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The Complete List of Michelin-Starred Restaurants in California

The Complete List of Michelin-Starred Restaurants in California

If you can’t resist the urge to book a table at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in California, don’t say we didn't warn you.


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July 03, 2021

The Michelin stars are perhaps the best-known awards in the dining scene today. A hallmark of culinary excellence, this coveted award is reserved for the best of the best and even has a hierarchy of its own. One, two, or three stars are awarded to restaurants. The more stars a restaurant has, the higher it’s ranked by the Michelin inspectors.

While around 600 restaurants in California have received some kind of an accolade by Michelin such as a bib gourmand or a Michelin green star, only 80 have received an actual star (or two, maybe even three). Most of the Michelin-starred restaurants in California are in the Bay Area, but there are many more scattered across the state. 

Next time you want to feel extra fancy, treat yourself to dinner at one of these coveted spots. If you can’t resist the urge to book a table several times a month at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in California, don’t say we didn’t give you a fair warning. 

The acquisition or loss of a star can have dramatic effects on the success of a restaurant; that's how much of a big deal it is.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Southern California

Southern California is home to many of the state’s iconic foods, so it’s no surprise you’ll come across a number of fine dining establishments. The diversity of the cuisines is apparent upon first glance at the Michelin guide in California. 

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Los Angeles

The number of Michelin restaurants in Los Angeles is in second place right after the Bay Area. If you’re a true SoCal foodie, you probably already know many of the restaurants that have been awarded a Michelin star in L.A. And, if you make a new discovery through this list, bon appetit!

Many of the restaurants awarded a Michelin star in Los Angeles are Japanese eateries and sushi places. However, you’ll find plenty of other cuisines such as American and contemporary on the list as well.

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Two Stars



Sushi Ginza Onodera


The famous tire brand Michelin began publishing the travel guide in Europe in 1900 to encourage new drivers to take road trips to local attractions.

One Star

Osteria Mozza

Le Comptoir

Orsa and Winston

Q Sushi




Mori Sushi


Nozawa Bar




Bistro Na’s

Shin Sushi

Michelin Star Restaurants Santa Monica

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time living in SoCal, then you’ve probably already heard about this Michelin star restaurant in Santa Monica. With true Californian cuisine and farm-to-table dining without all the pretension, Rustic Canyon is a must-try among the Michelin restaurants in California until others join the ranks.

One Star

Rustic Canyon

Michelin stars are now considered a hallmark of fine dining by many of the world’s top chefs—not to mention restaurant patrons.

Michelin Restaurants in San Diego

San Diego’s hottest restaurants not only have exceptional menus, but they also boast oceanfront views, prime entertainment, and an authentic dining experience. While there’s currently only one restaurant with a Michelin star in San Diego, there are many other fine dining spots you should check out. After all, the city does hold significant leverage in the California dining scene, so we reckon it’s only time until there are more Michelin star restaurants in San Diego. Besides, is there anything better than discovering something before it’s big?

One Star


Michelin star restaurants Orange County 

With a vibrant culture like no other, it’s not surprising that the dining scene is just as lively in the O.C. There are currently two Michelin star restaurants in Orange County, both located in Costa Mesa. In any case, finding a good spot to eat here is a non-issue, be it Michelin or no Michelin star. 

One Star

Taco Maria

Hana re

The stars are not easy to obtain and are awarded to the best restaurants in each particular city in the guide.

Michelin-Starred Eateries in Central California

Central California is the Golden State’s agricultural hub and a mecca for those seeking to incorporate healthy and organic practices into their lifestyles. Therefore, it only makes sense that Michelin restaurants on California’s Central Coast reflect that as well.

Michelin Star Restaurants Monterey

There’s currently one only restaurant rewarded with a Michelin star in Central California, and that’s in Carmel-by-the-Sea. This Michelin star restaurant in Monterey County is luxurious yet simple—it only has a dozen or so tables and offers an elevated take on contemporary California cuisine.

One Star


Star recipients gain immense prestige and exposure along with the honor. Many restaurant owners also see an increase in business.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Northern California

At this point, Northern California is practically synonymous with fine dining and tasty eateries. NorCal’s reputation as a big player on the dining scene is undeniable—it has such a high concentration of Michelin star restaurants, and plenty of others make the list almost every year. From Michelin-starred ramen to the best food in the Bay, these are the restaurants that represent Northern California in the Michelin league.

Michelin star restaurants in Bay Area

The Bay Area cities also host an impressive number of spots you won’t want to miss. From Palo Alto to Santa Clara, these are Michelin-starred restaurants in the bustling Bay Area to have on your radar.

Three Stars


Two Stars


Today, Michelin publishes annual guides for 23 countries and a variety of large cities around the world.

One Star


Sushi Yoshizumi




Chez TJ


Plumed Horse

The Village Pub

Restaurants can receive one to three Michelin stars, and it’s important to remember that even one Michelin star is considered an honor.

Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco

The Greater San Francisco area reigns supreme with the most number of Michelin restaurants in the Golden State. Whether you’re into traditional dining or experimental menus, you’ll find an incredible dish at one of the many Michelin restaurants in San Francisco. On top of having the highest concentration, the City by the Bay is the only city with not one, not two, but three Michelin star restaurants in California.

Three Stars


Atelier Crenn


Two Stars



Campton Place



Lazy Bear

The prestige that comes with even a single Michelin star is an honor coveted by chefs around the world.

One Star

Gary Danko

Angler SF

Bar Crenn

Michael Mina

Lord Stanley

Mister Jiu’s

Keiko a Nob Hill

Sons & Daughter


In Situ


Kin Khao






The Progress

State Bird Provisions



Rich Table



Al’s Place

Michelin’s reviewers, called “inspectors”, are completely anonymous and must share a passion for food and an eye for detail.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Oakland

While the cuisine is described as being contemporary at the two Michelin-starred Commis, the menu is definitely heavily influenced by chef and owner James Syhabout’s Thai and Chinese heritage. Excellent food and a comfortable setting make this Michelin star restaurant in Oakland stand out and puts Piedmont Avenue on the sought-after culinary map.

Two Stars


Sacramento's Michelin-Starred Eateries

The Kitchen is the only restaurant with a Michelin star in Sacramento boasting contemporary Californian cuisine. This place invites guests to practically feel at home while dining here. Feel free to get up and walk around, chat with the chefs, ask for a second round, and, most importantly, have fun.

One Star

The Kitchen

When an inspector visits a restaurant, they write a comprehensive report about the dining experience, including factors like quality and presentation.

Mendocino’s Michelin-starred restaurant

The dreamy Mendocino looks even more enchanting from the terrace overlooking the ocean at Harbour House in Elk. Not only does this delightful restaurant have a Michelin star, but it also has a green star for its commitment to sustainability.

One Star

Harbour House

Sonoma and Napa Valley's Michelin-Starred Restaurants

The Napa and Sonoma Valleys are known for their exceptional vinos, but the coveted NorCal vacation spot’s dining scene is just as impressive. Find a range of cuisines to choose from among the Michelin-starred restaurants in Wine Country and book a table well in advance to try your new favorite dish. 

Three Stars


The French Laundry

One Star

La Toque


Madrona Manor


Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant

Auberge Du Soleil

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