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How to Spend a Day in Downtown Walnut Creek

How to Spend a Day in Downtown Walnut Creek

Check out all the activities and attractions in Downtown Walnut Creek for a perfect day of charming, balanced urban fun.

Nicole Anderson


4 min read

August 10, 2022

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East Bay cities are often filled to the brim with fun and natural beauty, and Walnut Creek is no exception, as it appears on many people’s bucket lists. The city is also conveniently located near other attractive destinations, including Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. There is a multitude of fun things to do around Sacramento. Downtown Walnut Creek is a place that moves to its own beat, it is somewhere you might end up falling in love with. Your days spent in this buzzing city will be ingrained in your memory for a long time to come. Whatever it is you feel like doing, there’s a guarantee that you will find it in Walnut Creek Downtown. So how would you spend a day while you’re here?

Philz Coffee

Taste the delicious coffee at Philz Coffee to get your morning started.

Before starting your adventure around Walnut Creek, make sure you pass by Philz Coffee for a caffeine boost. Based in San Francisco, this coffee shop has opened up in many cities all across the State and vows to give any visitor a unique experience. The reason Philz Coffee is different from your average local coffee shop is that you will find no espressos on the menu here! Combined with the customized blends crafted over the last 25 years by Phil himself, Philz Coffee is no doubt where you should go to jumpstart your day.

The Bay Club

Take some time off and relax by the pool at the Bay Club.

Once you get your much-needed dose of caffeine, why not spend all that pent-up energy at the gym? While there are a lot of outdoor activities to do in Walnut Creek, spending a few hours at the Bay Club is definitely one of the best things to do. This huge complex offers a plethora of amenities to help you get active. While the heat beats down outside, enjoy the coolness of the pool at the Bay Club. Work out, play golf, tennis, pickleball, or even bring the entire family along to indulge in the many family-friendly activities available at this tranquil location.

The Bay Club also provides after-school programs and kids camps, so bring your children along to get active and loosen up!

Lunch Time

Lunch time at Walnut Creek restaurants is never a disappointing experience.

Downtown Walnut Creek restaurants offer a wide range of diverse and fine dining opportunities for anyone looking to satisfy their empty stomachs. Especially after having spent a good portion of your energy at the Bay Club, here are some of the restaurants we think will suit your taste buds.

Main Street Kitchen 

Main Street Kitchen is where you’ll find the freshest ingredients served to you in the form of mouth-watering dishes. Created by Lauren and Arash Ghasemi, this family-owned restaurant strives to show its customers what food prepared with love tastes like. As one of the best restaurants in the Bay Area, they’re always working with sustainable farms and sources to create an environment where people cherish the effort and dedication that goes into making every meal on their menu.


Another Walnut Creek restaurant that will please your rumbling bellies is Lita. The Miami flavors with Caribbean influences will satisfy anyone’s palate. A very modern take on Latin Caribbean cuisine, Lita’s full of signature dishes you can only find at this very restaurant. The interior of the restaurant also has Miami inspirations, with its diverse art scenes and vibrant cultural influences.  Lita is the perfect place for almost any occasion.

Broadway Plaza

Did someone say shopping? Head on over to the Broadway Plaza for some relaxation and fun.

After the delicious meals at the restaurants, checking out the Downtown Walnut Creek stores is easily one of the best things to do here. Voted the best shopping experience in San Francisco’s East Bay, your time spent here will be worth every second. There are more than 200 boutiques and classic retail stores to choose from, each one more intriguing than the next. Wander around the tree-lined walkways of the Plaza and let the stores reel you inside. Here are a few stores that are worth the visit.

Soma Intimates

Soma is a store that cherishes comfort and beauty simultaneously. It is where women will be able to find beautiful articles of clothing without having to sacrifice comfort. The store was built by a design team of women who sought to create something they saw missing from the world of shopping and fashion: comfort. Soma has a wide selection of gorgeous lingerie sets, as beautiful and they are comfortable, along with beauty products and pajamas as soft as a pillow.

As of now, Soma Intimates has over 250 boutiques, with an estimated five million loyal customers. Innovative and creative, this Downtown Walnut Creek store is every woman’s dream. Make sure you consider visiting this incredible boutique to find the perfect fit for you, while at the same time preserving the comfort we all desire.

White House Black Market

White House Black Market is where you will find elevated fashion style and quality. The simple contrast of black and white is the store’s main element, a polished style based on this concept. Their modern collections offer more than just black and white contrasts, however, as they incorporate the trendiest colors, prints, and styles. If you are at an impasse and don’t quite know where to start, the store’s expert stylists will know exactly how to assist you. Visit this stylish boutique to add some class and polish to your wardrobe.

Afternoon Snacks anyone?

Mexican snacks are what you need after a long day of exploration and fun.

El Charro 

All that shopping is sure to get your stomachs growling for some afternoon snacks. Thankfully, Downtown Walnut Creek is the right place to find delicious meals to satisfy your cravings. El Charro is where you need to head for an explosion of Mexican food spices. The new location in Walnut Creek has some new elements while paying respect to the classic El Charro restaurant. Whether it remains the same or changes, the tastiness of the meals will stay the same.


Rooftop is another great option for an afternoon snack. Enjoy the world-class cuisine with a backdrop of the stunning views of Walnut Creek along with the breathtaking Mount Diablo. This outdoor terrace and lounge experience is just what you need to finish up your day spent in Downtown Walnut Creek.

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