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How to Adjust to Fall Daylight Saving Time in Sunny California

How to Adjust to Fall Daylight Saving Time in Sunny California

Discover tips to smoothly adjust to Fall Daylight Saving Time in sunny California and make the most of every sunlit day. Team


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October 30, 2023

The Golden State is best known for its pristine beaches, Hollywood glitz, and abundant sunshine. However, even in sunny California, residents have to make the biannual clock adjustment due to Daylight Saving Time (DST). As the rest of the nation "falls back" in autumn, so do Californians. And while it might not seem like a drastic change, it can throw off our circadian rhythms and daily routines. Fortunately, there are some strategies to make this transition smoother, even in a state where the sun often forgets to set on time.

Gradually Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

In the week leading up to the time change, try going to bed and waking up 10-15 minutes earlier each day. This gradual shift can make it easier for your body to adjust when the clock moves back an hour. For Californians, who are often treated to extended sunlight hours, this can help sync your internal clock with the new timings.

Maximize Natural Light Exposure

It’s no secret that California is blessed with an abundance of sunlight. To reset your internal clock, make an effort to expose yourself to natural light as soon as you wake up. Whether it's a morning jog on the Santa Monica Pier or sipping coffee on a San Francisco balcony, the morning rays can signal to your body that it's time to start the day. In the evening, as the sun sets earlier, dim your indoor lights to help your body recognize it's nearing bedtime.

Stick to a Routine

Consistency is key. Maintain regular meal times, exercise schedules, and other daily rituals. This not only assists in adjusting your body clock but also ensures that your days remain productive and structured.

Limit Screen Time Before Bed

The blue light emitted by phones, tablets, and computers can interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep regulation. For Californians who might be tempted to stay up watching the latest Hollywood release or catching up on social media, it's crucial to give your eyes a break at least an hour before bedtime.

Embrace the Extra Hour

The silver lining of "falling back" is the gift of an extra hour. Instead of seeing it as a disruption, embrace it. Californians can use this time to enjoy a longer surf session, take a sunrise hike in the Sierras, or simply relax with a book by the pool. It's a reminder that sometimes, slowing down is a blessing.

Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Californians love their craft coffees and teas, but it's essential to monitor your caffeine consumption during this transition. While a morning cup is fine, try to avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening, as it can disrupt sleep patterns and make the adjustment period more challenging.

Consider Light Therapy

If you find it particularly challenging to adjust, consider using a light box in the morning. These are specially designed to mimic outdoor light and can help regulate your body's internal clock. It's an artificial way to bring a little more of California's sunshine into your morning routine.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Ensure your bedroom is conducive to sleep: dark, quiet, and cool. Use blackout curtains if needed, consider white noise machines, and ensure your mattress and pillows are comfortable.

In conclusion, while the concept of Daylight Saving Time may feel a tad outdated, especially in a sunny paradise like California, it's currently a reality we must navigate. By being proactive and intentional about adjusting, Californians can ensure they continue to thrive and make the most of every sun-kissed day the state has to offer.

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