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9 Simple Things You Can do to Refresh Your Home for Summer
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9 Simple Things You Can do to Refresh Your Home for Summer

Dreaming about a home makeover? Check out these simple things you can do to refresh your home for summer.


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April 27, 2021

So, it’s been a year of lockdown. With the days getting longer, it might be time to take matters into your own hands and do inexpensive home upgrades. Give your place a facelift and head into summer with a bright, cheery space.

Larger projects—such as a kitchen remodel or backyard overhaul—may seem a little daunting or out of your budget, so what simple home improvements can you do to make your space feel brighter and refreshed? Here are a few simple, budget-friendly ideas.

Easy home improvements to do Now

Adding nice throw pillows doesn't take much effort, but is a complete game changer. What style are you into?

Add Throw Pillows

Incorporating throw pillows into your home decor is one of the easiest weekend home improvement projects and it makes a big difference. So pick up lots of them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Nothing can refresh a room like a little pop of color.

You can shop at big box stores, but also consider something more local. Mom and pop shops in places like downtown Petaluma or Sonoma have beautiful assortments to choose from and you will most likely be the only one in your neighborhood with them.

Paint the Walls

It sounds simple, but a new coat of paint can make a huge impact. Think bright, light, and airy. Benjamin Moore says the hot colors this season are Grey Cashmere, Atrium White, and Foggy Morning. All soft, bright shades of white and gray that will brighten any room. Or be bold and go for the 2021 Color of the Year: Blue Aegean! Whatever you choose, painting will update any room and make it feel clean and bright.

Declutter your space and add a pop of color while doing so. You'll feel so much more enlivened once the space is organized.

Declutter Your Space

We all love our stuff, but over time, things can get cluttered and messy. Take a minute to declutter bookshelves and tables or minimize your tchotchkes on display. Remove a few things and put them away for later. Dust books and other items to give them a little fresh sparkle. Or, hit the stores for a few cute items that will update your current assortment.

Deep Clean the Entire House

If you and your family have been locked in since last year, chances are there are some areas of your home that could use some attention. Scheduling a deep cleaning inside and having the windows washed are simple home improvements that can provide an instant boost.

Go au naturel in your home and pick up some plants. The greenery will make all the difference.

Pick Up Some Plants 

Bring nature inside with some well-placed plants. They will add a fresh touch to your space and are known to help filter the air around us. Some studies have even found that plants can help boost productivity and your mood. 

Go bold with a leafy palm or quiet with tiny succulents. If you don’t have a green thumb, try air plants—they don’t require a lot of care and look great tucked into a bookshelf or in a bowl on a table. Be careful to research which type of plants you bring in though, as some are toxic to animals.

What better way to freshen up your bathroom than by using colorful new towels? Add a touch of life to your living space.

Upgrade Your Towels and Shower Curtains

Replacing your towels and shower curtains is a quick, inexpensive way to refresh your bathroom. Big, fluffy towels and a fresh, clean shower curtain will make any bathroom space feel bright and welcoming—plus they’re simple home makeovers that don’t take much time. 

Choose whites, pale blues, and other neutral tones for a soothing, spa-like feel or a cheery color like yellow or orange to bring spring into your bathroom.

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Replace Your Window Treatments 

Are your window shades old, dirty, or dusty? Cords all tangled up and broken? Are your curtains torn or frayed? It might be time to invest in new window coverings. 

New curtains in mixed patterns are all the rage with designers these days, but shades can be functional and less work. Look for the new cordless shades that will elevate any room without breaking the bank.

Does anything beat jumping onto a freshly made bed, home to all new bedding? We think not and we know you'll enjoy.

Invest in New Bedding

Pillows a little flat? Blankets old and stained? Does the dog smell permeate the room? New bedding for you and fluffy can make your space feel and smell cleaner.

Think multiple textures and neutral colors to create a calm, soothing space to relax and unwind in. Or, mix things up with some bold patterns and a pop of color that matches your new throw pillows. Multiple layers of bedding—such as blankets in different textures, duvets, and quilted coverlets—will add depth and a designer element to your bedroom. And maybe fluffy needs a new bed too.

An area rug makes all the difference. Admire the pop of color on your floor and watch your space come to life.

Layer on Area Rugs

If your floors are a little scratched or your carpet is a little funky, think about getting an area rug. Rugs on rugs is a new thing this year, but also adding a new bright pattern or color can soften up a space along with adding texture and interest. 

In the end, whatever simple home makeovers you decide to do, your space will be more inviting—and you won’t have to break the bank.

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