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Part Two: Adventuring to San Diego

Part Two: Adventuring to San Diego

Travel to San Diego and experience the weekend in a whole new way. Who doesn't want to adventure off to San Diego's bay?


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May 24, 2021

All aboard… the train to San Diego’s hottest adventure spots awaits! Day two of my rendezvous around San Diego meant a day full of excitement was waiting for me. From feasting on acai come breakfast time to kayaking around Coronado Island, I knew my solo time spent in San Diego was one for the books.

Come Saturday morning, I awoke early, refreshed and ready to get the day started. I began my early morning with a fabulous boxing and lifting sesh at the hotel gym. Ah, tell me, how else should one start the day? Afterwards, I headed towards Chiefy Cafe, where I feasted on a delectable acai bowl, topped with berries, creamy peanut butter, cocoa nibs, and coconut shavings (yum). Dani, the founder of Chiefy Cafe, was quite the welcoming host and made sure I attained nirvana with each and every spoonful.

If this bombastic acai bowl doesn't have you drooling, then we don't know what will. We just wanna feast like a beast. Photo courtesy of Chiefy Cafe.

A lover of lattes, Dani crafted a fantastic lavender latte with coconut milk and a dash of cinnamon and honey for me. On this brisk morning, it was certainly welcome. Oh, my, was I in for a treat. The lavender latte warmed my soul and stomach; I spent the mid-morning at the cafe journaling away, waiting for the sun to shine so that I may start my divine day at Coronado Island.

Luck was definitely in my favor (or was it the force of something greater?), and shortly after relaxing at Chiefy Cafe, I headed to the Coronado Island Ferry Terminal. It was time to board; a kayaking adventure was waiting for me on the other side! After a wonderful journey across the open waters, with gorgeous views of the San Diego skyline, I arrived at the world-renowned Coronado Island. Ah, bliss! Upon arrival, I strolled through the cute souvenir shops and marveled at the delicious ice cream selections before making my way across the park, headed straight towards SUP Coronado’s kayaks and paddle boards.

Dreaming of doing cool yoga poses on a paddleboard? Head to Sup Coronado for exciting paddle boarding and kayaking. Photo courtesy of Sup Coronado.

I was greeted by super welcoming co-founder Clayton, who made sure I felt comfortable kayaking before sending me off into the open ocean waters. The best part? Clayton’s adorable pup was also there, wishing me bon voyage as I paddled away on my vibrant red kayak. In absolutely no rush, I took my time as I explored the bay, leisurely making my way towards Hotel Del Coronado.

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Upon reaching the hotel, I admired away—the hotel looks more dashing from the front, I admit—before heading back towards the SUP shore. After about two hours of paddling, I reached the shore, and felt my stomach growling. Rendezvousing my way back, I headed to the ferry terminal to head home. After being in the cold waters, all I was craving was a long, hot shower. Arriving fairly quickly, renewal was needed and that I received, indeed. Ah, time to don the evening jacket and head out for a feast.

Situated just a five minute walk from the Moxy, Pushkin Russian Restaurant and Bar awaited me. A hot cup of tea, borscht soup, beet salad, and scrumptious vegetarian dolma greeted me shortly after. After kayaking my afternoon away, I far more than earned my veggie-filled feast. My oh my, were my taste buds in heaven. 

Dine fancy, sip on borscht soup, and enjoy the ambiance. Photo courtesy of Pushkin Russian Restaurant and Bar.

The Armenian-owned restaurant serves delectable Russian cuisine with a modern French twist. The place was packed; it seemed like quite the hot spot for a Saturday night. The decor definitely added to the appeal and elevated the ambiance as well. Upon entering the locale, I immediately felt myself taken back in time to the great dining hall of the czars. Old-fashioned photographs of influential Russian figures and artworks were on display. I truly felt as though I was transported to a cultural exhibition—admiring and dining, does it get any better than this?

Exhausted after a jam-packed day, I headed back to the hotel for an evening’s rest. Sunday morning seemed quite promising; one last early morning workout session in sweet San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter beckoned me. After that, it was time to hit the road, Jack.

Of all the solo weekend trips I’ve taken, this one certainly captured my heart (without breaking the bank). I’ll remember it fondly; more importantly, rather, I’m planning another trip back as we speak. Why just reminisce when there’s another opportunity to experience divinity and then some?

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