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Leo Birthday Gifts: The Best Gifts For Leos

Leo Birthday Gifts: The Best Gifts For Leos

If any of your loved ones are born between July 23 and August 24, then it’s safe to assume you might need to roll out the red carpet.


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August 03, 2021

Wondering what to get your Leo friend, family member, or S.O.? Well, you better start thinking fast because the season is here. If any of your loved ones are born between July 23 and August 24, then it’s safe to assume you might need to roll out the red carpet—these charming and just-a-tad indulgent sweeties are expecting you to go all out.

P.S. In no way does this mean that gifts for Leos have to break the bank. Just remember that these signs value bold statements and basically anything customized; the more special they feel by the gift, the better. And they’re likely to return the favor when it’s your special day of the year—they might even give you an entire experience.

Some people are hard to find gifts for, but the Leo in your life? These lovers of luxury enjoy being the center of attention all year long.

Where to Start with Leo Gift Ideas 

Ruled by the sun—the celestial body that never goes retrograde—Leos are renowned for their stability, loyalty, and consistency. And like a crackling fire, their charisma shines through, warming everyone up in the room (and maybe the room next to your room too). Having better understood the lions in your life, where does this leave you gift-wise? How do you make this one a roaring success? 

Well basically, the main thing you need to keep in mind is exactly how much this sign loves to be pampered; Leos won’t go anywhere unless they’re the ‘mane’ event. So don’t be afraid to be a little (or a lot) extra in your selection—make the lion in your life feel like an A-lister. Need inspo? Look to Leo celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis, Meghan Markle, and Kylie Jenner for further pointers.

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Leo Gifts For Her 

Yellow Sundress 

With the sun as their trusty guide, Leos choose their color palette in accordance with all the shades you’ll see in a sunrise. This is where you can be of help, gifting your favorite lion an item to add to their dazzling wardrobe collection. Go with a yellow, slim-fitting Lillet dress from Reformation and ensure them dramatic entry to any party.

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Discover the best of California. Our recommended businesses are top-quality and are committed to their communities.

Colorful Clutch

Maybe she’s born with it. You can chalk it up to their royal DNA, but Leo’s are naturally drawn to beautiful things; the louder, the more vibrant, the better. Get your always-party-ready Leo friend a statement clutch from Nordstrom and turn the volume up on any outfit. Our recommendation? The Woven Minaudière clutch.

Whether they're decked out in daisies, adorned with pearls, or chic and simple, you can't go wrong with headbands.

Bright Headband 

Leos are sort of infamous for their big manes of hair, which is why a bright, flashy headband would be an ideal gift for a Leo woman. Plus, they’re a really hot trend nowadays; a perfect addition to what these with-it star signs enjoy getting on their birthdays. Get the brightest, boldest color from one of J.Crew’s California branches, like the new Twist headband in printed cotton-silk and see their reaction— spoiler alert; they’ll love it.

Selfie Light 

If there’s anything Leos are accused of, it’s taking too many selfies—not like we’re complaining. But luckily for you, selfies are the biggest clue in your quest to finding the perfect Leo zodiac gifts. Grab the Glow on the Go selfie light from e.l.f cosmetics and make your lion friends look even better.

A towel warmer is the gift that's missing from your favorite Leo's life. Every day is a spa day with Zadro's oversized bucket-style towel warmer.

Towel Warmer 

Leos are no stranger to luxurious items—this can make them hard to shop for. But among all the items you’re cruising right now, we’re willing to bet that you haven’t considered getting a towel warmer yet. Make sure your royal friend never suffers even a split of a second of a chill while getting out of the shower or bath again with Zadro's Ultra-Large Luxury Towel Warmer.

Leo Gifts for Him 

Foot Bath

A perfect Leo birthday gift is always tied to a sort of comfort. And nothing screams "ultimate comfort" like a foot massager. This gift from CellSpa will make them feel like they are regal, which you know fire signs always appreciate. It has a three-in-one function including massage rollers and the ability to do a pedicure—your Leo will relax right into their beauty sleep.

Mud masks are known for their antibacterial and exfoliating benefits. They remove impurities from the skin, unclog pores, and absorb excess oil.

Mud Mask

Not only do Leos feel like the rulers of the zodiac world, but they also want to appear so as well; a dead sea mask is an ideal present for them. It bids oils and dirt from pores a big farewell and makes their skin glow—in line with what Leos do anyway. Purchase a dead sea mask from Majestic Pure and make them happy.

Bath Robe 

There’s a popular belief which states that Leos put the “animal” in “party animal”. This sign is believed to enjoy spending most of their nights out partying and feels restless when they stay at home. But if you ever talk to an actual Leo, they’ll tell you that while parties are fun, nothing in the world beats that sweet stay-at-home self-pampering. That’s why a robe from Nordstrom is the ideal way to ensure your favorite Leo enjoys their night in all curled up. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your metaphysically leaning friend, look no further than tarot card decks.

Tarot Deck

Somewhat notorious for their obsession with astrology, Leos love learning more about themselves and the world surrounding them. You can actually help in this department and get them a tarot deck before they plan their zodiac-inspired holiday. A refined tarot deck from California Tarot will be the perfect gift for a Leo man.

Coffee Mug 

While we all know that lions are a bundle of energy, everyone needs a cup of joe every once in a while. By getting them a mug that’s as classy and sleek as they are, you’ll play a small but titular part in their daily caffeine ritual—they’ll perfect their new homemade recipe with the gift. Skim through Zazzle’s mug catalog and choose an existing design or order a personalized one to make the gift extra special.

Even your simplest clothes will look different when you wear sunglasses. Make your eyewear your fashion statement.


If there’s one thing Leos do like no one else in the animal kingdom, it’s wearing drama. The royals that they are, these zodiac signs naturally gravitate towards the best of the best—you’ll never go wrong with getting them something high quality and designer. Check out these Gucci sunglasses from Nordstrom or browse their online catalog for other options. 

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