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7 Best Phone Case Brands from California

7 Best Phone Case Brands from California

To help navigate your options, we’ve compiled a list of the best phone cases that protect from dents, splashes, and all sorts of scratches.


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July 22, 2021

What’s the second most important item you need after your phone? A phone case, duh. And while sidewalks aren’t only full of cracked phone screens and dismayed phone owners, your smartphone still needs that extra layer of protection—it doesn’t have to be a boring or basic one either. We’re willing to bet that your phone is still one of the most frequently used products on any given day, and whether or not you or your family paid for it, you definitely should treat it like the precious cargo it is. The solution? Get your hands on a phone case that does the job while looking cute.

Hear us out for a second: we know you like that phone case you’ve had since forever, but let’s face it, it’s supposed to be clear and it’s sort of looking brown-ish—nah ah, that’s not cool. One misconception about phone cases is that the choice is mainly limited to ones shaped like bunny ears or cartons of McDonald’s French fries. If this is your thing, all power to you; but if it’s not, there’s still plenty of phone case brands to choose from. To help navigate your options (and maybe even find a new addition to your fashion ensemble), we’ve compiled a list of the best phone cases that protect from dents, splashes, and all sorts of scratches.

Once you begin using the most exclusive phone case, you'll increase the overall lifetime of your phone and maintain it without any difficulty.

1.Wildflower Cases 

An incredible women-owned business in Los Angeles, Wildflower Cases offers exclusive and limited edition designs from Michelle Carlson and her two daughters, Devon and Sydney. But before becoming the around-the-globe name that it is now, this iPhone case brand actually started out as a simple hobby for Carlson.

About six years ago, Carlson was on a mission to find cute and fashionable phone cases to gift her daughters. But after searching far and wide, she was unable to find any that were both pretty and protective—this became a matter she decided to take into her own hands. Soon after, Carlson began to make her own out of fabric and studs she once used to accessorize denim shorts. 

Upon seeing the cases their mother had designed, Sydney and Devon freaked out—so did the circle of friends in school. In no time, Carlson was making phone cases for whoever needed them, until an encounter with none other than Miley Cyrus prompted her to make Wildflower Cases an actual business.

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2. Spigen

German words spiegel (meaning mirror) and gen (meaning gene) came in handy when this phone case brand was being launched—the style reflects the ideology. Spiegel represents the fluidity and the ever-changing nature of the world of tech, and gen is a symbol of the perfect solution for the needs you have beyond just the avoidance of mobile repair

Ever since starting the business in 2008, Spigen quickly earned recognition from producers in the industry, proudly boasting a spot among the best phone case brands in the world. From MacBooks and tablets to iPhone and Samsung phone cases, Spigen is all about providing protection in style. With a solidified reputation and a long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction, Spigen continues to crush the game.

High-quality features of affordable phone cases these days catch the attention of everyone who has decided to buy a brand new protective gear.

3. Incipio

Founded in 1999, Incipio is centered on one simple idea—technology is social by nature. This Orange County brand started off really small with the then-novel mobile protection idea. After creating a case for the first iPhone, Incipio made its way into big-name retail stores.

This phone case brand’s accessories are meant to enrich the digital lifestyle of today (protection included, of course). Incipio aims to further connect you with others and make socializing convenient for you, with slim fit, ultra-protective designs that are super cute too. The phone cases feature soft exteriors and flexible buttons to ensure the most comfortable grip possible—you truly can’t go wrong with this brand.

There are many benefits of phone cases, including aesthetic appeal, durability, heat and dust resistance, protection, anti-slip, and tight-fitting.

4. Lifeproof 

Summertime means spending a lot of time lounging by the pool, unwinding at the best beaches, or taking a refreshing dip in SoCal’s swimming holes. And while these are no doubt among our favorite activities, a splash-phone glitch is probably something you’d rather go without.

Luckily, Lifeproof has got you covered with their FRĒ line of cases. This line is available for a number of phones and seals them in a shell with a built-in screen protector to make sure it doesn’t get wet. And even if your phone claims to be highly water-resistant, you likely won’t trust it near water—with Lifeproof, it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

The most attractive designs of phone cases manufactured by renowned brands nowadays give a wide range of benefits to every customer.

5. totallee 

We clumsy people can get all the protection we desire without caving and buying bulkier phone cases with totallee. The thin cases are so delicate that it barely feels like there’s anything on your phone at all—we’re looking at you, case haters.

The mainly iPhone case brand was founded in 2013, aimed at providing maximum protection with minimal phone coverage—think slim and deliberately simple designs with no logos. Totallee also has a handful of accessories that complement its cases and make for excellent last-minute gifts.

While the main purpose is to protect the smartphone from external damages, some covers now serve different purposes as well.

6. Mophie 

If your phone battery doesn’t last you through the day, a battery pack can help you out a few more hours. Alternatively, you could attach an extra battery right to your phone with Mophie’s Juice Pack. The brand is widely acclaimed for its innovative mobile solutions that incorporate style into every single one of their designs—you’ll be the most stylish one in the room.

Your wired headphones and other accessories are also supported with their new Juice Pack Access, which allows you to charge wirelessly. The bigger (albeit slightly bulkier) Juice Pack Air plugs right into your phone with an integrated Lightning or USB connector. Whenever you feel your battery getting low, turn the case on and charge your phone right from the inside of your pocket.

A phone case can be compared to a house. It protects your phone from exterior damage like dirt, falls, and germs.

7.  Nomad

Why juggle a phone in one pocket and a wallet in another when you can combine them? Consider the Nomad Rugged Folio, which merges style and functionality with its classy leather appearance. Inside, it neatly organizes your credit cards and cash. If you require more room, there’s a tri-fold option available. Nomad’s designs focus on minimalism without sacrificing the capacity to carry your essentials.

Nomad began with a straightforward concept: to create a highly portable, minimalist charging cable. This idea expanded into a diverse range of products tailored for the modern traveler. If you identify with the nomadic lifestyle, Nomad's offerings are tailored for you.

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