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Here Are the Best Spooky Things to do on Friday the 13th in California

Here Are the Best Spooky Things to do on Friday the 13th in California

Explore California's spookiest spots on the hallowed Friday the 13th that comes once in a blue moon—from haunted ships to eerie mansions Team


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October 11, 2023

Every so often, the calendar's stars align and grant us a Friday the 13th. When it lands on the calendar in California, where the Hollywood horror industry reigns supreme, you better believe the Golden State knows how to spook it up. So, if you're feeling especially daring and looking for some bone-chilling activities, here are some suggestions for a hauntingly memorable day in California.

The Queen Mary in Long Beach

Once an opulent ocean liner, The Queen Mary is now a hotel and museum, known for its paranormal activity. The ship is said to be haunted by spirits of those who died aboard. Take a nighttime ghost tour and explore the bowels of the ship, hear tales of apparitions, and maybe even experience one for yourself.

The Queen Mary is one of the most unique experiences you'll have in the Long Beach area.

The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose

Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester rifle fortune, believed she was haunted by spirits. As a result, she constructed a labyrinthine mansion with staircases leading to nowhere and doors that open to walls. Guided tours are available, with candlelit tours offering an extra layer of creepiness. It's a great adventure for any day, but definitely hits differently on Friday the 13th.

The Winchester Mystery House is a standout bizarre attraction in California.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles

This cemetery is the resting place of numerous Hollywood legends, including Rudolph Valentino, Johnny Ramone, and Cecil B. DeMille. Stroll through the ornate mausoleums and statues, or join one of the guided evening tours, which focus on the cemetery's rich history and its famous inhabitants.

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The Whaley House in San Diego

Labeled as one of the most haunted houses in America, The Whaley House has a history steeped in tragedy. From hangings to sudden deaths, the spirits here are said to be quite active. On Friday the 13th, special tours are often available, allowing guests to explore the dark tales and history of this unsettling abode.

Alcatraz Island in San Francisco

Alcatraz is an iconic location in the San Francisco Bay Area. The former prison became a substantial tourist attraction. There are tales of unexplained occurrences, including ghostly figures, eerie sounds, and cold spots. While the day tours offer historical insight, the night tours add a spine-chilling ambiance to the experience.

Visiting Alcatraz Island while in the Bay Area is a staple experience.

Attend a Friday the 13th Film Screening

Given that California is the home of Hollywood, there are always special screenings of horror classics, including the iconic "Friday the 13th" series. Check local theaters or outdoor venues for a unique viewing experience. If you're more of a homebody, definitely take the chance to watch these classic horror movies in the comfort of your own home on whichever streaming service you fancy.

California offers a plethora of eerie activities perfect for Friday the 13th. Whether you're into traditional ghost stories, historical haunts, or modern spine-tingling adventures, the Golden State has you covered. 

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