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The 7 Best Fall Activities in Woodland to Check Out Now

The 7 Best Fall Activities in Woodland to Check Out Now

Discover all of the best fall activities in Woodland, California for the entire family to enjoy.


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November 09, 2022

California native Corina Moore is a relationship-oriented realtor who brings a true personal into her craft. As a real people-person, she’s passionate about helping people make the biggest financial decision of their lives, backed by her extensive regional knowledge and experience in Yolo County.  

Welcome to Woodland, one of Yolo County’s favorite children, and one of Sacramento’s favorite neighbors. Here, you are promised a city with a small town charm, where fun is a way of life, and history is engraved in every stone. Fun in Woodland is not limited to a season, but let’s just say that as the leaves don hues of orange, red, and yellow, the charm of the city doubles instantaneously. 

With the best of outdoor fun and the awesome indoorsy things to do, you’ll have a bunch of fall activities to choose from that are anything but basic. So, take your notebook out and write down all of the best things to experience in Woodland, California this fall season.   

If you’re searching for fun fall activities in the area, Downtown Woodland is the place to be.

1. Explore Downtown Woodland Historic District

Downtown Woodland is the perfect portrayal of California; a smooth combination of the state’s past, present, and future. The downtown area is where you can have a glimpse of the city’s olden days through the well preserved historic buildings. It’s also where you can witness the ever-growing industrial and manufacturing sectors of Northern California. Here you’ll find everything from the Woodland Opera House Theatre and the historic Gibson Mansion, to the State Theatre and some of the best diners in the city. This is also where the best events take place year round, so keep an eye out for the best fall events, bring your smiles, and join the crowds. 

Whoever said the end of summer marks the end of all of our favorite water sports has never been to Woodland’s Velocity Island Park.

2. Enjoy Water Sports at Velocity Island Park

Summer coming to an end doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite water sports anymore. On the contrary, as the crowds begin to retreat indoors, there’ll be more room for you to enjoy the most fun fall activities on the water. And when we say water activities in Woodland, we’re naturally talking about Velocity Island Park, Northern California’s premium cable park. The man-made lake at the park is host to a wakeboard park with rails and ramps for an extra challenge, an aqua park with slides, swings, balance beams, and trampolines for extra fun, and a beach for extra relaxation. As for when hunger strikes, Edgewater Eatery, one of the best restaurants in Woodland, is located on-site, and it’s said to serve the best barbecues you’ll ever have. 

It’s important to mention that Aqua Park closes its doors near the mid of October, but the rest of the park is open throughout the year.  

3. Tour the Woodland Public Library and Rose Garden

The historic Downtown Woodland district is home to the oldest working Carnegie library in California, the Woodland Public Library. Built in 1905, the library is still an ideal place to borrow books, attend gatherings, and pursue different interests. Besides being a top spot for finding older editions of books, the library is also home to one of the most beautiful rose gardens in California. A tour of the colorful gardens should make it to every fall activities list in Woodland; that is if you’re not in town long enough to join the rose club - a special place which meets at the Woodland Public Library to discuss all things roses.

If history is what you need, a trip to the Gibson Mansion should be in the books for you. Courtesy of MEBraun, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

4. Visit the Gibson Mansion

The Gibson Mansion is more than just an old house, it’s a lesson in history. Architecture-wise, the house is a representation of the evolution of styles throughout the 19th century. From Georgian Revival to Italianate to Neoclassical, the Gibson Mansion has the best of them all. 

William Byas Gibson bought a 320-acre piece of land in the southern part of Woodland in 1857, and from one owner to another, the land grew to become the 3,000-acre land it is today. Descendants of William Gibson occupied the house until 1963. Then, it sat vacant for over a decade, before the county of Yolo bought it in 1975 and turned it into a county park which exemplifies the lives of pioneering farm families. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the mansion serves as a museum and an art gallery. Exhibitions include the “Blacksmith Shops & Diary”, featuring items from the Yolo County Historical Collection, and the “Barn Gallery”, which promotes the expansion of fine arts programming. Touring this museum should make it to every list of fall activities to do in Woodland. 

Swinging at Wild Wings Golf Club is always a win-win.

5. Take a Swing at Wild Wings Golf Club

If you know your way around a golf club, we’d love to introduce you to one of the best fall activities for adults, not just in Woodland, but in all of Yolo County — golfing. Wild Wings Golf Club is the longest and best 9-hole golf course in Northern California, ready to welcome anyone from amateur golfers to the pros - and it happens to be located right here in Woodland. The 82-acre property features 13 lakes and manicured bunkers around every hole, adding to the charm of this golf course. Bring your besties along and challenge them to an unforgettable game of golf at one of the best golf courses in Northern California.  

6. Check Out the Dead Cat Alley

Looking for a fun fall activity to do with the kids in Woodland? Our top recommendation would be to go in search of the cats. If that didn’t make much sense, we’re here to expand on the thought. Woodland’s Dead Cat Alley is as famous as a neighborhood can be. Scattered around the quarter-mile alley in the Downtown area are at least 13 cat sculptures and your mission is to find as many of them as possible. This interesting initiative is the work of local artist Gary Dinnen, who created it as part of the Woodland Art Center’s Nine Lives Project. Bring the kids along on this unique walking tour and make sure you don’t blink much so as to not miss a cat. 

Check out the Woodland Opera House Theater’s calendar and make sure you catch a show within the walls of this historic building.

7. Catch a Show at Woodland Opera House Theatre

Originally opened in 1885, the Woodland Opera House Theatre still sits on the streets of Downtown Woodland as a reminder of the city’s long and storied history. That is not to say that the theater’s existence was smooth and eventless. Truth is, this historic building faced closure more than once during its lifetime, the first being in 1892 when a fire brought it down, and the second in 1913 with the emergence of motion pictures.

Yet, it continues to thrive today as one of the most prominent cultural and art centers in Yolo County. To date, over 300 touring companies have graced the theater’s stage and continue to do so. On your trip to Woodland, make sure to attend a show at the Woodland Opera House Theatre, and if you still have time on your hands, join one of the classes — learning from the best at the Woodland Opera House Theatre is considered one of the best, and memorable, fall activities to do in Woodland.


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