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Why California Homeowners Prefer Andersen Windows
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Why California Homeowners Prefer Andersen Windows

Stylish, reliable, and energy-efficient - here is why California homeowners prefer Andersen Windows.

Dikran Seferian


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May 20, 2022

One name that often gets a mention or two when talking about windows is Andersen — and it comes as no surprise. Andersen Windows and Doors earned its reputation through the unwavering quality of products that it has provided over several decades. Based in Bayport, Minnesota, the company has a presence all over the country and abroad.

Among the states that have their fair share of Andersen branches, showrooms, subsidiaries, and local dealers is California — much to the delight of many homeowners in the state. Getting to know this company and what it has to offer might explain all the hype that is surrounding it. 

A Sneak Peek Into the History of Andersen Windows

Danish immigrant Hans Andersen founded the company in 1903 along with his family. Initially called Andersen White Pine Frames, the company opened its doors in Hudson, Wisconsin, where lumber was shipped through the St. Croix River. Over the years, Andersen went on to become the largest manufacturer of doors and windows in North America.

Today, Andersen employs over 12,000 people and has showrooms as well as manufacturing sites that operate in North America as well as Europe. The company was granted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Partner of the Year award for “sustained excellence” in 2021. 

Andersen in California

With a host of branches, subsidiaries, showrooms, and local dealers, Andersen’s representation extends throughout the country. California, in particular, is no exception when it comes to the company’s reach. The Andersen locations you’ll find in the Golden State mainly include branches of the company’s offshoot brand, Renewal by Andersen, as well as Home Depot stores and a host of local dealers.

You can find a variety of Andersen windows at your local Home Depot store.

California owners can visit Renewal by Andersen showrooms in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Greater San Diego, and Sacramento. Andersen products are also available through independent dealers such as 84 Lumber Company in Clovis and Bakersfield, Banks Glass in Jamestown, Paso Robles Glass Inc. in Paso Robles, Simons Window System Inc., and Greenovation in Atascadero, Probuild in Salinas, G.H. Slack & Son in Bakersfield, Reedley Window Center in Reedley, as well as Home Depot stores throughout the Golden State. 

Difference Between Anderson Windows and Renewal by Andersen

When caught up with home renovation projects, it’s pretty common to confuse companies whose names are similar. This may be the case with Andersen Windows and Renewal by Andersen. Despite being owned by Andersen Windows, Renewal by Andersen is actually a different company that deals with window replacement. Andersen, on the other hand, offers its products through independent dealers as well as Home Depot stores.

If you happen to get a quote from Renewal by Andersen, for instance, and it doesn’t suit your budget, any of the Andersen dealers in California can provide you with an additional quote. Keep in mind that the two companies are not the same and it is likely that you will get slightly different pricing. 

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Renewal by Andersen is an offshoot brand of Andersen that specializes in replacement windows.

Andersen’s Selection of Windows

Andersen’s wide variety of windows is one of the company’s main selling points. Available in a range of materials such as wood and vinyl, Andersen’s products are ideal for various applications. 

Product Series

Andersen has a handful of product lines up its sleeve, some of which are especially popular among homeowners in California. Each series boasts its own set of qualities in terms of benefits and design range. 


The Andersen E-series consists of customizable windows that feature wooden interiors and aluminum exteriors. Perfect for residential applications, the windows from this series are designed with energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal in mind. The E-series is also a popular option among architects.


Available in several window designs, the A-Series is one of Andersen’s most energy-efficient collections. Featuring a wooden interior and an outer layer made of composite or fiberglass, the windows from this series are absolute champions in durability and sturdiness. 

400 Series

Being Andersen’s most popular brand, the 400 Series consists of seven various designs including but not limited to casement, picture, double-hung, bay, and custom. The products from this series are famed for their longevity, energy efficiency, weather resistance, durability, and ease of maintenance. 

200 Series

The 200 Series by Andersen is a collection of wooden windows that feature a vinyl exterior for added resistance against humid weather (those who have a house on California’s coastline would appreciate this). Although not as extensive a variety as other Andersen selections, this product line still offers a handful of stylish and durable options in addition to practicality and energy efficiency. 

100 Series

Andersen’s 100 Series is one of the company’s most innovative brands. Featuring the company’s very own Fibrex composite material, the windows in this series are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while offering style, sustainability, and energy efficiency. 

Frame Materials

A window's frame material plays a significant role in the product’s quality and longevity — and with more strength and durability comes a bigger price tag. Andersen’s products are available in a list of materials so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs and corresponds with the interior design of your California home. The materials that constitute this list are wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and Fibrex composite.

Andersen offers a range of frame materials including wood and vinyl.

Wood and vinyl are among the more affordable materials that provide excellent qualities in a window. Formerly, window frames used to be composed purely of vinyl but lacked in the strength and durability department. Andersen Windows solves this issue by offering wooden frames with a vinyl coating, combining the best of both materials.

Although somewhat higher on the price spectrum, aluminum and fiberglass windows are not only durable but also easy to maintain. Another benefit of aluminum is that its lightweight makes it ideal for large windows as they would be easier to maneuver during installation.

One frame material that Andersen particularly prides itself on is its own signature Fibrex. This composite material consists of 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer, resulting in a durable and energy-efficient product. Fibrex is twice as robust as vinyl and is also resistant to anything from rot to California’s coastal weather.

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Why Is Andersen a Good Window Brand?

The mere fact that Andersen is one of the most sought-after window brands is a testament to the company’s brand recognition being the driving force of its value. Although somewhat more pricey than its competitors, Andersen products tend to boost home value with their excellent quality and solid design. Keep in mind that the window’s energy-efficient properties will ensure that you will get your money’s worth by saving a great deal in energy costs down the line. Keep in mind that Andersen Windows products carry an Energy-Star rating, which essentially guarantees their excellence. 

Andersen’s high standards of quality are evident in the performance of its products.

Andersen also puts a good deal of effort into the quality of the materials that constitute its products, resulting in more robust and durable units. The company ensures this quality by providing owner-to-owner warranties with its windows. This essentially means that should you decide on selling your California house in the future, the warranty can be transferred to the new resident. Aside from product warranties, both Andersen and Renewal by Andersen provide installation warranties with a 2-year coverage.

Installing new windows in your house can also drive up both its resale value and curb appeal while inviting plenty of natural light into the living spaces — which is a selling point in and of itself. Replacing windows is a decision that really depends on your particular needs. Should you have to go ahead with the project, however, Andersen Windows is an option to consider. Make sure to ask about the financing plans offered by a local dealer or Renewal by Andersen branch in California for a more comfortable payment procedure. Seasonal discounts, as well as installation discounts, are also available in most cases.

Andersen always finds new ways to be innovative with its products and services. The company recently introduced an augmented reality tool that allows homeowners to view what the windows look like in real-time. To use this tool, simply choose a product that you’re interested in and — if you’re on a computer — send it over to your smartphone or tablet. Next, follow the given instructions and enjoy the future of “window shopping”. Renewal by Andersen also launched an app where you can actually see how the window of your choice would appear in your California house.

Average Cost of an Andersen Window Installed

Andersen Windows prices tend to be somewhat inconsistent as they largely have to do with the local supplier — in this case, the branches in California — and may vary from one season to another. Other factors include the frame material, the number of units, the type of window, and whatnot. Even your bargaining skills might influence the price to a certain extent.

All that said, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 on average for an Andersen window, including installation. Bear in mind that each of Andersen’s collections has its very own price range. If your budget permits, going for an Andersen product will be worth your investment considering the great quality — which is backed by some of the industry’s leading warranties.

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