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7 Locations Where La La Land Was Filmed

7 Locations Where La La Land Was Filmed

Feel the magic of the Golden State in these 7 locations where La La Land was filmed.

Natasha Kouyoumjian


4 min read

July 24, 2022

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If there’s a movie that lived up to the full potential of its name, it’s La La Land! The wondrous movie tripped us into bewilderment; not always can a movie unveil two complete endings and heart-wrenching endings. Unprecedented settings, colorful costumes, ingenious choreography, and the melancholic plot turned this musical into a Hollywood megahit. Of course, we have to hand it to the heart-throbbing co-stars who left us rushing over jazz bars looking for je ne sais quoi.

If you’re a fan of the movie and want to revisit the exciting locations of the movie, we’re here to tell you that you literally can! There are many ways to do the tours, but to dazzle your partner with a romantic tour of the movie locations, follow our guide to the 7 La La Land filming locations.

The summertime vibes of La La Land left us itching to get up and dance.

1. The Traffic Jam

Location: Century Freeway
Wondering how to go about your tour? From the very beginning, perhaps? The heat in the massive traffic jam filmed on the Century Freeway lit up La La Land with the best summertime movie vibes. No one forgets the opening sequence when the crazy “improvised” dances suddenly fill up the screen. If you want to know where it all happened, drive to the massive interchange connecting Century Freeway 105 to the 110. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, you’ll know what to do! Though you can visit this part at any time, we advise starting your day early for a fun and relaxed experience. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, you’ll know what to do! Though you can visit this route at any time, we advise starting your day early for a fun and relaxed experience.

Tap your toes and reenact the iconic scene on Hermosa Beach Pier.

2. What Beach Was La La Land Filmed At?

Location: 30 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach.
After your drive down the Century highway, it's time to head to Hermosa Beach. Jazz music awaits in this lovely La La Land lighthouse cafe. Full of culture buzzing music, this bar dates back as far as the 50s. For the lucky ones, they’ll be serving brunch with a one-man show happening when you arrive. You’ll find this cafe on 30 Pier Avenue, not far from the place where we fell head over heels for Ryan Gosling.

3. Walking Home From the Pool Party

Location: South of Hollywood Blvd.
Fan of graffiti? You’re not alone. That mural wall sparked the interest of many La La Land fans. For the uninitiated, let’s roll back to the scene where Mia is walking back home from the pool party. She realizes her car has been towed and has to walk home. The camera pans, and the mise en scene takes over the blue dress silhouette.

Don’t spend time wondering how to make the most of your time in LA; this set tops the list of the La La Land locations, featuring portraits of silent movies and theatrical implications. Throw on your blue dress and high heels and head down Hollywood Boulevard. Walking down Argyle Avenue under the Hollywood freeway, you’ll find the same audience leering at you. Have your night cam ready and enact your fantasy of that escapade scene.

4. Mia’s House

Location: 1728 East 3rd Street #2, Long Beach.
If you're fascinated by Hollywood-inspired movies, then join the club. From the filming of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” to the simplicity of “American Beauty,” we’re all about pretty places, and La La Land is full of sets to satisfy your thirst. If you recall reaching for the basement closet to grab that old barbie house after seeing the movie, we can show you the real thing. Drive to Mia’s pink house, and twist the side of your dress while posing for the most Instagrammable photo of the year!

The coffee shop serves the Hollywood pastel aesthetics we all know and love.

5. Mia’s Studio Coffee Shop

Location: 3400 W. Riverside Drive, Warner Bros Studios, Burbank.

Otherwise known as the Warner Bros Cafe, this coffee shop is just where our star’s dream started. While the set is built in a studio unlike the rest on this list, it's still available for visits! This famous La La Land coffee shop studio is available for a visiting tour, and it’s completely worth it. Make sure to get your tickets earlier on, to secure a safe passing.

The Smoke House can give you a cozy feel while you dine in the atmosphere of Sebastian’s jazz-filled vibes.

6. Seb's Christmas Scene

Location: Smoke House - 4420 Lakeside Drive, Burbank.

Coming back from Warner Bros studios cafe, it's time for a nice dinner. No place better than this famous Smoke House where Seb had his Christmas performance. Being one of the scenes on the screen you can experience, this Smoke House is constantly busy. If you want to go, make sure you reserve beforehand or that the restaurant is not closed for filming.

Griffith Observatory Park is a magnificent spot; from stargazing to romantic walks, it’s packed with endless fun.

7. Lovely Night Scene

Location 1: Cathy’s Corner, Griffith Park + 2800 E. Observatory Road, L.A.

If you’re wondering how this movie made you keel over and land on a love cloud, it was probably due to this scene. Cathy’s Corner is where we got our hearts swooned on that starry night. This simple location in Griffith Park is probably one of the best filming locations in California.

Don't waste a lovely night, puns intended. Visit the observatory first to catch a good show in the comfy seats of this unique theater. Get a good glimpse of the hypnotizing Foucault pendulum gracefully swinging left and right, and feel the magic of the casting lights on your way out.

Emma Stone in the yellow dress, tap dancing shoes, twirling into the sunset? While your evening comes to an end, take your partner’s hand inviting them to have your own La La Land moment with a dance into the night.

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