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How to Plan Impressive Virtual Celebrations
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How to Plan Impressive Virtual Celebrations

Keep your friends near and dear by hosting a dashing virtual party. Check out this guide on how to plan impressive virtual celebrations. Team


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November 15, 2020

Given the new state mandates and more stringent restrictions around gatherings, many of us may be unable to see our loved ones over the holiday season. If you're feeling down and getting antsy due to social distancing and unable to draw out your holiday spirit, worry not, because we've got a bit of good news: Whether you're celebrating a holiday, birthday, or anniversary, you can keep your loved ones near and dear by hosting a dashing virtual party.

Virtual parties are the greatest option when we can't get together with all of our friends and family in person. You can make your time together via phone and computer screens as memorable and enjoyable as you want. You may still organize a fun online party with creative games and activities, as well as attractive invites. Get your loved ones together for fantastic online get-togethers to combat cabin fever.

Hosting a Virtual Party

Online parties showcase the host’s creativity, ingenuity, and imagination. So, think outside the box to stay connected and keep guests entertained. Where there’s a will—in this case, distance—there’s a way. Here are some tips for planning a fun virtual celebration wherever you are in California.

Show your favorite people how much they mean to you by celebrating the meaning of love virtually.

Find Your Location

Just like any regular party, the "location" comes first and foremost. Pick your favorite spot in the house as your background, then choose an online platform for hosting the virtual festivities.

  • Google Hangouts is a popular and user-friendly platform; it's connected directly to your Gmail account. As long as you and the other guests use Gmail, it's an excellent free service that doesn't require much setup.
  • FaceTime is for Mac lovers and iPhone users. It's the ultimate method for quick but reliable video calls at all times.
  • Zoom rose to prominence due to the pandemic; now it's used by countless companies and schools around the world. You can add up to 100 people in one Zoom call—it'll definitely come in handy for a graduation party.
  • Houseparty is perfect for smaller groups looking to play games during their virtual holiday celebration. The built-in gaming feature offers plenty of online gaming options such as Pictionary and Heads Up.

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Send Out Invites

Are you into formalities or simplicity? It's your virtual party, so it's all up to you. You can opt to send a simple email to your nearest and dearest if it's a small get-together. Alternatively, plan for bigger events such as birthdays or bridal showers by sending out fancy digital invitations. Get your guests excited by setting the mood.

Set the mood for your virtual celebrations with balloons, streamers, and other festive decorations.

Decorations Are A Must

Whatever the occasion, the devil's in the details. Decorations definitely make or break the party vibe. In the background of the video, set up streamers, balloons, a banner, or anything else to set the scene. Have fun with decor and create a theme—from Roaring 20s attire, masquerade masks, or ugly Christmas sweater competitions, the options are endless. Decorations will turn any virtual party into a rager.

Add Games And Activities

Even if you're not in the same room as your friends and family, you can still play games together. Video chat makes it simple to play games like charades and pictionary. To assist create a lively virtual ambiance, a variety of online games are also accessible.

Just because we're in a pandemic doesn't mean we can't celebrate. Connect digitally with your closest friends and family.

Make It Fun With A Dress Code

Why forgo the elegance of in-person parties? Even if you're stuck at home, you can still give everyone a reason to change out of their mundane pajama sets and get glammed up. Add a fancy dress code or make it a costume themed party to add fun vibes to your virtual party. Your guests will also be more excited to join the virtual celebration.

Have A Present-Opening Session

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, bridal shower, or even a Christmas bash, get your guests to mail their gifts ahead of time. A present-opening session is sure to add an element of surprise and enthusiasm for the guest(s) of honor. Watch their expressions as they open the gifts on video; you can even turn it into a fun game—the gift opener can try to guess who gifted which present.

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas
Your Guests Will Love

Virtual holiday parties open a gateway for employees to mingle, families to gather, and friends to bond—all while safely social distancing. In order to keep everyone entertained and on their toes, here are some game ideas to use the next time you’re hosting a virtual celebration.

When hosting a virtual holiday celebration, have a friendly gingerbread-making competition.

Virtual Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread wars are an excellent way to spend time during the holiday season, especially while quarantining. It's the perfect bonding activity for all—the friendly competition and delicious Christmas cookies will put a smile on everyone's face. The host should send gingerbread kits to all participants before the festivities begin. Then, when it's finally game day, all participants should join the video conference with their kits and begin baking. The clock's tickin; who will win the gingerbread war this Christmas season? The winner should be rewarded with all of the newly baked sweet treats.

Online Bingo

Bingo is famous for its fun yet interactive nature. You can play this game in your group chat or via a group virtual party video conference. Get a free bingo template online and send it to your friends; or, opt for an online bingo platform such as Bingo House. The first player to get all five squares in a row wins. For more fun, throw in an Amazon gift card to motivate your friends and family.


A light trivia competition is always a great way to get the ball rolling at any party. The host of the virtual celebration can come up with a list of questions to ask relating to a range of topics. Before playing, divide your guests into groups (or have each member fend for themselves). For your makeshift buzzer, get your participants to raise their hands or add a “+” sign in the chat—the first person to do so gets to answer. For a more exciting game, make the questions personal and turn it into a guessing game; have your guests guess whose answer it is.

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