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The Cutest Cat Cafes in California

The Cutest Cat Cafes in California

Looking to spend a cozy afternoon around lovable and cuddly cats? Then check out the top cat cafes in California. Team


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December 05, 2023

California harbors a delightful secret for cat lovers: a variety of charming cat cafes. These cozy spots offer a purr-fect (sorry, we had to) blend of coffee and cuddles, providing an oasis for both feline aficionados and those seeking a unique café experience. In this article, we explore some of the cutest cat cafes in California, detailing their distinctive features, the experiences they offer, and how they contribute to the local community.

1. CatCafe Lounge, Los Angeles

CatCafe Lounge is both a cat cafe and a way to find cats loving homes. This non-profit café is dedicated to socializing cats for adoption, creating a win-win situation for both patrons and felines. The spacious, airy environment, comfortable seating and calming ambiance encourage visitors to relax and interact with the free-roaming cats. Each cat has a unique story, and the café's mission is to find them a forever home. The café serves a variety of drinks and snacks, with every purchase contributing to the welfare of the cats. There's also a membership you can buy for $60, $125, or $200 with built-in visits and significant discounts on drinks and merchandise.

Cat cafes are a wonderful place to relax and find a beautiful cat to potentially adopt.

2. KitTea Cat Café, San Francisco

Located in the heart of San Francisco, KitTea Cat Café is a haven for cat lovers. This café stands out for its serene atmosphere, where visitors can enjoy a cup of tea surrounded by friendly felines. The décor is whimsical, with cat-themed art adorning the walls. KitTea partners with local shelters to house cats in need, focusing on giving older and special-needs cats a comfortable space. For the past few years, KitTea has moved away from offering a full cafe experience, but you can still enjoy a variety of delicious canned drinks along with your cat visit.

3. Catmosphere Laguna, Laguna Beach

Catmosphere Laguna, situated in the picturesque town of Laguna Beach, was featured by the Travel Channel as one of the top cat cafes around. It offers a unique coastal cat café experience. Catmosphere is more focused on adoption and finding cats homes. What makes Catmosphere Laguna special is its focus on creating a community around cat lovers. There's ways to foster cats and plenty of monetary support and volunteer opportunities. 

What's better than a furry cat and foamy latte? Nothing.

4. Meow Parlour, San Diego

San Diego's Meow Parlour is a delightful mix of modern café culture and cat therapy. The café's modern décor, with its sleek lines and comfortable seating, invites San Diego visitors to unwind in the company of its resident cats. Meow Parlour has a strong focus on the health and well-being of its cats, ensuring they have ample space and enrichment. The café serves artisan coffee and pastries, and visitors can book sessions to spend time with the cats or engage in Yoga With Cats, making it a popular spot for both relaxation and socialization.

5. The Dancing Cat, San Jose

The Dancing Cat, located in San Jose, is known for its artistic flair and community focus. This cat lounge is a friendly environment that focuses on adoption. The space is intimate and inviting, encouraging visitors to relax and engage with the cats. You can bring in outside food and drinks. You can feed the cats with on-site provided treats. The Dancing Cat is dedicated to finding homes for adult cats and often hosts adoption events and workshops about cat care.

California's cat cafes offer more than just a place to sip coffee; they provide a sanctuary for cats and a unique experience for visitors. Each café has its own personality and mission, but they all share a commitment to animal welfare and community engagement. Whether you're looking to adopt a furry friend, enjoy a peaceful break, or simply experience the joy of being surrounded by cats, these cat cafes are must-visit destinations in California.

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