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Here Are the 5 Best Beaches near North Fair Oaks

Here Are the 5 Best Beaches near North Fair Oaks

The Bay Area has plenty of remarkable beaches to visit. Here is our guide to the best beaches near North Fair Oaks. Team


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August 23, 2023

Located in the heart of San Mateo County, North Fair Oaks, California, may not be directly on the coast, but it is just a short drive away from some of the most pristine and breathtaking beaches in the state. This region of California offers a diverse range of coastal experiences, from tranquil, sandy shores to dramatic cliffs with sweeping ocean views. If you're yearning for some salty air and the sound of crashing waves, here are the five best beaches near North Fair Oaks you won't want to miss:

Half Moon Bay State Beach

Situated approximately 15 miles from North Fair Oaks, Half Moon Bay State Beach is a haven for beachgoers. Comprising four miles of sandy shoreline, this beach offers various spots like Francis Beach, Venice Beach, and Dunes Beach. Visitors can sunbathe, fish, picnic, and even camp overnight at the adjacent campground. With mild temperatures year-round and scenic vistas of the Pacific Ocean, it's an idyllic location for those looking for a quick coastal escape.

Pacifica State Beach

Located to the north of Half Moon Bay, Pacifica State Beach is approximately a 20-mile drive from North Fair Oaks. Known for its crescent-shaped stretch of sand, this beach is a popular spot for surfers and families alike. The nearby Taco Bell, famously known as "the world's most scenic Taco Bell," offers a unique dining experience with panoramic ocean views.

Pescadero State Beach

A little further down the coast from Half Moon Bay, Pescadero State Beach boasts a stunning mix of sandy coves, rocky cliffs, and tidal pools teeming with marine life. It's a wonderful place for bird-watching, picnicking, and exploring. The adjacent Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve is a bonus for nature enthusiasts, offering a habitat for a variety of wildlife species.

Montara State Beach

Just north of Half Moon Bay and under 20 miles from North Fair Oaks, Montara State Beach is a serene and less crowded option. This beach is characterized by its mile-long shoreline, nestled beneath impressive cliffs. Ideal for walking, fishing, and surfing, Montara also has the Point Montara Lighthouse, which adds to its charm and provides a picturesque backdrop.

San Gregorio State Beach

Positioned between Half Moon Bay and Pescadero, San Gregorio State Beach offers a blend of sandy shores and dramatic cliffs. The beach is split by San Gregorio Creek, which flows into the Pacific, creating a beautiful lagoon. The surrounding bluffs are home to various bird species, making this a favorite for bird watchers. Visitors can also explore caves and waterfalls, especially during the low tide, ensuring a memorable beach experience.

In conclusion, North Fair Oaks may not be a coastal town, but its proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in Northern California ensures that residents and visitors are never far from a refreshing ocean escape. From serene sandy expanses to rugged coastal beauty, these beaches offer a delightful retreat for everyone. So, pack your sunhat, sunscreen, and picnic, and head out to one of these five stunning beaches for a day of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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