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Our Favorite Californian Photographers on Instagram

Our Favorite Californian Photographers on Instagram

Whatever it is, it’s on the 'gram! And it just so happens that our favorite Californian photographers are also on Instagram.


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March 09, 2022

Instagram is more than just a creative vortex sucking all your productivity with its addictive stream of memes and selfies—it’s also a platform where incredible talent share their creativity with the world. In fact, for some photographers in California and around the world, Instagram doubles as an online portfolio. This is your sign to fill your feed with fewer memes and more original imagery; you’re only a follow away from accessing some of the best California photography.

Photographers in California you Should Follow on Instagram

Thanks to the talented California photographers, people all around the world get to enjoy the Golden State in all its glory.

1. Sinziana Velicescu | @casualtimetravel

Sinziana Velicescu has a way of capturing everyday topography that feels almost surreal. Exploring human intervention with nature in landscapes that have undergone social or environmental change, this Los Angeles-based photographer develops an elegant and humorous narrative. Follow @casualtimetravel on Instagram for cool architecture, blue skies, and more California photography capturing moments frozen in time.

2. Dino Kužnik | @dinokuznik

Originally hailing from Slovenia, Dino Kužnik uses photography as a medium to immortalize aesthetically unique scenes in California, New York, and beyond. @dinokuznik’s unique emphasis on color and composition are what set him apart as one of the best photographers on Instagram; a scroll down his profile feels like a fun summer road trip in California.

3. Cameron McCool | @cameronmccool

You’d think having the word “cool” in your last name would immediately destine you to live a life of uncoolness, but Cameron manages to prove otherwise. Follow @cameronmccool to see cool campaigns and shoots and get an occasional behind-the-scenes glimpse into the daily lives of some of your favorite celebs. No other photographer for Instagram does it like Cameron McCool.

With awesome landscapes and breathtaking nature, being a photographer in California is a dream job.

4. George Byrne | @george_byrne

George Byrne’s Instagram feed is pastel perfect. The Los Angeles-based photographer creates large-scale photos that depict architectural surfaces and landscapes in his adoptive city with the clean and vivid clarity of modernist paintings. Byrne’s work encapsulates the spirit of L.A.’s unique and diverse cityscape and delivers a dreamscape-y feel to your IG feed. Follow @george_byrne to see more of his California photography.

5. Adrian Nieto | @adriannieto__ 

Adrian Nieto is the go-to cinematographer and photographer in California of many artists and bands like Brockhampton, Wallows, and Clairo. Following @adriennieto__ gives you access to the sort of photos you actually want to see of your favorite artists, but don’t often get to. 

6. Jonpaul Douglass | @jonpauldouglass

Jonpaul Douglass is a well-established photographer and director in Los Angeles, with a distinctly sunny and colorful IG feed. Having worked with some of the world’s biggest brands such as Samsung, Apple, Google, and Facebook, this famous photographer on Instagram (@jonpauldouglass) offers a lot to see and get inspired by.

Capturing the sunny Golden State is a chance not many get to have. So if you do, make sure do give your feed the California coastal vibes it deserves.

7. Marcus Anthony | @momentswithmarcusss

You don’t need to drive for hours to see the best views in California, @momentswithmarcusss brings them right to your feed. Lakes, beaches, forests, mountains, and the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets have been touched by Marcus Anthony’s lens. Give this photographer in California a follow and you’ll go on a mini virtual adventure every day.

8. Brandon Dela Cruz | @keonephotos

Are you a sucker for pretty SoCal sunsets? You’ll feel right at home on Brandon Dela Cruz’s Instagram. As a SoCal native, Cruz grew up being surrounded by the nature, architecture, and people he photographs today—find him on Instagram @keonephotos. If you find yourself being able to get enough of his California photography, you can purchase his prints and add a bit more color to your walls.

9. Shant Atarian | @shantatarian

Shant Atarian has been living in the Golden State for less than a decade, but he captures the essence of the state like he’s known it all his life. Besides beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and shots of locals going about their daily lives, Atarian also shoots weddings and other special events. Have a milestone coming up yourself? Take a peek at his IG feed @shantatarian and you might come across exactly the kind of California photography you were looking for.

Thanks to the California-based photographers we love, we get to see the Golden State in all its glory every single day.

10. Isaac Macieira-K | @isaacmacieira

Isaac Macieira is a fifth-generation San Franciscan, whose favorite subject to photograph is the Golden State itself. And boy does he know the state’s best angles! Follow him @isaacmacieira to see sunsets, cityscapes, and the best of everything California has come to be known for. With a growing portfolio of breathtaking pictures, Macieira is well on his way to becoming one of the best photographers on Instagram capturing California.

11. Zoë Ghertner | @zoeghertner

A clean, naturalistic style of photography and strong portrayal of women—Zoë Ghertner stands out as one of the most unique photographers on Instagram to follow. Ghertner’s distinctive style and voice have led her to shoot editorials with grand publications like i-D, The Gentlewoman, and American Vogue, as well as work with illustrious clients like Celine, Proenza Schouler, and Gucci. To feel the serene calmness of this California photographer’s works, all you need to do is follow her @zoeghertner.

12. Daria Kobayashi Ritch | @dritch

Malibu-native Daria Kobayashi Ritch has uncanny talent and charm, the combination of which has landed her gigs for the biggest publications and brands. While her portfolio extends far beyond her Instagram, following her @dritch gives you a thorough rundown of her style and aesthetic. Spend a minute or two scrolling and you’ll definitely come across a few familiar faces. There’s a reason why she’s one of the most famous photographers on Instagram among the cool kids in town.

Day or night, the Golden State provides a thousand photo ops to those with a camera at hand.

13. Mike Kepka | @kepka

Emmy Award-winning photographer Mike Kepka has quite the captivating Instagram account to follow. With more than 20 years of photojournalism experience under his belt, @kepka’s posts are not only photographs but entire stories captured in a still. At his video company, Kepka House, he leads a team of creatives comprising videographers, producers, and animators in documentary-style storytelling—check his work out. 

14. David Ingraham | @dayzdandconfuzd

An article listing the best photographers on Instagram wouldn’t be complete without an iPhone photographer making the list. David Ingraham@dayzdandconfuzd on Instagram—is actually a musician by profession. But, the captivating moments he captures on his phone in his free time are no less impressive. His mostly black-and-white Instagram feed is a journey in and of itself; follow to not miss a beat of his super unique California photography.

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