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Here Are the Top 5 Best Board Game Cafes in California

Here Are the Top 5 Best Board Game Cafes in California

Discover California's top 5 board game cafes for endless fun, friendly competition, and great food. Perfect for gamers of all levels. Team


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November 09, 2023

California is a hotspot for culture, innovation, and entertainment, and board game cafes are a growing trend in this vibrant landscape, offering a perfect blend of social interaction, fun, and food. Here are the top five board game cafes across the Golden State that you should definitely check out.

The Game Parlour - San Francisco

Topping the list is San Francisco’s first board game café, The Game Parlour. Located in the heart of the city, it boasts an expansive collection of board games suitable for every level of enthusiast. You can play on your own with friends or engage in organized board game nights and Dungeons and Dragons games. The café offers a vast array of games but also serves delicious food, all for a gaming fee of just $7 per person. The menu includes an array of sandwiches or snacky sides that are perfect for munching on while playing some games. It’s an ideal place to spend time with friends, challenge each other, and enjoy a playful atmosphere​​​​.

Victory Point Cafe - Berkeley

Victory Point Cafe is a standout board game cafe in the heart of one of the Bay Area's best cities, Berkeley. It's a stone's throw away from UC Berkeley and offers a massive selection of board games available to play. The fee to play is $8.00 and there's a wide variety of beverages from tea to coffee. The food is solid with a selection of sandwiches and pizza. Like other stores, there are also weekly organized events for various games such as Magic: The Gathering or Disney Lorcana.

Geeky Teas & Games - Los Angeles

Another Los Angeles gem, Geeky Teas & Games, is a unique venue that combines a love for tea with the joy of gaming. It offers an impressive selection of tabletop games and event spaces, all within a budget-friendly price range of $5 per person for all day. They hold organized events of games like Pokemon, MTG, and Dungeons and Dragons. Their store is also expansive with a wide selection of board games and TTRPGs. The inviting atmosphere makes it a family-friendly destination, complete with coloring books and games that cater to all ages​​.

Meeples Family - Irvine

Meeples Family in Irvine stands out with stellar reviews for its cute and fun atmosphere. Hidden in the Anaheim Garden Walk mall, this store provides a welcoming environment for families and friends to dive into the world of tabletop games. The store charges $3 per person per hour and is open seven days a week. There's also the great perk of being able to reserve up to three games ahead of your visit. With its friendly staff and wide selection of games, Meeples Family is a local favorite that promises a delightful gaming experience​​.

Gamescape - San Francisco

Back in San Francisco, Gamescape is highly praised for its selection of games that range from simple cards to elaborate board setups. It's not just the games that draw people in; the food is a significant part of the attraction. Gamescape offers an inviting ambiance, complete with outdoor seating, which is perfect for those looking to enjoy the city's pleasant climate while engaging in some friendly competition​​.

Each of these cafes offers a unique gaming experience, complemented by good food and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're a seasoned board game aficionado or just looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, these board game cafes in California are sure to provide entertainment and enjoyment. Remember, while the games are the highlight, these spots also serve as vibrant community hubs where you can meet new people, share laughs, and create memories. So grab a game, order your favorite drink, and let the good times roll!


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