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California's 10 Best Places to Visit in the Fall

California's 10 Best Places to Visit in the Fall

Discover California's top fall destinations: from Yosemite's serene beauty to Julian's apple harvest. Autumnal magic awaits. Team


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October 10, 2023

As the warm embrace of summer fades, California welcomes the golden hues of fall, a season brimming with vibrant foliage, crisp air, and an atmosphere drenched in anticipation. The Golden State, known for its sunny beaches and sprawling metropolises, also boasts a myriad of enchanting autumnal getaways. Here are ten of the best places to immerse yourself in California's fall wonder.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is undeniably magical in any season, but fall adds an exquisite layer of charm. The park's iconic granite cliffs juxtaposed against a backdrop of russet oak leaves and golden meadows offer a tranquil retreat for nature enthusiasts.

One of the country's best national parks, Yosemite National Park is a remarkable place to visit in the fall.


Nestled in San Diego's Cuyamaca Mountains, Julian is synonymous with apple harvest. This quaint town bursts into life during autumn with its renowned Apple Days Festival, inviting visitors to indulge in fresh apple pies, cider, and an ambiance reminiscent of a bygone era.

Napa Valley

When speaking of autumn in California, one cannot omit Napa Valley’s harvest season. Verdant vineyards transitioning into a spectrum of reds, yellows, and oranges provide not just scenic beauty but also some of the world’s greatest food culture.

Mendocino Coast

The rugged coastline, blanketed by a softer light in fall, offers solitude for those looking to escape the hustle. The Mendocino area is loaded with great food festivals and other wonderful events that you can take part in over the fall season.

Lake Tahoe

As the crowds thin, fall paints Lake Tahoe with a serenity that's unparalleled. The shimmering blue waters against a canvas of fiery aspen trees create a mesmerizing contrast, perfect for hiking or simply unwinding.

Lake Tahoe is a nationally renown area for its stunning outdoor beauty.

Big Sur

The drive along Highway 1 is mesmerizing, more so in the fall. The amber foliage against the deep blue of the Pacific is hypnotic. Stop at any of the numerous vista points and let the cool ocean breeze infused with earthy aromas refresh you.

Apple Hill

Located near Placerville, Apple Hill is a collective of over 50 apple farms. From late August through November, these farms open their gates for visitors to pick fresh apples, savor homemade cider, and lose themselves in corn mazes.

Sierra National Forest

Embodying the very essence of fall, this national forest is a tapestry of colorful oaks, red dogwoods, and golden black oak leaves. The relatively lesser-known spot ensures a peaceful communion with nature.

Enjoy the grand splendor of Sierra National Forest in the fall by visiting.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

The grandeur of the ancient redwoods, some towering over 350 feet, takes on a special aura in the fall. The Avenue of the Giants, a 31-mile stretch, is especially captivating with its sun-dappled floor and the scent of the season in the air.

Paso Robles

Another gem for food and outdoor lovers, Paso Robles, sees a plethora of events during the harvest season. The area also benefits from some of the best central coast outings like fantastic natural reserves and some of the best restaurants in the state.

In conclusion, California, with its diverse landscapes, seamlessly melds the beauty of fall with unique experiences. Whether it’s the lure of fresh apples, the sophistication of a wine tasting, or the simple pleasure of a scenic drive, California in the fall is an ode to the senses, waiting to be experienced.

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