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A Guide to California Art Restoration Services
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A Guide to California Art Restoration Services

Here's where to find quality art restoration services in California so you can extend the life of your artwork collection.


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July 23, 2022

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With hundreds of art museums across California, it is clear that art is an important part of the state’s culture. From The Getty and the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art in the south, to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the de Young Museum in the north, thousands of visitors get inspired by the world’s artistic creations every year at these California staples. With so many pieces of art in the state, it is incredibly important to focus on the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the masterpieces within our borders.

Art restoration, in particular, is an important component of the California art scene. Everywhere you go in the state, you can find institutions specializing in restoring beautiful artworks, using techniques not many know of. If you’re interested in the modern ways of art restoration and care to know where in California to head in order to restore your collection, here’s an easy guide for you.

Passing down old and new techniques helps to preserve the profession of art restoration.

Modern Methods of Art Restoration

In recent years, the Getty Foundation has emphasized the importance of passing down information and preserving the profession of art conservation. A once popular technique of lining a canvas with another blank canvas to stabilize the artwork has led to an interesting conundrum as the lining canvases age: These aging canvases need to be repaired or replaced to avoid damaging the paintings; however, extreme caution must be taken to not apply too much heat or pressure, as that may alter the original painting. To add another layer of complexity to the art restoration profession, modern artists continue to use new techniques and materials that may make it harder to preserve their creations in the long run. Combinations of house paint with sand, oil paints, watercolor, and acrylic paints have unknown implications for the long-term conservation and restoration of artworks.

Whether you have an art collection or one valuable piece of artwork in your home, restoration services can preserve any art investment.

Where to Restore Your Art in California

Luckily, it is easy to find quality art restoration services throughout California to maintain the quality of your artworks — from the Northern California Art Conservators in Sacramento to the Fine Art Conservation Sonoma to the Heritage Art Restoration Studio in San Diego, to Restoration By Heart in Los Angeles. Whether you are the proud owner of an original work of art, are seeking to enter the art restoration world, are interested in becoming an artist, or are hoping to open an art gallery, looking into the process of art restoration and knowing when to take a piece of art to a professional can greatly extend the life of an artwork.

Lost Art Salon

Location: 245 South Van Ness Avenue #303, San Francisco.

Professional art restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area has one address only, and it is Mission District’s well-renowned Lost Art Salon. If you are hoping to enhance your collection, the San Francisco art gallery is the perfect place to start. The gallery specializes in the curation of fine art collections that reflect the major movements and styles of 20th-century modernism. It also showcases the creations of historically significant artists that have been lost throughout the years. Lost Art Salon works directly with the family members and coworkers of the artists in order to retrieve the collections from storage units and attics. Afterward, it begins the process of deep biographical research, conservation, restoration, framing, archiving, and curation — which ultimately allows the artworks to end up in loving homes. Whenever you’re in or around San Francisco, visit the showroom for a quick art fix. If you’re not spending your day in the Mission District, you can still enjoy the gallery’s art — find your next piece of art through the gallery’s online site to support the unknown artists who have helped to shape the future of artistic movements.

Following the modern standards of restoration to a T is what makes an art restoration studio a trustable one.

Anga Fine Art

Location: 16610 Hart Street, Van Nuys, Los Angeles.

Anga Fine Art is a studio for art restoration in Los Angeles, C.A.  The studio provides museum-quality restoration and conservation for valuable art pieces. Paintings, furniture, frames, and Russian icons are all a specialty of the studio’s expert restorer, Hayk Amirkhanyan. The third-generation restorer has over 22 years of experience in the business and handles every project delicately. Whether you need to restore or conserve an oil painting, fix a torn canvas, or add new stretcher bars, Anga Fine Art has you covered. Every material used here is organic, so you can rest assured that your art pieces will be restored in the most traditional way. The Los Angeles art gallery is great news to anyone who values art.

Heritage Art Restoration

Location: 4060 Morena Boulevard, San Diego.

Art collectors in the greater San Diego area can rest assured that their art can’t be threatened by age, thanks to Heritage Art Restoration. As the name suggests, the studio specializes in heritage art restoration in San Diego and beyond. In fact, people from all over the country visit the studio to restore everything from paintings and photographs to murals and antique gilded frames. At this studio for art restoration in San Diego, C.A. you can treat all painting mediums. All fine art periods are treated equally at Heritage Art Restoration as well — Renaissance, Baroque, Romanticism, Impressionism, and Contemporary pieces all get the same amount of care and attention. Restoration projects are all documented with before and after photos, so you can fully understand the special treatment your piece got.

All restoration work should be carried out with the owner’s priorities and budget in mind.

Sarah Murray Paintings Conservation

Location: 1183 Morena Boulevard, San Diego.

If you’re looking for oil painting restoration in San Diego, look no further than Sarah Murray Paintings Conservation. Located in Downtown San Diego, the studio specializes in the restoration and conservation of art of all periods. Art restorations at this San Diego studio follow all the latest standards of practice and can be reversible if ever needed. Whether you’re looking to restore a single painting, or you need work done on an entire collection, Sarah Murray Paintings Conservation is your go-to place. The best part about Sarah Murray is that, if needed, she can work onsite, so that you won’t need to transport your delicate paintings.

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