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Where to Go On a Vacation Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Where to Go On a Vacation Based On Your Zodiac Sign

With astrology as our guide, we’ve mapped out a list to help you figure out where to go on a vacation just like the stars want you to do.


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July 23, 2021

Having trouble prioritizing spots for your next PTO-worthy vacation? Take a cue from the stars. Turns out that astrology and travel have more in common than meets the eye—your zodiac sign can help determine if you need a trendy fitness vacation, escape into the heart of a desert, find solace in a spiritual retreat, or make new friends at a party on the beach. With astrology as our guide, we’ve mapped out a list to help you figure out where to go on a vacation and check off that summertime bucket list just like the stars want you to do.

In the 1920s, the Hollywood Sign was lit by thousands of light bulbs, and the guy who changed the burnt ones lived in a little cabin near the sign.

Aries: Hollywood 

Dates: March 21–April 19 

If you’re a fast and curious Aries, choosing where to vacation can be a tricky business. For one, you’re a fan of all things dynamic and will stop at nothing to get what you want—basically, count on your drive to take you places. And what better place to take advantage of this ability to move swiftly than Tinseltown? You’ll be able to cover a lot of ground in little time, hike the Hollywood Sign, marvel at the sights; all without being bothered by the congestion. 

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Taurus: Laguna Beach 

Dates: April 20–May 21 

Hooked on a life of luxury? Spoken like a true fancy Taurus. This sign is no stranger to a little self-indulgence and pampering—spa resorts, fancy restaurants, and only the best of the best when it comes to the great outdoors. Speaking of, Laguna Beach has plenty of sandy stretches for you to relax, unwind, and further pamper yourself. Treasure Island Beach is a precious gem not only due to its name, but also because of glittering ocean views, secret coves, and idyllic scenery. Victoria Beach, on the other hand, boasts a 1920s tower that you just have to see. Forget about a Route 66 vacation, planning a road trip here will definitely be on par with your deluxe expectations.2

Not only is Oakland one of the most diverse cities in the United States, but it's apparently the birthplace of "hella" as well.

Gemini: Oakland 

Dates: May 21–June 20 

Representing two personalities, a Gemini’s idea of a fun vacation spot is one that offers a lot of variety. East Bay’s metropolis can help in this department. From the fancy Diamond and Upper Diamond neighborhoods filled with boutiques and restaurants to mellower, historic streets, Oakland is an adventure waiting to be had. Whatever mood you’re feeling at the moment, this NorCal stunner has something to match.

Cancer: Ojai

Dates: June 21–July 22 

When it comes to Cancers, sensitivity is truly a strength. Imaginative, sympathetic, and emotional, these zodiac signs are drawn to nature like magnets. This is why Ojai should be a go-to—it’s basically a wellness retreat concealed as a city. An epicenter for nature hikes and spirituality, this calm little area is where Cancers go to decompress, recharge their energy stones, and retreat from the chaos.

What’s not to love about Beverly Hills? This home to the rich and famous is among the most glamorous and famous cities in the world.

Leo: Beverly Hills 

Dates: July 23–August 22 

Leos are in a constant “flaunt it” state of mind. So what better place to strut your stuff than in the most vibrant part of the Golden State? Whether you want to shop your heart out or stroll down the mean streets of Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills is where you’re sure to turn most heads. This is also the place to unleash your inner fashionista—wear your boldest lip shade and brightest outfit, you’ll blend right in.

Virgo: San Jose 

Dates: August 23–September 22 

San Jose has plenty to check off an itinerary for Virgos, who are notorious for being master planners. With over 200 parks, the cultural and financial center of Silicon Valley offers ample opportunity to bask in nature’s splendor, especially when you’re looking for fun places to go on vacation. Fun things to do here include hiking the Los Gatos Creek Trail, visiting the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, and meandering through the downtown area for all things culture and entertainment.

Over 1,200 species of plants make up dozens of plant communities here. Every major plant community from foothills to alpine tundra is represented.

Libra: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks 

Dates: September 23–October 22 

Being an air sign, Libras are usually ruled by the mind—balance, harmony, and well-being above all. However, much like other Venus-ruled signs, Libras are also known to adore the finer things in life. In line with this delicate balance, California’s Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks offer two unique experiences: giant sequoias and a colorful granite landscape. There’s so much beauty to experience here that the indecisiveness commonly associated with this zodiac sign will cease to matter; you’ll be happy wherever you end up.

Scorpio: Mill Valley

Dates: October 23–November 22 

Ah, Scorpios—friendship-oriented but also somehow mysterious and closed-off. If you’re a Scorpio wondering where to go this weekend, might we suggest the beautiful Mill Valley? Located in scenic Marin County, this quaint and intimate town will keep you far removed from the city bustle; that is if you fancy alone time. If not, the city’s a mere 14 miles away from San Francisco to appease your sudden burst in socializing and exploration.

Glass Beach is named from a time when it was abundant with sea glass created from years of dumping garbage into an area of coastline.

Sagittarius: Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

Dates: November 22–December 21 

World travelers and incessant dreamers; Sagittarians are free spirit personified. They feel most like themselves in wide-open spaces where there’s adventure and exploration galore. If you’re a Sagittarius, then you know that the thrill of discovering something new—preferably off-the-beaten-track—beats ordinary white-sand beaches any given day. So, travel to the edge of Fort Bragg and inside MacKerricher State Park to find a unique beach flooding with layers of rounded sea glass. Don’t say we didn’t warn you if this ends up being your best summer road trip yet. 

More than one-third of the entire City of Irvine is permanently preserved as parks, natural open space, and trails.

Capricorn: Irvine 

Dates: December 22–January 19 

Let’s face it—if you’re a Capricorn, you’re the parent of the group. Not that there’s anything wrong with your ability to always be responsible (we commend it), but it just means that the location you choose for your vacay should probably follow suit. Orange County’s Irvine is perfect because it’s scenic, family-oriented, and quiet enough to provide you with the laid-back relaxation you so crave. Plus, vacationing at Irvine means you’re a stone’s throw away from the City of Angels, Newport Beach, and San Diego; just sans the occasional chaos.

Aquarius: Channel Islands National Park

Dates: January 20–February 18 

The Aquarius tends to represent deep thinkers with their own, unique way of doing things. This air element is a blend of cerebral stimulation and child-like wonder of splashing around and having fun. There’s no better place to indulge in both than Channel Islands National Park. Kayak, hike the trails, and dabble in a little bit of remote camping. Invite a few friends along and schedule a cleanup to satisfy that Aquarius-like desire to help others.

Stretching for more than 30 miles along the Pacific and Highway 1, Malibu has achieved almost mythological status among Californian beach towns.

Pisces: Malibu

Dates: February 19–March 20

No matter where they travel, Pisces always end up somewhere near the water—their symbol is a fish after all. Make the best of your summer road trip and head to Malibu, a swoon-worthy beach town with no shortage of oceanfront stunners. Between El Matador State Beach, Malibu Lagoon State Beach, and Westward Beach, you can easily let off some steam surfing, swimming, kayaking, and sunbathing.

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