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Rae Studios Shines Among Bay Area's Dance Community

Rae Studios Shines Among Bay Area's Dance Community

Looking for great dance instruction in the Bay Area in a supportive and fun learning environment? Rae Studios shines with these qualities. Team


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May 15, 2024

For those looking to learn or further their passion for dance, Rae Studios in San Francisco has quickly become a beloved hub for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, The studio, located at 414 Mason Street #705 in San Francisco, offers a huge diversity of classes and events and stands apart from every other dance studio in the City By The Bay.

One strong aspect of Rae Studios is the strong sense of community. This warmth is a key factor in developing a supportive environment that further enhances the ability to learn. To learn the most effectively, you want to be in an environment with both expert instruction and comfort to make mistakes and learn from them. Both are qualities that Rae Studios prides itself in.

“We pride ourselves on knowing who our students are, asking them about their experience, and making sure they feel at home,” Studio Manager Diamond Jarrell said, “This reaches far outside our student base and is recognized amongst our instructors. As much as students understand this to be an environment to train and learn, they also see it as a space to gain new friendships and grow with the people around them.”

Finding a studio you'll be comfortable at can be essential for learning and growth.

Another key part of fostering a learning environment is the convenient Monthly Unlimited Membership program. For $165, often having deals if you check the website frequently, students are able to take unlimited classes on the weekly schedule alongside other perks like discounted private lessons and studio rental. This helps students who want to train frequently save costs compared to other studios that only offer per-class or per-session packages.

What classes can students look forward to enjoying? There’s a huge variety available at Rae Studios. The most popular ones, particularly for beginners, are Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, and K-Pop. They are great entry classes that teach the fundamentals while also delving into a performance aspect for the class.

“As a whole not only do these classes encourage your learning as a dancer, but they also help in finding your identity as a dancer/performer,” Jarrell said.

Building on that point, dance at its core is a performance art. Rae Studios emphasizes this through its unique Spring Showcase. One of the studio’s most anticipated events is the annual showcase, a transition that’s grown significantly over the past four years. Originally conceived by former Studio Manager Kevin Wong, the showcase began as an intimate in-house performance with about 100 attendees. Today, it has blossomed into a major emanating from the Great Star Theater in San Francisco, boasting 360 attendees and 130 performers.

“The Spring Showcase really helped to give a voice to our amazing choreographers and a chance for our students to expand on their training and overcome challenges as dancers,” Jarrell said. The showcase highlights the talented choreographers and dancers at the studio and additionally is an effective recruiting path

The Spring Showcase is a special event that really sets Rae Studios apart from other dance studios in the Bay Area.

For new students, they can expect to be greeted by a friendly team who will assist them with check-in and offer a tour of the studio space. The introduction helps students familiarize themselves with the space and meet their instructors. Jarrell said newcomers should explore the various class styles and fully immerse themselves in the studio’s diverse offerings.

Rae Studios further differentiates itself by offering opportunities that aren’t commonly found at other dance studios. One initiative is a partnership with Civic Center, which brings free weekly classes to the Fitness Court at UN Plaza. The pilot program started back in November 2023, and now offers 12 classes per week.

“This partnership has allowed us to provide opportunities for students of all economic backgrounds to take a class and become more active,” Jarrell said. It also creates more teaching opportunities for the studio’s instructors.

Expanding outside the studio space is one way Rae Studios further connects with the vibrant San Francisco community.

Beyond just the dance classes, Rae Studios is also rents out their studio space, a beautiful atmosphere that hosts anything from dance workshops to photoshoots and corporate events. “We often receive compliments on how beautiful the space is and how fresh it feels when you walk in,” Jarrell said. The studio’s dedication to hospitality and easy booking process means all clients receive a positive experience.

For more information on Rae Studios and beginning or furthering your dance journey, visit the website at and check out their membership options and extensive list of available classes.

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