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Living the Dream in Lakeland Village, California

Living the Dream in Lakeland Village, California

Explore the best of Lakeland Village, California! From scenic parks to delightful eateries, local culture, and family activities. Team


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July 13, 2023

Lakeland Village, California, is a serene community nestled in Riverside County. A small town with big perks, its unique mix of local attractions, eateries, outdoor activities, and a family-friendly environment make it a fantastic place to call home. Get ready to explore the vibrant lifestyle and unending allure that Lakeland Village offers!

The Allure of Natural Beauty: Parks and Recreation

One of the prime attractions of Lakeland Village is its proximity to nature. Visit La Laguna Resort and Boat Launch for a fun-filled day of fishing, boating, or simply enjoying the serene views of Lake Elsinore. For hiking enthusiasts, the nearby Ortega Mountains beckon, offering unparalleled scenic trails. Families will love Serenity Park, an ideal spot for picnics, nature walks, and sports activities.

Culinary Delights: A Foodie’s Haven

Who knew such a small town could pack so many culinary delights? Bask in the ambiance at Annie’s Café in Lake Elsinore, a favorite local breakfast and lunch spot known for its delicious home-style cooking. For a unique dessert experience, head to La Michoacana Ice Cream Parlor for its irresistible array of Mexican-inspired ice creams and sweet treats. And don’t miss out on Guadalajara Mexican Grill, a place where authentic Mexican flavors meet a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

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Immerse in Local Culture: Shops, Arts, and Entertainment

Take a leisurely stroll through Downtown Lakeland Village and discover an array of charming local businesses. From unique boutiques like the Village Gift Shop, offering a range of handcrafted gifts and home décor, to the cultural hub of the Lakeland Village Community Center, the local vibe is alive and thriving. You can also explore the local arts scene at Studio395 in Lake Elsinore, a collective that promotes community art and hosts various events and workshops throughout the year.

Activities for the Family: Fun for All Ages

Lakeland Village doesn't skimp on family-friendly activities. The KidsZone Indoor Playground in nearby Lake Forest is a paradise for children, offering safe, fun indoor play structures. For a day of learning and discovery, visit the Western Riverside County Multispecies Reserve. Their educational programs and guided tours offer a fascinating look into California's diverse ecosystems and wildlife.

Whether you're attracted by the allure of nature, captivated by the gastronomic offerings, engaged in the vibrant local culture, or seeking a haven for family-oriented activities, Lakeland Village, California has something for everyone. Living here is more than just a residence, it's a lifestyle that invites you to slow down, enjoy life, and discover something new every day. Now, isn’t that the dream?

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