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There Are Two Cereal Bars in California You Must Visit

There Are Two Cereal Bars in California You Must Visit

Ever wanted to try an eclectic assortment of cereals and cereal-based desserts? There are two cereal bars in NorCal and SoCal for you! Team


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March 07, 2024

California, a state renowned for its innovative culinary scene, is home to some of the most unique and whimsical eateries in the country. Among these are two standout cereal bars that have captured the imagination and taste buds of locals and tourists alike: Cerealism in Old Town Sacramento and Day & Night Cereal Bar in Los Angeles. These establishments are not your average breakfast spots but are dedicated havens for cereal lovers, offering an array of cereal-themed desserts and snacks that cater to both nostalgic cravings and adventurous palates.

Cerealism - Old Sacramento

Located in the charming historic district of Old Town Sacramento at 128 K Street, Cerealism is more than just a dessert bar; it's a vibrant celebration of all things cereal. This whimsical spot invites patrons to dive into their childhood memories with a massive menu that includes creatively named specialties like "Rainbow Brite" and "Captain Caveman." Each dish is a work of art, carefully crafted to not only look spectacular but also deliver a deliciously unique taste experience.

Cerealism's ambiance complements its inventive menu, with decor that plays into nostalgia to great effect. The bar's hours accommodate almost any craving, opening from 11 am to 8 pm on most weekdays, and extending its hours until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, making it the perfect late-night snack destination.

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Day & Night Cereal Bar - Los Angeles

For those looking for a contemporary twist on classic cereal flavors, Day & Night Cereal Bar is a must-visit. This innovative spot takes the cereal game to the next level with its menu of bowls, bars, and shakes that combine familiar cereals with unexpected ingredients. Favorites include "The Homer," which mixes Honey Nut Cheerios, Hershey’s Kisses Cereal, and Chocolate Donut Sprinkle, and "Oddparents," a vibrant concoction of Fruit Loops and Captain Crunch All Berries.

The creativity of Day & Night Cereal Bar extends beyond its menu, with a cozy and inviting atmosphere that makes it an ideal spot for a casual meet-up with friends or a fun family outing. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm located at 7500 W Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA, it offers a sweet escape during the day to enjoy some truly innovative cereal-based treats.

Sugary cereal is evolving beyond a breakfast food and is considered a snack like cookies or candy.

Why Visit?

Both Cerealism and Day & Night Cereal Bar stand out in California's culinary landscape for their inventive approach to a beloved staple of American cuisine. They offer more than just food; they provide an experience that is both nostalgic and novel, allowing visitors to indulge in the comfort of familiar flavors while exploring new and exciting combinations. Whether you're a cereal enthusiast, a dessert lover, or simply in search of a unique dining experience, these cereal bars are sure to delight and surprise you.

In a state known for setting trends, Cerealism and Day & Night Cereal Bar are shining examples of California's ability to reinvent the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. So next time you find yourself in the Golden State, make sure to add these two cereal bars to your must-visit list. You'll discover that sometimes, the most satisfying meals come not from the most sophisticated dishes but from the simple joy of mixing and matching the cereals of your childhood in new and imaginative ways.

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