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9 Fun Things To Do in Woodland

9 Fun Things To Do in Woodland

Surrounded by fields and farms, there are many things to do in Woodland’s vibrant and diverse community.


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June 24, 2022

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California is a state where there’s always something to be discovered around every corner. However, given the sheer size of the state, it often becomes difficult to pinpoint your favorite destinations, let alone discover the more unnoticed ones. Located in Yolo County, the city of Woodland is an amazing place to start, with a rich historic background and a vibrant and warm atmosphere, you will find yourself falling in love with this beautiful city. Here are some of the things to do in Woodland that will become a part of your happiest memories.

1. Velocity Island Park

From wakeboarding to floating obstacle courses, the Velocity Island Park guarantees a day packed full of fun.

Woodland city is considered to be one of the best places to live in the Golden State. A welcoming community, a variety of amenities and activities, along with lower living costs is all that make Woodland, C.A. such a popular neighborhood in Sacramento.

For the adventurous spirits, Velocity Island Park is the ideal place to begin your exploration of what Woodland, California has to offer. It is one of the highest-rated water parks in Northern California, and has everything from floating obstacle courses, to paddle-boarding, wakeboarding, and even beach volleyball. Get ready to spend your day at this exciting park, no matter your age, where the environment is safe and welcoming to anyone willing to partake in the fun.

There is also a private beach available for those who wish to take a moment and relax, taking in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of the waves crashing on the soft sandy shore. With added bonuses of being able to host private events at their venue and lakeside dining, your days will be made at one of the best parks in Woodland, C.A.

2. First Friday Art Walks 

Let inspiration take over you as you make your way through the artistic environment of the First Friday Art Walks.

The Art Walk is one of the most unique events to attend in Woodland, California, giving everyone a taste of history, art, good food, music, and most importantly, a lot of fun. The first Friday of every month is when Downtown Woodland hosts this lively fair called the Art Walk. During this event, artists, shops, and businesses get a chance to show off their work and products. Businesses will stay open for extended hours in order to showcase local artists’ works, while live music can be heard all throughout Downtown, in restaurants, and just about anywhere.

Not only does the Art Walk serve as a great opportunity for businesses and artists to receive exposure and good reception, but it also creates an amazing atmosphere for visitors and participants of the fair alike. The First Friday Walk is one of the free things to do in Woodland, an absolute must for anyone visiting during the first week of the month.

3. Food Truck Mania

Delicious dishes await you at the Food Truck Mania fair, so make sure your tummy’s prepared!

Food Truck Mania is quite similar to the First Friday Walks, as they are both monthly events, only at different times and with different themes. Get your palates ready when the first Sunday of the month rolls around because you’ll be tasting some of the best food to be had in Woodland, California. This event lasts from 4 pm until 8 pm, and you’ll be able to savor a variety of foods from all the Gourmet food trucks found in Downtown Woodland.

The Food Truck Mania event is hosted by the City of Woodland and catering event specialist SactoMoFo, who provide tables and seating for the event if you wish to sit down and eat your food rather than walk. Among the best things to do in Woodland, California, don’t forget to mark your calendars for this mouth-watering event.

4. Annual Honey Festival 

Savor the deliciously sweet honey found at the Annual Honey Festival in Woodland.

The vital existence of bees is always overlooked and unappreciated because we’re often focused on the honey the little creatures produce. It is important to keep in mind that bees play a huge part in the survival of our ecosystems, and that honey is actually more than just a sweet food. The Annual Honey Festival in Woodland is an avid advocate of bees, pollinators, and honey. Its mission is to spread awareness and educate people on the significance of it all, while maintaining the fun and welcoming attitude of Woodland, California.

Get a taste of some of the most delicious honey found in the state, and indulge in the many activities available during this educational and entertaining festival.

5. State Theater and Multiplex Downtown

The State Theater and Multiplex looks like it could be a building from a movie scene, which will put you in the mood for one.

The State Theater is one of the historic buildings found in Woodland. It has been fully restored today, and the Multiplex was a newly added section to the structure, suited to offer some of the best entertainment possible. The State Theater was originally built in 1936 to replace another theater that had been destroyed by a fire. Renovations of the building took place in 2010, and the theater was as good as new in 2017. Catch the hottest movies of the season at the State Theater and Multiplex Downtown, with luxury seating and reclining seats!

6. Woodland Opera House

The Woodland Opera House is where you should visit if you love seeing performing arts and discovering historic parks of the state.

The Woodland Opera House became a State historic park in 1980 to restore the building. It is located in Woodland Downtown and offers five mainstage productions from the months of September through June, along with the Summer Melodrama Program, the Youth Theater camp, and special guests and events. Visit this historic spot for an amazing time in the presence of some of the greatest performances you will witness in Woodland, California.

7. Annual Yolo County Fair

A fun, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere is guaranteed at the Yolo County Fair.

The Yolo County Fair goes way back, the very first one being held in 1893 with a horse racing main theme. The Annual Yolo County Fair is the largest and oldest free entry fair in Sacramento, and this is thanks to the many volunteers from the community, sponsorships, and partnerships. One of the most fun things to do in Woodland is attending this legendary Annual Fair, something you should strongly consider.

Enjoy live entertainment throughout the day, while you partake in the many activities available, such as derby watching, old-fashioned rodeo and so much more! Children will be excited to see the goats, horses, cows, and sheep at the livestock area, as you stroll down the Hall of Flowers exhibits.

8. The Gibson Mansion

The impressive presence of the historic Gibson Mansion will reel you in (MEBraun/Wikimedia Commons).

The Gibson Mansion is more than just a museum, hosting a variety of public events such as weddings and civic events. It also serves as the county for the discovery of history, as well as a home to practices of regional arts and culture. The Gibson Mansion building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and stands as a testament to multiple popular architectural styles of the 19th century. There are multiple exhibitions in the museum including the “Blacksmith Shops & Diary” which feature items from the Yolo County Historical Collection, and the “Barn Gallery” which promotes the expansion of cultural and fine arts programming.

9. Yocha Dehe Golf Course

The pristine green grass of the Yocha Dehe Golf Course will make you want to golf for days on end.

Written in the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation's native language, the name of this Golf Club translates to ‘home by the spring water’. Rated as one of the top golf courses in California, the Yocha Dehe Golf Course with more than 7,300 yards of championship golf available. Take in the gorgeous views of the course, and once you are satisfied with the amazing service of the Golf Course, enjoy your stay at a 4-star luxury hotel right next to it.

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