. The city also has a rich history and culture that can be explored.

Sacramento has excellent schools and a low crime rate if you're looking for a place to raise a family. The city also has a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, so you can find a home that fits your lifestyle.

Overall, Sacramento has something for everyone. Whether you're a young professional, a family with children, or a retiree, you'll find plenty to love about this city. So, if you're considering a move, Sacramento is definitely worth checking out.

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