This Organic Date Syrup Is the Sweetener Alternative You Didn't Know You Needed

Photo courtesy of D'vash Organics.

This Organic Date Syrup Is the Sweetener Alternative You Didn't Know You Needed

By Rachael Medina
Staff Writer February 10, 2021

Whether you’re trying to keep a New Year’s resolution, getting ready for beach season, or trying to live an all-around healthier lifestyle, avoiding sugar without giving up all things sweet in life can be a challenge. Enter the D’vash Organics line of date syrups and nectars. 

While dates might not be the first item to pop into your head when considering sugar alternatives, they’re an ideal and decadent solution for cutting out sugar and synthetic ingredients. Complete with a coat-your-mouth sweetness but conveniently lacking refined sugar, organic date syrup has infiltrated my life and made me reconsider other options. (I’ve even used it as a maple syrup substitute on pancakes.) 

Though I will likely never give up traditional syrup, sugar, or honey entirely, it’s always refreshing to find creative ways to incorporate fruit and skip strange ingredients. And because D’vash Organics’ entire line of products is plant-based, these sauces make great substitutions when cooking for vegan friends. 

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An Honest D’vash Organics Sweetener Review

Whether drizzled over waffles or ice cream, D'vash date syrup is a great alternative to more sugar-laden products. Photo courtesy of D'vash Organics.

D’vash Date Syrup

This pure date syrup is so tasty, you’ll invent new ways to incorporate it into your menu. With a single ingredient—that’s right, dates—there’s no added sugar, and no reason not to give it a shot. While it’s good enough to eat on a spoon, it also serves as a great addition to morning protein shakes, smoothies, vanilla ice cream, and pancakes. Some even dare to put date syrup in their coffee, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. 

D’vash Organics Cayenne Date Nectar

If you’ve ever had a cup of Mexican hot chocolate, you know sweet and spicy are a perfect match, so you’ll be a fan of this cayenne date nectar. The satisfying sweetness blends with a subtle, tickle-your-throat kind of heat for a well-balanced, two-ingredient condiment.

Toss your carrots with D’vash date nectar before laying them on a pan and sprinkling with salt, use it as a replacement for molasses in your favorite BBQ recipe, or marinate chicken with it before grilling. However you use this sauce, you’re going to love it. 

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to like about these non-GMO, paleo, and vegan syrups. While they each have only one or two ingredients, they’re surprisingly versatile and make great additions to many of my favorite foods. While I can’t say they’re replacing my go-to sweeteners and sauces, these date products are a fun way to mix things up and kick my recipes up a notch. 

Note: This product was independently reviewed by We did not receive compensation for writing this review. 

Staff Writer
Rachael Medina

Staff Writer Rachael Medina

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