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A Comprehensive Look at Diablo Valley College

A Comprehensive Look at Diablo Valley College

Diablo Valley College is a shining example of the strength of the California junior college system. Here's all you need to know about it. Team


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June 30, 2023

Situated in the heart of Pleasant Hill, California, Diablo Valley College (DVC) is a beacon of higher education in the San Francisco Bay Area. The main campus spreads across an impressive 100 acres, with a secondary San Ramon campus serving the south county students. Diablo Valley College is known for its diversity and inclusivity, attracting students from various parts of the world. As of 2023, DVC boasts a vibrant student community of around 20,000 enrollees.

History and Specializations

Diablo Valley College was established in 1949 under the umbrella of Contra Costa Community College District. Originally named East Contra Costa Junior College, it was later renamed Diablo Valley College in 1958 to better reflect its geographical location near the Diablo Valley region. Over the years, DVC has grown both in size and reputation.

DVC is recognized for offering a wide range of academic and technical programs. These include but are not limited to, Arts and Humanities, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Social Science, Business, and Health Sciences. DVC is particularly well-known for its robust transfer program, which aids students in their transition to four-year universities, especially to the prestigious University of California and California State University systems. The college's dedicated support system and holistic approach to education have resulted in DVC holding one of the highest transfer rates to four-year universities in California.

Diablo Valley College is a great campus that rivals larger colleges in terms of resources and size.

Campus Life at DVC


Diablo Valley College is conveniently located, ensuring multiple transportation options for students. Public transportation, particularly the County Connection buses, offer routes connecting the campus to key points in the region. DVC is also accessible by bike, boasting bike lanes and racks for environmentally conscious students. For those who prefer driving, ample parking spaces are provided on campus.


When it comes to food, DVC does not disappoint. The campus features several dining options for its students. The 'Cafeteria,' the college's main dining hall, offers a variety of meals catering to different dietary needs. There's also a food court that hosts multiple fast-food outlets. For a quick coffee break, students can hit the Java City or Starbucks, conveniently located on the campus. The college also hosts a weekly farmers market that provides fresh local produce to the community.

Local Attractions

Outside the classroom, students can enjoy a myriad of local attractions in the vicinity of the college. The nearby Downtown Pleasant Hill is a hub for shopping and dining, with a range of options to suit every taste and budget. For the nature lovers, the college is just a short distance from several hiking trails, parks, and the stunning Mount Diablo State Park. The broader Bay Area, rich in cultural and entertainment attractions, is also easily accessible to students.

Mount Diablo State Park is a stone's throw away, making the great outdoors easily accessible from DVC.

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Top 5 Things to Do at and Near Diablo Valley College

Experience the DVC Art Gallery

The campus is home to a thriving art community, and the DVC Art Gallery stands as a testament to this. With exhibits ranging from student and faculty creations to works from local and national artists, the gallery is a cultural hub that fosters creativity and exploration.

Attend the Annual Jazz Festival

Diablo Valley College is known for its exceptional Music Department and their yearly Jazz Festival is a must-attend. This event showcases the talent of DVC students, faculty, as well as guest artists from around the country.

Take a Stroll in the Pleasant Hill Park

Just a short distance from the campus, Pleasant Hill Park offers a serene escape from academic life. Enjoy a peaceful walk, picnic by the creek, or partake in outdoor sports facilities - it's an ideal spot for relaxation and recreation.

Explore Mount Diablo State Park

Known for its stunning panoramic views, Mount Diablo State Park offers hiking, biking, and camping opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. It's an ideal spot to appreciate California's natural beauty and offers a refreshing break from your studies.

Visit Downtown Pleasant Hill

For shopping, dining, or catching a movie, Downtown Pleasant Hill is the place to be. This bustling hub of activity is just minutes from DVC and offers a variety of entertainment options for students. It's not that hard to make your way over to downtown Concord or Walnut Creek for more fun things to do nearby.

In conclusion, Diablo Valley College is not just about academics. It's a space where learning, culture, nature, and entertainment blend harmoniously. From its vibrant on-campus activities to its proximity to numerous local attractions, DVC is an exciting place to be for any student. It's these experiences that make DVC a truly unique and special educational institution.

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