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The Ideal Plants To Grow in Fall
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The Ideal Plants To Grow in Fall

Looking to expand your garden? From asters to California poppies, we have it all. Read on to discover the ideal plants to grow in fall.


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September 03, 2021

After a hot California summer, autumn’s cooler breezes are happily welcomed by both gardeners and their garden herbs alike. In fact, many flowers and edible plants don’t really start to shine until the fall temperatures arrive with their sunny days and cooler nights. Put on your gardening gloves, break out your tools, brush up on your gardening tips, and start prepping your soil; once you figure out the best plants to grow in fall, your garden will look and smell better than ever.

Fall Plants To Grow Now

If you’re gardening in autumn to welcome the changing weather with pretty blooms and florescence, these are the plants to grow in fall.

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Asters are classic fall garden plants. These gorgeous perennials come in a variety of pretty shades, ranging from light pinks to rich purples, and make great back of the border plants. Plant asters any time in the fall, ideally about six to eight weeks before the ground starts to freeze, and they’ll provide reliable color again next year.

Aren't these berries just beautiful? Of course they are, and that's why they've coined the name beautyberries. Enjoy!


Beautyberries are shrubs, and as their name suggests, they’re absolutely beautiful fall plants to grow. Blooming in bright purples and gorgeous whites, these jewel-like berries are great additions to your fall garden. The fall foliage of beautyberries comes in attractive yellow and chartreuse colors, and the berries last several weeks after the leaves drop.

Autumn Crocus

Autumn crocus are charming perennials which are perfect for impatient gardeners; they bloom just a few weeks after they’ve been planted! Just note that when regarding this low-maintenance plant, make sure that you’re getting the type that specifically says it's a fall bloomer. A spring blooming variety also exists.

Shasta Cascade lovers, you're just going to fall head over heels for these stunning Shasta daisies!

Shasta Daisies

Do you want butterflies in your garden? Plant pretty Shasta daisies. These gorgeous fall garden plants with white petals and bright yellow centers brighten gardens from mid summer to late fall, and return year after year. Just make sure to plant them no later than five to six weeks before the ground freezes in your area.

Pansies and Violas

Colorful pansies and violas don’t mind the cold weather at all. These sweet-faced annuals will last most of the winter, especially in warmer climates like that of California. Plant them any time throughout the fall to add color to your garden. Pansies and violas are also perfect fall plants for pots; bring them inside so you’ll have blooms in your room even when the weather is a tad too chilly outside.

Ah, these annual plants are just oh so sweet. Plant sweet alyssums this fall for the ultimate garden.

Sweet Alyssums

Few annual plants can match the resilience of the sweet alyssum. This plant to grow in fall has naturalized in the U.S. and thrives in a wide range of regions. Named for the delicious honey-sweet fragrance, these flowering plants will self-sow and provide you with year after year of bright colors that range from whites and light pinks to different shades of purples.

California Poppies

California poppies would make a strikingly beautiful addition to any fall garden. Ideally planted in fall and lasting all the way through late winter or early spring, these pretty flowers are durable, drought-resistant, and self-seeding. All you have to do is plant them and provide them with basic necessities, and these fall garden plants will practically take care of themselves. 

Is there a fall garden plant more bold than a marigold? We think not, so why not plant this gorgeous plant in your garden?


Marigolds are as sturdy as fall garden plants come, and they add a wealth of golden, copper, and brass hues to your pretty garden. Practically thriving on neglect, marigolds are awesome plants to grow in fall because they’ll last until a hard freeze; they’re super popular for a reason!

Fall Vegetables to Plant and Harvest in Spring

If you want to have a garden that’s ready to be harvested in spring and summer, these are the vegetables to plant in September and beyond!

Garlic, garlic, garlic. Ah, is there life without garlic? We think not, so growing garlic in your garden is an absolute must.


Plant garlic in your fall vegetable garden during mid to late fall, and you’ll harvest them early to mid-summer. You can plant both hard neck and soft neck garlic types during fall, and you’ll have enough of this edible plant to last you for months. Use them to make delicious fall soup recipes perhaps? 

Swiss Chard

Leafy greens in general are great vegetables to plant in October. But, colorful Swiss chards aren’t only delicious, but also pretty with their bright stems and pretty leaves which double as an ornamental plant. Hint: if you want a fall harvest, plan them by mid-summer at the latest.

Radish, ah, radish. Is there anything more delicious than radish in your salad?


Looking for fall vegetables to plant that you can also eat in fall? Plant radishes. One of the easiest, fastest fall plants to grow, radishes that are planted during early autumn are very likely to give you a fall harvest; Some types are even ready to be eaten in as little as 21 days.


Kale is another one of the leafy veggies that prefer a cooler climate. Plant these fall vegetable seeds mid to late summer, and you’ll have a harvest ready for fall. Some types of kale, like the red Russian kale, will also overwinter in cold climates and grow again in spring for an early harvest—you’ll have fresh, organic kale all year long!

When planting your garden, don't forget to include perennial herbs like blossoming rosemary for the ultimate garden feel.

Perennial Herbs 

Examples of perennial herbs to plant in autumn include horseradish, lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, sage, oregano, thyme, mint, and chives. Plant them in either pots or planting beds, and they’ll come back year after year and green up your fall vegetable garden. In milder climates, like a large part of California, you’ll be able to harvest these herbs for most of the winter time as well.

Onions and Shallots

Onions and shallots have long growing seasons, and while you won’t be eating them until next summer, the time to plant them is now. Fall planting of onions and shallots allows enough time for the roots to get established before the soil freezes. After that, these fall vegetables basically take care of themselves until it’s time for harvest.

Enjoy your nutrients straight from your garden. Broad beans are an absolute must when it comes to growing fall plants.

Broad Beans

Broad beans may not be on the top of your grocery list, but they are delicious, rich in nutrients, and make for beautiful garden plants. The key thing to mind with this plant to grow in fall is actually choosing the right variety, as some broad beans are better planted during spring. The aquadulce claudia type of broad beans is one of the best, and can be sown as late as November.

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